MORGANTOWN, W.VA. — Though Clint Trickett threw for 254 yards and avoided throwing an interception for the first time in three starts, he couldn’t get West Virginia’s offense going once No. 16 Texas Tech rallied.

After WVU managed only 33 yards and one first down during its final five drives, Trickett knew the Mountaineers missed their chance at an upset.

“It definitely wasn’t effort—we’ve got a bunch of guys who want to win,” Trickett said. “But when times mattered most, we didn’t play situations as good as we should have—me included.”

The junior transfer, whose throwing shoulder looked healthy after playing through an AC sprain two weeks ago at Baylor, finished 27-of-43 with a 4-yard touchdown pass to Charles Sims.

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  • Maxxajay

    @EdW you are correct we do not have enough juniors and seniors to be leaders on this team. What we do have is not good enough to beat out the freshmen and sophomores. The cupboard was left empty Bill Stewart didn't recruit & sign enough players those three years ... Besides he never was anything near a good head coach , that's why Oliver Luck got rid of him...

    • EdWvuerak

      Thanks, I just think you don't plug anyone in and replace Geno or Tavon and Stedman. Totally unrealistic. Hope that doesn't offend anyone or invalidate my viewpoint.

  • EdWvuerak

    Our QB situation has been a mess for years. Does no one remember Holgs and Spavital throwing passes in spring ball and fall practice? Begging guys to come out and keep Genos arm from falling off? Stewart got Geno and stopped recruiting. Brunetti, Boyd, behind Geno was nothing. Childress was supposed to be the guy and he may be at some point. We have WR's who don't seem willing to fight for the ball. Forget replacing Bailey and Tavon, we can't even replace J.D. The lack of JR and SR leadership is on Stewart. We are rebuilding and anyone who thinks different is an idiot. We couldn't beat Colorado with Stewart and a roster full of talent. We are improving, but so has our competition.

    • wvu09

      Stewart didn't stop recruiting. It's not his fault Brunetti had family problems and left. How much longer are you people going to keep trying to blame Bill Stewart. 9 wins a year is a far cry from where we are now. Let Coach Stew rest in peace already.

      • EdWvuerak

        I'm not trying to dog Stew out. I think his biggest mistake was loyalty to Mullen. Someone already mentioned what a great motivator he was and he did recruit Geno and Tavon and Bailey and Bruce Irvin. Those were home runs, no doubt, but if you want to use a baseball analogy, he had a great slugging percentage with a weak OBP. Our depth has suffered from the lack of solid role players. It just kills me that people want to pretend RR never refused to go I-formation and pound Pitt or Stew never sat Devine down against FSU in the Gator Bowl. I spent most of the 3rd quarter wondering how bad Noel was hurt because he wasn't on the field. I could go back and nitpick a dozen poor decisions by RR and Stew, but every coach and every player makes mistakes. I was around for the Cignetti years, I remember bad WVU football, and he's in the HOF now. Calling for Holgersons head is just a knee jerk reaction to a rebuilding year. Who would take the job? Who would come into a situation where you just lost the 3 most productive skill players in a schools rich and storied history and tarred and feathered the coach who guided them? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

    • Rick S.

      Please refrain from the name-calling ("idiot"). It makes you look immature and negates the credibility of anything you say. Thank you.

      • EdWvuerak

        Rick I think you're a poo poo head.

  • JM

    We should bring back RichRod and keep holgerson as a special teams coach. That would be pretty expensive, but could avoid the buyout.

  • John

    I am a WVU football fan but at the end of the day, there is more to life than football. The coaches and players are probably trying their best to win. It is sad the administration and Rich Rodriguez couldn't work things out. Dana is are best option. I will respect him and support him because he is the Head Coach. Moreover, he is probably a better Coach than a lot of other coaches out there. Just because we lose some games, doesn't mean we should dislike our coaches and players.

  • Eric

    William its a 13 million dollar buy out to fire him it wont happen not even an option

    • Oldskool

      Sad thing is, no other school will show any interest in paying his buyout unless he becomes successful. It's a catch 22. Luck should never have given the contract extension so soon. I agree with Madmountie that physicality is lacking, but that comes from the top down, not just the conditioning coach. You don't hear any of these coaches demanding toughness like the old school guys ie Trickett and Kirelawich. Nehlen and even RichRod to a degree were proud of the physical way their guys played the game.

