MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia held a double-digit lead in the third quarter, the first time Texas Tech trailed in the second half all season. But the Mountaineers were outgained 164-19 in the final period of what became a 37-27 loss.

“We had them up against the ropes at the end of the third quarter,” said West Virginia senior center Pat Eger. “But they made more plays than us. They deserved to win that football game.

“They came out in that fourth quarter and dominated that fourth quarter. Hats off to them for doing that.”

West Virginia (3-4, 1-3 Big 12) lost back-to-back games for the first time this season, while Texas Tech (7-0, 4-0) has won its first seven games for only the fourth time in program history.

Changing direction when a left-side zone run was clogged, Dreamius Smith dashed right for a 38-yard touchdown run in the second quarter.

He added a 12-yard touchdown in the third quarter that put WVU ahead 27-16 and had Mountaineer Field primed for an upset. But his team never scored again, and despite a season-high 89 yards on 16 carries, Smith was on the short end of a 37-27 final.

“I mean, Texas Tech, they’re a good team, but at the end of the day, if we make a few plays … we get this win,” Smith said.

The storyline of player vs. mentor was in heavy rotation this week as Kliff Kingsbury faced off against Holgorsen, his former coach at Texas Tech and superior at Houston.

“There was some personal stuff there—all positive,” Kingsbury said. “Anytime you beat somebody that’s your mentor it’s fun.”

Kingsbury also was reacquainted with WVU running back Charles Sims, whom Kingsbury coached at Houston and tried to lure to Texas Tech as a transfer last spring. (Houston coach Tony Levine prohibited Sims from transferring to any school in Texas.) Sims ran for 77 yards on 15 carries and caught seven passes for 32 yards and a touchdown.

“Charles (Sims), to see him have the success—he’s one of my favorite players to ever coach,” Kingsbury said. “He’s going to be a great player at the next level. I was hoping I was going to get him at Texas Tech, but that didn’t work out. He’s an unbelievable player. I’m glad he’s here and having success.”

“I’m just glad they didn’t beat us.”

On an otherwise stellar afternoon, quarterback Davis Webb made one crucial mistake that riled Kingsbury and cost Texas Tech a touchdown.

Texas Tech led 13-3 with six minutes left in the half when Webb saw a ginormous gap open at the WVU 13. He scrambled untouched inside the 3 past the first-down marker, but tried to touchdown wiggle between three defenders at the goal line instead of sliding.

A pop from safety Darwin Cook and a second thud from linebacker Isaiah Bruce jarred the ball free at the 1, where Bruce fell on the fumble.

WVU answered with a 99-yard touchdown drive, part of 20 unanswered points for the Mountaineers.

“On that one I was mad because we talk about sliding all the time,” Kingsbury said. “He’s not the most nimble guy to try and jump in the end zone.”

Though the Red Raides came in unbeaten, they haven’t been embraced by national media and analysts, many of whom picked Tech to lose Saturday in Morgantown.

“That’s great—I hope they keep saying it,” Kingsbury said. “I hope they keep giving us that locker room material.”

Back in July, Texas Tech was picked seventh in the Big 12 preseason poll, and Kingsbury has continually reminded his team about the slight.

“We’re still trying to prove to people that we’re not that bad,” he said.

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  • Allan

    I have another bone to pick. Watching the interview videos I was amazed with the classless presentations by coach Dawson and Patterson. One coach couldn't put together a coherent sentence or use words with more than one syllable and the other chewing on something while trying to explain, yet again, why the hell we lost, yet again.

  • Allan

    I think the next few years will show that the experiment with JUCO players will fail. There's a reason why they are JUCO's, they just aren't that good. We were lucky with Bruce Irvin, but if it takes one year for them to adjust, then we have only one year they might be able to produce and then they are gone and we have to reload continuity. I agree with Richard, don't like a player coming to the sideline after he screwed up and having a smile on his face. How he ever thought he was a QB is beyond me, he is not a D1 quality QB. Millard isn't either and Childress will never be the starting QB either. Mountaineer Fans, we are the grand experiment and when Oliver Luck leaves us, and he will, and the others move on to bigger and better things...we will be left with the toxic waste they leave behind.

