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Clint Trickett threw for 254 yards on 27-of-43 passing against Texas Tech, but West Virginia’s offense stalled on its final five series.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — For one week at least, Dana Holgorsen wasn’t bashful about revealing his starting quarterback.

West Virginia’s coach said he plans to go with Clint Trickett when the Mountaineers (3-4, 1-3) visit Kansas State (2-4, 0-3) on Saturday. That’s the only option that makes sense with freshman Ford Childress (pectoral) out indefinitely and junior Paul Millard seemingly typecast in a backup role due to a limited skill set.

Trickett completed 27-of-43 passes for 254 yards and one touchdown against Texas Tech, but guided the offense to just one first down on the final five series in a 37-27 loss. After throwing three interceptions in his first two starts, Trickett did not have a pass picked off against Texas Tech. At least not officially—one underthown interception was negated by a defensive holding flag.

“I do think he played his best game, (but) not a winning performance,” Holgorsen said. “We made progress. We made some things happen, moved the ball, scored some points and got the ball in the end zone several times.

“We had a chance to win a game at home—we didn’t get it done in the fourth quarter.”

Trickett led WVU to an upset of then-No. 11 Oklahoma State on Sept. 28, despite a fourth-quarter hit that created a sprained AC joint in his throwing shoulder. The injury left Trickett wincing after almost every throw in the ensuing week’s 73-42 loss at Baylor, but coming off a bye week, the junior played pain-free against Texas Tech.

“He’s healthy, so he’ll be able to rep Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, which is the first time he’s been able to do that in quite some time. We’ll give him the majority of the reps and try to get him better.”

The late fade against Texas Tech dropped West Virginia to 5-8 in Big 12 games.

“The depth is an issue. The depth needs to continue to change,” Holgorsen said. “Our second- and third-team guys are not as good as what they need to be to compete against the likes of Baylor and Texas Tech over the last couple of weeks.”

The West Virginia-Kansas State kickoff is scheduled for 3:45 p.m. Eastern and will be televised on FoxSports1. MetroNews radio affiliates around the state will have wrap-around coverage stretching from three hours pregame until three hours postgame.

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  • Mountaineer fanatic

    Just a thought, wait till after Va Tech plays Fl. St. and Clemson. They will also play Miami. Then tell me how great they are.

    Lets Gooooooo Mountaineers!!!!!

    • Greg

      Even truer than Alex's comment. Wouldn't be surprised to see Mighty Duke spank the Gobblers this year. Would someone please call me when VPI actually wins something?

  • Alex

    I see a lot of people still want to run Dana out of Morgantown, it is not going to happen. Oliver Luck knows how and what it takes to build a program. We are a year at least away from having the program that it takes to compete in the big 12 to win and be ranked somewhere in the top 25... People we need players.. We only have enough freshmen and sophomores participating in and junior-college transfers and yes there is some sprinkled in junior and senior here and there not speak of. Good plays win games ... Take the big time name schools ... Alabama, FSU . Oregon. Ohio St . Just a sample... All have good players .. Just a few years look back at some schools and look where they are now.. Texas.. Tennessee, Wisconsin,USC Nebraska. These schools are down now... From where they were at years ago they were on top.. They do not have very good players that's the way the cycle works... Alabama what 6 years ago was down didn't have a very good team had to get a new coach got good players ... WVU coach has had to recruiting classes this year's freshmen and sophomores... I know many of you all will not pick up on this post and many of you will, but what I have spoken is why WVU is not undefeated and why they are not winning every game . Good players make good teams , and win

    • Moon

      If you can't recruit off the Orange Bowl win and the departure of Geno, Tavon and year later..then you have a problem. I am not foolish enough to think that every kid is going to love Morgantown and WVU as much as I do...but Dana had the year of the Orange Bowl to get exposure and he should have closed some deals. With Geno's departure he should have been able to get a serious quarterback recruit or two....he is in that situation again. At what point is he responsible for the players? I would say that time has come. Everybody plays with freshman and sophomore talent.