  • Madmountie

    We won more games in the 2000s because of mike barwis and team strength/attitude than play calls. We beat the other teams down in the second half. Our current strength coach Mike Joseph and his program needs to be closely evaluated and considered for replacement. Our teams have been softer each year since he came here (from a soft Notre Dame program) in 2008. We never had the 5 star recruits but we had the edge. Get the edge back and you win more games.

  • WVU82

    What a performance. I used to believe the kids knew how to play the game. However, when you have a QB who cannot hit the receivers in stride and on money, when you have runners who consistently run left and right instead of up the middle, when you have defenders who leave receivers so wide open, there is nothing left but to throw them the ball, and when our defensive front cannot push the offensive line the outcome is always obvious.

    I am not even close to a fair-weather fan, but there needs to be changes in a lot of areas. When we are faced with third and 5,6, 8, 15, and 16, and staff wants to run the ball to the outside, it is not the kids. Add to that that we could not contain a Freshman QB, and a bunch of loudmouths, again, where is Oliver Luck in all of this. This is not the way Mountaineers played when he was under center; this is not the way Mountaineers play the game. This Tech team should have been beaten yesterday by at least three touchdowns. Take the QB out of the game when he cannot hit a 10-yard pass over the middle when we needed it the most. There were so many coaching mistakes, it is obvious that Dana may be in over his head. Again, Luck needs to have a serious discussion with Dana and staff. With the exception of Texas, we must run the table with what is left. We can do that if we change the QB, and if we change Dana's approach to winning.

    • doug

      Hey I agree. But Trickett unfortunatley is all we have. I am sure Holgorsen is just as pissed. But this is what he has. The fact that he would rather run the ball on 3rd and 6,8, or even 16 tells you all you need to know about the QB.

  • eduardo

    Keith u are one of the dumbest fair weather fans Ive ever heard. You should b embarassed.

  • Keith n Florida

    HEY Dana , great job, You Da Man, WOW what an offense mind. OH wait I just woke up. Whats the score??

  • Keith n Florida

    Hey Dana I hear there's a QB in Texas no one wants. Why not give him a scholarship? Might as well,could it get any worse> Oh well maybe we can play Sisters of the Sorrow every other week and make us look good.
    What a shame!!

  • Keith n Florida

    This is it? This is the best we can put on the field?? I can't believe the lack of pride. I say can the whole thing and start over including the Head Coach. He is not the answer. Dana might be a assistant coach but not a head coach. I would rather go 0-16 with men who seem to care than watch this mess.
    OH Bill Where are you when we need you??

    • Pruntytown

      When did college football start playing 16 games? It is clear you do not know anything about the game.

    • doug

      Bill Stewart was a great man. But he was not a head coach. His was great a motavation which holgorsen isn't.

  • don

    If we had a real defense we wouldn't have to score 40 or 50 points to win. Our cornerbacks are simply out of their league.

  • pghmountaineer

    Keithlw, We have no talent at quarterback and we have no help coming in. Check the recruiting class so far. It's unbelievable we can't get a quarterback. The recruiting is as bad as the coaching.
    All that money being paid to the coaches and this is what we get. So sad.

    • Amber


      Check ur research....we have a very talented QB coming in next year...William crest is his name u have no clue what ur even talking about

  • keithlw

    I know this is obvious, Trickett is inaccurate and weak as a passer. Speaks volumes about our QB talent on this team that he starts.

  • William Price

    Why did we not throw a forward pass on the last 5 and out? we played to protect the lead instead of doing what got us the lead. Texas was aggressive even with the lead. Holgorson should be ashamed of himself.

    • William

      Holgorsen is NOT a head coach! WVU football is a big MESS. This is his 3rd year and he CAN NOT recruit! The quarterbacks are not D-1 players and can't get the job done. It is Holgorsens fault that this team HAS A BIG QUARTERBACK MESS! Who is going to be next years quarterback?
      WVU fans get use to losing for a long time, because there is no LEADERSHIP AT THE TOP!
      The 'Man in Black' Holgorsen that makes over $10,000.00 a day and doesn't want to be in Morgantown needs to be FIRED ASAP!

      • Chuck Farley

        So we can pay him $10,000 not to coach and pay someone else $10,000 a day to coach.

        Do you ever think before you type?

        • wvrefugee

          If the buy out is really $10k as you posted, I'll write the check today! :o)