MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia basketball forward Elijah Macon was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct in Monongalia County.

The Dominion Post reported Macon was attending a hearing in magistrate court for his sister, Mekiiah, who had been arrested for malicious wounding. Macon reportedly became upset, went into the hallway and hit something loud enough to disrupt court.

Officers told Macon, a freshman, to calm down but he exited the building and continued yelling. After he crossed the street and continued yelling, officers arrested him for disorderly conduct.

Macon posted $265 bond.

“We ’re aware of the situation, and the matter will be handled internally,” WVUcoach Bob Huggins said in a statement emailed to the newspaper.

Macon, dealing with a wrist injury and academic issues, is expected to sit out this season as a partial qualifier.

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  • David

    Get rid of him. Why do institutions put up with thuggish and childish behavior?

    • Justin A.

      Why the heck do our institutions put up with the recruiting of such players?

  • j

    Did this kid get caught with drugs? With alcohol? Oh did he punch a hooker? No! The kid was defending his sister. He got upset with the court. Stfu with all this calling him trouble. I'm sick of you favor weather fans. Go follow Marshall

    • Justin A.

      So those are the only crimes that matter? What about murder, larceny, grand theft auto? Would those have gotten a pass from you also....idiot! This isn't some school yard or ball court. This was a court room and there are codes of conduct that must be followed. Since you think he's such a good kid, maybe you should introduce your daughter or your sister. I'm thinking you wouldn't feel the same about a second (or third or fourth, whatever this turns into) chance!

    • Spell Checker

      Herd Hater sighting.

      That's "fair weather".

  • ryan

    Both coaches will get things turned around. Wvu football wise will be alot better next yr. Big east in bball is not a crap conference. Huggs has had the mounties beat ALOT ranked teams and we will continue do so. Stop hatin on huggs/holgs wvu future is still bright. Recruits still love motown

    • Matt

      I give Holgorsen more leeway than I give Huggins. Holgy is a first time head coach who moved to a much tougher conference and is learning on the job. He is still bringing in good recruiting classes and I think he gets it turned around.

      Huggins on the other hand, should know better than to let this program tailspin into the ground. He has been a HC far to many years to get away with that.

  • MojoJojo

    Typical of a Thuggins recruit. He ought to fit right in now that he is charged with a crime. Maybe since he is only a partial qualifier, his probation penalty should include that he read a book or two.

  • WVWho

    and a third, and a fourth right?

    • Mac

      I don't get it. He got arrested for making noise... What kind of BS is that? They told him to stop and he exited the building. They arrested him anyway.

  • Allan

    We expect our athlete's to be in good physical condition, I think Oliver should make that a requirement for the coach's as well !!!!!!!

  • Allan

    I agree with Matt in one respect, Huggs needs to get healthy. He looks tired and a heart attack waiting to happen.

  • Big Larry

    Do not blame Elijah Macon for this outburst...because what he did is no different from his coach Hollerin Huggins.

    He has watched the sideline antics of Huggins both at games and at practices so he apparently felt it was okay for him to make an A$$ of himself at the courthouse.

    Bob "Sweatsuit" Huggins sets the example for these student athletes to follow so in one sense...the outburst is more of a reflection on Hollerin Huggins than it is Macon himself.

    • Justin A.

      Terrible post!!! Why are some of you looking for any reason to give this kid a pass!!! I'm not a BH fan but I'm not going to go as far as saying he taught this kid to act like this! BH recruited a player that didn't get enough hugs as a kid, interrupted court proceedings, got arrested and that's the end of it. It's life, your actions have consequences and this kid just learned a life lesson and should be dismissed from the team, regardless if he can dribble a ball or not!!!

  • Bobby M

    WHATS the OVER/UNDER on this kid EVER playing IN a game at WVU?!!!

  • Shadow

    When you coach at WVU in out-of-the-way Morgantown, you have to take what you can get. How many great high school players want to go to WVU? Very, very few! The good ones are taken by schools in their home states.

    • Justin A.

      But everyone keeps saying how good of a coach BH is so out of the way should not be an issue. Every kid wants to play for great coaches, who win Conf titles, make it to the NCAA every year, SS or FF every third year....oh yeah, none of those things are happening here. Maybe that's why we can't get the better recruits!!! BH needs to go and with 3 million set aside for a coach, I'm sure we can find someone for that who will build this program and recruit better, but that wouldn't be hard!!!

    • Rick S.

      I agree with Shadow that not many great high school players want to go to WVU, but I disagree in saying you have to take what you can get.

      If you build a solid program that competes and wins on a consistent basis, then players will want to come here. Good athletes want to play on a big stage, and WVU is in a power conference that gets good media attention. This is basketball -- it only takes a couple of really good players, complemented by a few solid players, to be successful.

      I find it hard to believe that schools like Creighton, Memphis, Murray State, and Virginia Commonwealth (all ranked well ahead of WVU) can recruit good basketball players, but WVU can't. If we can not compete with those programs, then we really need to ask ourselves why, and then change it.

      • Justin A.

        Great Post Rick!!!

    • Matt


      Syracuse, NY, Storrs, CT, Gainesville, Fla aren't exactly bustling metropolis'. However, they have great coaches who built the programs from scratch and now are elite destinations from recruits.