      • Bryan

        As WVU has seen in the past not every recruit pans out, the two qb's Holgorsen recruited were highly regarded qb's in football rich Texas, they just haven't panned out. Now he has another highly regaurded qb from Maryland coming in and only time will tell if he pans out. With young athletes some underachieve some overachieve no way to tell for sure which way they go until they play.

    • big tom

      so , when do we start getting the good players

    • Greg

      So true.

    • Bryan

      Thank you Alex, finally someone on the same page.

  • Ron Jeremy

    Problem with the hot seat rankings:

    ---- the rankings do not take into account the ability of the school to put the heat on the coach. WVU should not be in the top 20 until we can come up with the cash to buy out Holgy.

  • WVUBig12

    How many rebuilding years are we going to have?

    • BH

      2019 could be WV's break-out year.

  • don

    Our defense still sucks! The ok st game was a fluke. At this point in the season I can't see us improving much, although the remaining games shouldn't be as tough. The thing is they have all shown steady improvement while we are getting worse. Goes to the coaching staff. As I said before just look at va tech, same record as wv last year, now they have won 6 in a row and ranked no. 14. O nly diff I see is coaching. I'll quarantee as long as bud foster is there you'll never see any body hang 73 on vt.

  • Maxxajay

    As it is now looks now Baylor and Texas Tech Will be in a dog fight for first place in the big 12, maybe the winner will be the champion . The so-called experts looks like have made a mistake about rating the big 12 last in the big 5 Power conferences... At the present time Baylor and Texas Tech are in the top 10... Oklahoma is in the top 25.... To be continued

  • Moon

    Each week we worry about who the QB is going to be....I am more excited that Barber and W'ski are in the lineup together. They are terrific. Now what we need to do is turn them loose. If we rush 4 90% of the time this week I am going to scream. PRESSURE. Overwhelming waves of pressure all the time. Is it high risk...sure...but what are we worried up 37? 73? PRESSURE THE QUARTERBACK!!! MAKE HIM BEAT YOU WITH AMAZING PLAY FROM HIS BACKSIDE.

    • James

      I would rather get Burnt trying than get Burnt standing there !

    • scott

      Been saying that since Don was at WVU....we get burnt in zone, man up, doesnt matter.....wo why not send a little pressure...i mean if you are gonna get burnt anyway.

    • JimJIm

      Yes, like the other teams are doing to WVU.

  • Justin

    id rather see millard. trickett is not good, especially on the road

    • JaneM

      I like your post about having good players.. The upperclassmen on out team is from from the recruiting of ( William) Bill Sterwart which are not good enough to make the team. A good example of good players.. Not good enough to beat out the freshman and sophomores on this years team.. Who are always playing against a team that has upperclassman leadership. Look through the big 12 .. If they are there they play ...

      • MojoJojo

        Are you predicting another upset JaneM??? What is your record now? 0-4??

    • Oh Did Ya?

      Trickett is significantly better than Millard. He has much more mobile and plays fearless.

  • JaneM

    Dana said the depth is the issue... I have the answer for that, not enough upperclassman to feel those slots short on juniors and seniors... More or less only has freshmen and sophomores to work with anybody tell me why ?

    • Rick S.

      I am not sure why you keep saying we are short on juniors and seniors. A typical FBS football team has 17 seniors. WVU has 13, which is only four short of typical. As a comparison, Ohio State, Alabama, and Clemson all have 16 seniors. Oregon has 20.

      WVU has 25 juniors. That is not short at all. I will grant you, however, that approximately 12 of them are transfers from other schools.

      Plus, WVU has 18 redshirt sophomores -- which are players who would have been juniors had they not redshirted a year.

      I think it is also only fair to point out that WVU lost most of a recruiting class because Oliver Luck decided to replace Bill Stewart with Dana Holgorsen with a coach-in-waiting plan. During that awkward transition, players were understandably reluctant to come to WVU with all the drama going on and the resulting turnover in the coaching staff and changes in offensive and defensive systems.