  • Steve

    I guess you guys are right, we are terrible. Do us all a favor and quit watching them. Go golfing, fishing, go to a concert and leave the real mountaineer fans alone. I have been a fan for 30 some years and have seen the good and the bad, Have watched games with fans just like you guys and laughed at the all the way home. Smart guys who can see ALL the negatives and when things do turn around you are the best fans we ever had.
    you Guys do know or do you, that the four big twelve teams we have played have a total of two losses and we handed out one of them. Interesting, we're not playing high school teams here. You should also know that at least two of them had two weeks to watch and prepare for us and when were as " bad" as you say we are that is more than enough time.
    I'm not making excuses, Trickett could be better, our offensive line could be better. Our defense is better but the offenses we have played have been pretty good.
    I think Holgerson is great with great qbs, but I'm not sure he has the patients with an average or young qb. Play calling and motivation does not seem to be his strengths at this point. He is very stubborn and and needs to be a little more enthusiastic when thing are good even if it is not done his way. I know he got to conservative yesterday in the fourth quarter and that made Trickett to nervous to look down field. We do have some problems but I know the big twelve did us no favors when putting this schedule together.
    I really think you Guys should go watch Alabama, The Ohio State, Oregon, anybody but WVU because their teams are all "perfect". You all would have so much more fun some where else or maybe not,you could not CRY about everything being bad. Keep the faith and go Mountaineers.

    • Maxxajay

      @ Steve, I agree with you 100%. What we have on here posting all this negative junk is arm chair coaches who never go to a game who never buy any products at the school who does not support them in any way or fashion except they live in West Virginia and thinking that they own the team... WVU will not every year go undefeated every year they will lose 1. 2 . 3 games maybe 4 but that's the way it is... It is what it is. The teams they have lost to has or was ranked in the top 25....We got 5 games left ... Win them . We are 8 and 4 ....

  • southernmountie

    Announcers hit it spot on....we have tons of JUCO players and others who have not went thru a whole season and even a whole offseason together....chemistry matters....let them learn to play together this year and next spring....come next fall, we'll be good....

    • EMC2

      Next year will be just as bad as this year. This coaching staff has no clue. Luck gave DH the worst contract known to man, so we are stuck with this bum for another two years.

      If there is anybody to blame here, blame Oliver Luck for giving DH an unbreakable contract.

  • susanf1218

    You say that "WVU got beat by a team that was better today". Along w/almost every other team we have played, or will play this season. So, I guess the obvious conclusion is that the team is just not very good - on all three sides of the ball. And this can't be fixed w/the current coaching staff.

    • Truth Teller

      Getting smarter, can't be fixed with this staff or any staff. And your right this team is just not that good, wasn't projected to be that good and the season is right on track, beat who we should, lost to ranked teams who are better and to our plus even managed an upset. The only thing wrong this season is the unrealistic expectations put upon this staff and team by a few fans who obviously have no idea what they are talking about or really even know the history of WVU. Never have been a consistent power and truth be told probably never will be. Other than the Rodriguez run WVU has not even been a consistent top twenty five team. With all that said however, I'm glad you finally can see this season for what it is, not a very good team.

  • wvajoker

    We lose a game and everyone wants to second guess the coaches, the players, and everyones abilities but there own. No one here has the knowledge to be a coach or the abilities to second guess anyone. It is like a Jackass braying at the corral gate. For whatever reason WVU got beat by a team that was better today. The coaches and the players know why they were better, and the armchair coaches that want to coach on comments here need stop putting down the Mountaineers. The team needs encouragement, not kicked while they are down.

    • WVWho

      These coaches make 6 to 7 figures because of the expectations that they are knowledgable and will won football games. Fans buy the tickets and gear to pay these coaches and shouldn't expect anything less than 8 or 9 win seasons.

