HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Repair work on an Interstate 64 bridge near Huntington will stretch through the weekend according to the state Division of Highways.

The westbound bridge between the Hal Greer Blvd. and 5th Street exits was damaged Thursday when a postal service tractor trailer crashed. Both westbound lanes were closed for about 11 hours. One lane is now open. The other lane will remain closed until the repairs are made.

DOH spokesman Brent Walker said the work includes rebuilding part of the bridge abutment and repairs to the parapet wall and bridge deck. Walker added there’s about 110-feet of westbound guardrail that needs to be replaced. That will probably happen Monday morning.

Walker said they hope to have the slow lane reopened by Monday afternoon.

Walker said the repairs required points toward the force of the accident.

“You get heavy metal driving hard into concrete and you are going to have those kinds of issues and they need to be repaired,” he said.

A second truck wrecked in an attempt to avoid the first wreck. The incident also included the spilling of approximately 300 gallons of diesel fuel that had to be cleaned off the interstate bridge.


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  • GregG

    What seems to be the problem? I drive on worse bridges and roads everyday and the DOH sure isn't fixing them. Maybe I should take Mr. Walker for a little drive. I'll show him some real example of roads the need repaired.