BARBOURSVILLE, W.Va. — A Barboursville police report released Friday said police recently found a former federal administrative law judge, who has been under investigation, in his car barely breathing after what may have been a suicide attempt.

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Retired Social Security Administrative Law Judge David Daugherty has been under fire since a 2011 report.

Various media reports Saturday detailed the police report concerning David Daugherty.  That report said he was found unconscious in his car Monday afternoon in a Barboursville church parking lot.

The report said the police found a garden hose running from the car’s exhaust into the passenger side of the vehicle.

Daugherty was taken to a hospital and later released.

Daugherty retired in 2011 shortly after a story in the Wall Street Journal focused on the high rate in which he approved Social Security disability cases. Daugherty was placed on leave after the story broke. Allegations of fraud have been under investigation by a U.S. Senate committee. The committee recently held a congressional hearing.

Daugherty served as a Cabell County circuit judge for 7 years beginning in 1977.

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  • Hillbilly

    Anyone I ever heard of who tried suicide was taken to a mental hospital for treatment... why was this one released??? So he can try again?

  • FungoJoe

    Typical liberal, when the pressure mounts, take the easy way out. Its the liberal way. If we could only get Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to follow his lead.

  • Buster

    This idiot is so incompetent, he can't even kill himself without botching it up. Maybe a nice stretch in the cross bar hotel will straighten him out.

  • Big_Daddy

    We all know multiple people who are on disability and they seem perfectly fine. Remember: Social Security Disability pays the same benefit as a person who waits and starts their social security Retirement @ age 66 ---- Do the math:

  • Joe


  • Curly Joe

    Sad thing is, these people on the dole are registering to vote by the thousands. They say, why not keep the gravy train on the track! When will those of us working hard, past retirement, in many cases, band together to get this great nation back in the hands of competent leaders with a sense of pride in where we came from?

  • DWL

    The O-entitlement society! Total dependence on the dwindling work force. Sort of like union "leaders" and O-cronies.

  • Dr. Sarcasm

    Everyone that he approved should have to requalify.

  • BAC

    Social security judges like this have cost the taxpayers billions of dollars. I hope he is prosecuted. But the social security disability system is WAY too liberal--literally millions of people who are able to work are drawing on it to the point where it will soon be bankrupt.