RANDOLPH COUNTY, W.Va. — One week after a fatal crash between a logging truck and an excursion train in Randolph County, one woman remains hospitalized.

On Oct. 11 a loaded logging truck crashed into the side of the Durbin & Greenbrier Railroad’s Cheat Mountain Salamander train, which was taking passengers on a fall foliage tour.

Two passenger cars were pushed onto their sides in the wreck that occurred along U.S. 250 atop Cheat Mountain near the Randolph and Pocahontas County line.

Of the 63 people onboard the train, 23 were injured and four were hospitalized. One woman continues to recover at Ruby Memorial Hospital, listed in fair condition.

The driver of the logging truck, identified as Danny Lee Kimble, Sr., of Bartow, was killed in the crash.

A funeral service for Kimble has been scheduled for 11 a.m. Saturday in Arbovale at the Wallace & Wallace Funeral Home.

Meanwhile, the Randolph County Sheriff’s Dept. is continuing its investigation into the accident.

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  • Dean

    These scenic trains travel really slow (less than 25 mph). I've been on several such trains throughout the U.S., and just don't see how it's possible for these trains to cause such an accident. Nor do I see how it's possible that a competent driver could end up getting hit by one, since the trains move so slow and always blast their horns at crossings.

    I'm reminded of a similar incident that happened earlier this year in Baltimore, MD, where a truck driver drove through a crossing without checking for an oncoming train first. That incident made international news, since several train cars caught on fire and at least one exploded (the explosion was felt throughout the region).

    Regardless of whether or not crossing signals are working, everyone needs to take extra precautions before crossing the tracks.

  • grannybuzzard

    I live in pochontas county. it seems a requirement of the job around here to be a drunk or an addict. I also would like to see the results of the autopsy.

  • Gary in Fairmont

    Mr. Pine often comments on train-highway wrecks. A related story last week had a comment from a retired FRA inspector about Pine's obsession with these accidents. Pay this out-of-state conspiracy theorist no mind, and certainly don't try to reason with him.

  • Vince

    Randolph County Sheriff Mark Brady said two of the train’s passenger cars flipped on their sides after impact at a rail crossing with a mountain highway, the log truck was rendered a “total loss” and the truck driver was pronounced dead at the scene.

    “The railroad crossing signals were flashing at the scene. As all emergency personnel arrived, we observed the signals flashing at the time,” Brady said

  • Chris1529

    Hey Rob Pine,

    if you are so sure the crossing signals weren't working, or that their design is the cause of this accident, why don't you start a campaign to raise the funding necessary to correct what you see as a wrong instead of setting at your computer bad mouthing everyone involved?
    You seem to have a lot of energy and strong feelings about this case, so channel it to some good.

  • Vince

    What are the results of the autopsy?

  • rob pine

    The FRA, NTSB, state railroad safety people we are paying millions are sleeping? The Randolph County Sheriff’s Dept. has no clue on how the junk crossing signals work or in this case didn't work.

    The state owns the tracks ---What a conflict of interest.