MORGANTOWN. W.Va. — Click to watch Dana Holgorsen’s postgame news conference following Saturday’s 37-27 loss to No. 16 Texas Tech.

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  • John

    Everyone keeps stating it is time to search for a new coach. Who do you have in mind? There is not a top coach out there who would just up and leave their current program to come to WVU with the money our university pays and our location and lack of instate Div I talent. Everyone complains about salaries, but we are by no means at even the top of our own conference in coaches pay. Do you want to go through 3 more years of a new coach implementing his system? I am a fan of the Mountaineers, but everyone needs to admit it is a tough place to recruit the top players. We have to get middle of the road talent and develop. Realistically we will probably be good about every 5 years playing 5th year redshirt seniors who have been developed in the program. For examle in the old days 1989, 1993. I am by no means saying Dana is the right guy, but who better could we get?

    • MoMoney

      Larry Fedora.
      Butch Jones.
      Doc Holiday.
      Frank Solich.
      Tommy Tuberville.
      Rod Carey.
      Dave Doeren.
      Bud Foster.

      Jim Schaus as the new AD.

      • John

        I am not sure any of these would be any better than what we got. Look at the powerhouse Doc Holliday has built at Marshall. They can't win in that cupcake conference they are in. If recruiting is his specialty as advertised, he has his fourth class there now and will be lucky to be playing in another meaningless bowl. Getting rid of Steve Dunlap and Doc were two of the better choices WVU has made in a while. Bud Foster never a HC. Butch would not leave Tenn. for WVU willingly. Frank or Tommy may be in my opinion the best options on this list. RR no way. The others would probably be a step back from small schools and unproven.

    • John

      Maybe an overhaul of the staff, Joe Deforest is for sure worthless and overpaid. There may be others who we could replace, but with the buyouts would it be worth the $$$$.

  • Jeff

    When your team is a terrible blocking team their will to win is gone. This coaching staff is not showing leadership or the ability to teach the players. It starts at the top Dana is not recruiting well, not teaching the players well and has no ability to manage a football game. Mr Luck needs to search for a new coach.

    • WVAtty

      I get people's opinion on Holg's coaching, but I think it's still too early to say he can't coach. The cupboard is bare. Period. That isn't on him at this point as Stew didn't do much at all to help us in that category.

      But to say Holgs is not recruiting is just plain stupid. You obviously don't keep up with recruiting and you are blaming him for what we have now which again is not totally on him. The fact is the current class of recruits is one of the best classes ever in WVU history.

      Please do your research before you make such inaccurate statements.

  • Dougie

    PLEASE stop with the RR talk! That is so absurd to want him to come back.... That is so embarassing to our state and program! Nonsense!!! Just stop it!

    • WSC

      Why stop it? RR disappointed me with the way he left, I was so mad at him! But I think it was much deeper than that! He was one US! And it broke our hearts when he left! That is history! Time to let that go! He made a mistake and I think he really does regret the way it went down! But let's face it, He did a lot of good for our program! Time tolet it go! Considering the damage I have seen recently! I say I ammopen to RR coming back!

  • Gene

    How much longer can we endure this mess Holgorsen has created? This is not the WVU football we all grew up with....Not even close! It's painfully obvious that Holgorsen is in well over his head. OC, maybe. Head coach, no way.

  • pghmountaineer

    The University and it's sports programs mean so much to the State. All the residents connect to the team. They can't afford to let the program fall into the abyss. The state deserves better.

  • pghmountaineer

    JON, I agree. He's belongs at WVU. It's time to put the differences aside and bring him back. After all We are all comparing the team's performance to the Rich Rod years. Like it or not he took the program to the next level which is somethng Don Nehlen couldn't do. Michigan quit on him too early. We gave him time to build a program.

    • John

      I am not the biggest Holg supporter, but as you said, we gave RR time to build the program from Nehlen's mess. Maybe we all should slow down and give Holg time to turn this around. I like RR, but he did walk on us, and could have very well have cost us the only chance we may ever have at a National Championship. I personally could never trust him (RR) again.

  • Jon

    I am still hoping they bring Rich Rod back. He might not be the best, but given the coaches we would be able to get to come and stay at this point in his career I think RR would be the best option.

  • pghmountaineer

    There is no indication this team will improve. The coaches have lost this team and they don't appear to be buying into the system.
    They are paid boat loads of money to win and they aren't close to doing that.
    The program is a mess. It needs leadership and a coach who plays to the strengths of the players.

  • Dananeedstogo

    Dana needs one more year. This team only has a handful of seniors. Now is understand the reasons why he should be doing better now, but next year most of his players return. If he can't get it done next year (and I am of the opinion that he won't), then kick him back to Texas.

  • William

    You want reasons why Holgorsen should not be a HEAD COACH?
    Watch this news conference - what a MESS this guy is
    1. He shows no LEADERSHIP.
    2. He is all bent out of shape.
    3. He says it's his fault , bad play calls
    4. His fault there is a big Quarterback MESS
    5. He has no quarterback he can win with -
    They are all terrible-Thanks to HIS recruiting
    6. Man is always in BLACK, he is not a Mountaineer
    7. He can't stop saying 'YOU KNOW'
    8. He always says IF or SHOULD HAVE BEEN
    He will be long way from Morgantown soon, he is getting good experience here on HOW TO BE A HEAD COACH
    Is there anyone PROUD to have this JOKER as your head coach?

  • Mike

    He actually thought we had a 4th and 2 instead of a 4th and 14! Pretty pathetic