INSTITUTE, W.Va. – Calling it West Virginia State University’s investment in employees, President Dr. Brian Hemphill announced a 4-percent raise for faculty and staff.

The will be effective Jan. 1, Hemphill said, receiving a hearty round of applause from the crowd, which was mostly of faculty and staff.

Hemphill stressed the school needs passionate, motivated professionals in order to graduate top-notch students.

“[A student said] ‘Our faculty is what makes State so special!’ You know what? He’s 100-percent correct!”

Non-classified staff will receive a 2-percent raise and classified staff a 3-percent hike on July 1.

Hemphill also announced the creation of the PEER program: Promoting Excellence in Education through Research. During the next five years, the Research Development Corporation will offer grants for faculty to devote time towards research projects in their fields. There will be 10 grants during the fall/spring semesters and five during the summer—each worth $5,000.

“The purpose of this program is to support faculty by providing financial assistance and release time to encourage and foster the advancement of research and scholarly work,” Hemphill said.

During his address, Hemphill focused on the changes happening around campus including construction projects, an increase in the student enrollment and he also looked toward the future.

WVSU will hold a budget efficiency summit Nov.1. Hemphill said faculty, staff, students and administration will focus on ways to save money and put it to better use on campus.

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  • Mac

    What? This story was posted on Friday, and I'm the first to respond!? I would have thought the nay-sayers would have already protested by the hundreds. Congratulations President Hemphill. I'm in hopes these raises WON'T be saddled on the students with tuition increases. But I applaud your efforts to improve the lives of your employees with a 4% raise. Unfortunately it pales when compared to WVU's Dana Holgorsen's automatic raise of just $250,000 (yes, you ready that correctly - “his RAISE “) earlier this year while Shannon Dawson and Bill Bedenbaugh were given $50,000 “raises” as well, due to the performance (or sub-performance) of their students (players). (WV Gazette, Jan. 31, 2013). And, if you grade the performance of their players (like professors grade the performance of their students) I would say their raises were "unearned!" If and when we take the education of our youth as seriously as we take the win-lose records of our coaches - and provide a credible income to those who impart the wisdom of education to our youth, we might see a change in the quality of our educators and number of our graduates. How are those figures for inequity?