      And finally, several players who would have been juniors or seniors now either quit the team because they did not like the current coaching staff, or were run out of the program because the current coaching staff did not want them.

      Of WVU's 22 starters in the Texas Tech game, seven are seniors and nine are juniors.

    • Alum

      Mitch Vingle answered this in an article last November.

  • Whatamoroon

    Breaking News.

    Big Larry moves past William to #1 on the list of worst possible fan base.

    Http://.wvufanbase/biggest crybabies.knows nothing about sports.

    • Dougie

      William & Big Larry must go! Tell me one good thing William has done for this message board... And Larry always wears those pink shirts...

    • Big Larry


      I knew I would get there if I tried hard enough...

      • Greg

        It really didn't take too much effort on your part. It just seems to come naturally for you.

  • Jeff M.

    Big Larry, is there a web site for Athletic Directors on the hot seat? just sayin!!

  • Big Larry



    WVU head football coach Dana "The Man in Black" Holgorsen has moved up to number 5 in this weeks official Coaches Hot Seat Ranking...

    This must make Oliver awful proud of his prize coach...

    • James

      Oliver and Holgorsen has to GO !

      • Mike

        Good lord...if we were playing the Big East schedule of old we would be undefeated outside of a Maryland loss. Look at UL...they play nobody! Wake up...Holgy came in and in Big East schedule play we won a BCS bowl game. When we go to the Big 12 with the real big boys, we struggle...hello it doesn't take rocket science to see the common thread there. Better competition, much better, we have fewer all star recruits, and we have still in transition. It is not the coach or the is called Big 12 football. We will get better...and we have had our bright spots...I agree the kid from Dunbar, William Crest, is going to be a good one, read about him.

        • Hop'sHip

          Took your advice, Mike, and not feeling a whole lot better. The other schools that were involved with him, Marshall, Maryland, Purdue & Rutgers aren't exactly football powerhouses, and I saw where his throwing accuracy was rated average. Hope you are right, but not many true freshman are ready to lead a BCS level program. I do like the fact that he appears to be a dual threat QB. That would be two threats ahead of those we currently have.

    • Chuck Farley

      Do the math, not the meth.

  • big tom

    in in the world recruited Millard and thought he was so good..????
    I mean, do we have someone in charge of recruiting that evaluates talent and determines if extending a scholarship is in the best interest of wvu?

    • Chuck

      Millard was a late class add because Stewart had not recruited a qb in that class when holgerson took over. We only had one qb on the roster. Needed a body

      • Grant

        Quit confusing the trolls with facts.

        Plus, this is the toughest schedule we have faced in years.

  • WVUBig12

    Is next year going to be a rebuilding year too?

    • Art in Ohio


  • Grant

    Only real option that he has at this point. Hopefully, he can find a JUCO or transfer that can step in next year.

    • Jason

      The mountaineers are just not a very good football team. That's the bottom line right now.

    • Will

      As much as I like Trickett and his moxie and his desire to play at WVU, he certainly throws too many passes that are way off target or are thrown a half second to second later than they should be and his receivers have bailed him out more than once.
      Isn't there supposedly a really good HS QB from MD or PA that has verbally committed? Let's hope he signs and even enrolls early so maybe he can be the man next year. Earlier I feared he would change his commitment because of having to sit behind Childress for 3 years, but I don't think any of the three QBs this year would make a guy fear having to sit long.

      • James

        Holgorsen and Trickett are jr collage material !!

      • Amber


        Verbal commit QB William crest from Maryland...same HS of tavon austin

    • William

      Does ANYONE have a phone number for a good college head football coach?
      Will need one very soon!

      • Billiam

        Why? Is Doc leaving for the UF job when Muschamp leaves for Texas?

      • JimJIm

        You are correct. He's not a head coach. He can't figure out who his starting QB is. Sad.

        • rekterx

          He figured it out. His starter became Ford Childress. When he first started Ford he said that he was just going to go with Ford, mistakes and all. He said that Ford was the man.

          Then Ford got hurt.

          We are all frustrated. But let's not revise history to suit our frustrations.