  • doug

    We do not have a QB. That is clear. Childress might be the best but has been hurt and doesn't show it. Millard is a back up at best. Trickett, he is a better back up then Millard. Holgorsen needs to recruit a QB that can start next year. Our recievers are only as good as the person throwing to them. White, Thompson, and shorts are very good recievers but there is no one that can throw the ball to them. Our Oline can't give anyone time to throw the ball or open a hole for RB. Bailey knew how bad the QB was going to be this year that's why he didn't stay. He would have been the go to guy this year but no one can throw it to him.

  • Joe

    Patterson was quoted in yesterday's post-game presser that "there is a fine line between winning and losing".

    I am all-in for the Mountaineers, but this latest lack of final round lack of fight has me very frustrated. We let Tech take this one on our own field.

    Perhaps he and Dana should be reminded of the quote from James Earl Jones in Coming to America...."so you see, Akeem, there is a fine line between love and nausea"!

    Good weekend, guys,


  • tw eagle

    i'd like to sit down with conner arlia , drink a few beers and find out why , a West Viginia boy, living his dream of playing for WVU , walked away from the program ... there has to be something wrong ... I can see there is little discipline running through the team ... a lot of small things - Baylor game ,#81 gets in game , catches a pass (WVU down 34) and jigs around the field like he scored winning points in super bowl ... today, Terrell Chestnut strips ball on KO return , Napoleon falls on it , runs toward sideline and takes off his hat before getting off field (15 yd penalty) if seen by officials - next KO, our hero Napoleon is preening himself as returner goes past him to the 50 ... apparently these kids are so jaded and slobbered over so much by the locals that there is no incentive to excel ... I don't have to work any more, I made my play for the year.

  • WVWho

    Vegas knew it would be close...9 point spread before the game. Good teams close games. This team isn't that. The question is, is that on the players or coaches?

    • Bryan

      I think both, players don't seem to have any fight in them and the coaches don't seem to be able to motivate them to have that fight. We have some good athletes and the coaches here now have been good coaches at other schools but for some reason nothing is coming together for this team.

  • big tom

    462 passing offense,,, hummm progress

  • Adam

    Defense blows!!! Way to show up guys!!!

  • Magic Mike

    They played a decent game I thought it would be a walk over by TT but the Mounties just did not finish the game.

  • richard

    just got home and watched most of the game i dvr'd. just one thing....trickett needs to stop coming to the sidelines (and during play) with that stupid laugh and grin he has on his face. is everything funny? is something funny to the point that you can't play? he seems like he needs to grow up. get serious and play ball or sit the bench. no wonder coach gets mad at him and throws fits. everything is soooooo funny. i don't see any other QB'S coming to the sidelines on 4th down laughing and smiling. my gah, give the ball to millard. this is a lost season anyway.

    • Heart Shot

      I'd say the play calling, that was very laughable!! Dana needs to go,Calvin Magee,Jeff Cassteel, Rick Trickett,Doc Holliday hell even ol R-R all need to be given a call!
      Dana is a joke and a drunk and must go!!

      • EMC2

        Cool story bro. Tell it again.

    • big tom

      totally agree Richard

    • Shadow

      I would suggest that you just not watch the games. Then, you won't get upset. Everyone takes adversity differently. You b..tch and he smiles.

  • big tom

    couple observations,,,, dana isn't a very good motivator, he admits to that,, and his play calling leaves much to be desired.
    as Luck said last week, we may not win any of the last six games,,, well ,we're one down/
    and seriously, who is left that we can beat?
    we are a less than average team, with a qb that is less than average, receivers less than average, and a def. that simply got smoked today for 462 yds passing,, atrocious.
    I think we hang this loss on Dana.
    we are plain and simply , inept, and next yr doesn't look any better.

    I will stick with him, but again I believe in reality, and money wise , we can't afford to fire the entire staff and pay all the buyouts.

    • Pruntytown

      The real fans that actually went to the game and watched it live can tell you the plays are there to be made. It is not the play calls on offense but the execution. Yes, some of that can be put on coaching, but the reality is the talent and/or experience is not there to succeed. A former Mountaineer coach is famous for saying "there is no such thing as a bad play call, just poor execution".