FAYETTEVILLE, W.Va. — Several base jumpers were treated for broken bones but no major injuries were reported at the close of Bridge Day 2013 on Saturday, the 34th year for the event.

Organizers said 450 base jumpers made 903 total jumps from the New River Gorge Bridge, the only day of the year it is legal to base jump from the bridge in Fayette County. The jumpers traveled to West Virginia from across the United States and the world.

“The Today Show” was on hand for the event.  You can see the NBC story here.

Base jumpers leap from fixed objects and use parachutes constructed for rapid deployment to break their fall.  Base is an acronym for “building, antenna, span and earth”—all of which are possible launching points for jumpers.

Route 19 reopened at the New River Gorge Bridge on Saturday following the event.

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  • Heike Miller

    These guys do this for fun, let people live. My uncle is in this video, even if one of them dies, at least they die happy doing what they love to do the most, which have of you prolly will never be able to do.

  • jgrif

    Fearless isn't the word I use. It is brainless

    • Leonard Bergoir

      Pretty sure you don't know anything about BASE jumping. You cant BASE jump if you don't know what your doing. Those are the ones who go in... Several years are required in skydiving, then mentoring. The short cut is the brainless way....a way which happily very few people in this sport take. Great people and friends.

  • Patchy

    A broken bone isn't a 'major injury?'

    Either the jumpers are tough cookies or the writer is - or both!

    • Neil Gregory

      Not when death or paralysis is possible. I rappel every year at Bridge Day and those base jumpers are fearless. A broken bone is a mere flesh wound for them.