      Huggins has failed to capitalize off momentum from the final four and our team has gotten worse each year since that run.

      • Shadow

        Morgantown? Where is it? Outside of WV, 99 out of 100 never heard of it. BH has a hard sell when a young man can play close to home where his friends and family can attend his games.

  • Matt

    I would like to see Bob Huggins leave our Basketball program.

    We are really stooping that low that we are bringing in convicted felons and now have kids getting arrested? Looks like Thug Ball is back in full effect.

    Bob needs to hang it up. He looks horrible, and should probably get himself healthy

    • Shadow

      There are more thugs in the WVU Fan Section than on the team! Overturning cars and burning sofas isn't done by the team members.... And they don't ever get arrested. This young man paid his fine. As to Huggins, his record speaks for itself and his looks don't coach.

      • WVWho

        What's huggies record in the big east/big 12? A majority of his wins came in crap conferences.

        • wes2003

          Last year was his first losing season ever. Its okay if you don't like the coach, but the guy won the BE and went to the Final Four three years ago. To say he didn't win in the BE makes you look like a fool.

          • wes2003

            Its not hard to figure out, Matt. The two recruiting classes immediately after were not good. The past two look solid. Harris and Henderson are good players that will be here four years. This year's high school recruits will be too.

            It looks like Huggs is targeting high school kids that will stick around, be coachable, and get better while taking the occasional flyer on a talented JUCO. Not bad in theory because the nucleus will be those high schoolers. This team will be together for three years. I think the future is bright with H&H leading the way.

          • Rick S.

            It was actually his third losing season ever. But that is still a really good record.

          • Matt

            Why has our basketball team gotten worse each year since the final four?

            We have failed to capitalize on any momentum we had from that game.

      • Matt

        The way I see it is that he won the majority of his games in a mid-major conference. He did well his first few years at WVU, but lets face it. He has choked many times when the bright lights come on.

        The problem is he is paid top 10 coach money, but I can think of 25-30 college coaches who are better coaches and about 200 coaches who conduct themselves more professionally.

        • Barry

          Great comment. Totally agree!

  • SamWV304

    Ever hear of pacman Jones,or the late Chris Henry, or Noel Devine,or etc... I'm sure huggs n holgs recruited those guys years ago too. Just bcause they had ISSUES .Go ahead blame someone else for this guy speaking his mind after a court decision. You people who bash the program you supposedly are a fan of make me sick. Lets Gooooo.. True Mountaineers..

    • Justin A.

      Hey Sam, get a clue about the law and what it will allow and when the proper and appropriate time to voice your opinion. As someone in Law Enforcement, I deal with load mouth idiots on a daily basis. What would have happen if his rant would have incited some kind of riot and innocent ppl were hurt during this. Get a clue about their are consequences for your actions! This kid has the right to speak his mind, but yelling and screaming loud enough to disturb court proceedings not to mention his apparent damage to government property, that he does NOT have the right ato do and was appropriately arrested!!!

      • musketman

        Control of ones emotions in a court of law regarding family, is tough. Look how much trouble your having controlling yours Justin A. in a chat room.

    • musketman

      I broke up the pacman -dr.johns debacle. If anyone would like to know what really happened.

    • JaneM

      I see now where some is talking about Bob Huggins needs to be fired , I disagree, I remember just three years ago Mr. luck had to fire (William) Bill Stewart. Who was known to be a very good Christian man and family man, and a conduct plotted a plan against Dana which wasn't necessary to degrade him , the truth is the truth or (dig up dirt on him) also a lot of people don't remember but (William) Bill Stewart accused of by the school that he was fired because of a racist remark at VMI, So everyone don't always have to be perfect to be a coach like some people remark on here... Not every closet has skeletons in it, but then on the other hand , maybe they do...

      • Barry

        Your comment totally confused me. What was the point?

    • Patrick

      This goes on all around the country. People like to act like this only happens at WVU

      • gv

        So that means it is alright and we have to accept it, I don't think so.

        • SamWV304

          How many students/athletes of WVU don't wear their (WVU)gear on campus? And No we don't have to accept it. Don't follow WVU athletics. That's the freedom of choice. Same thing all citizen's have, Rights!! Why does he have to not get upset so much that emotions fly. Because we say?. yes he shld think of the fact he's under microscope being an athlete. But his decisions cannot be laid on coaches shoulders. that's what gets me.

      • Uncle Unctuous

        I don't think "speaking his mind after a court decision" means what you think it means.

        • SamWV304

          It means exactly what the report says,he yelled and was arrested,because of who he was,no doubt in my mind,Its blown out of proportion. Although he should probably have controlled himself better.Either way its all one big soap opera to some people so..

          • musketman

            its not hard to spot players on campus. Most are always wearing their gear

      • Rick S.

        You are right, Patrick, this kind of stuff goes on all around the country. That is exactly the root of all that is wrong in this country. We need a serious upgrade in civility, respect, and self-control.

        I don't know anything about Elijah Macon, but based solely on this story, it sounds like he is a young man with serious family problems having difficulty controlling his emotions. Hopefully, he can find a way to overcome the obstacles in his life and get things together.

      • TruthTeller

        I agree with you 100 percent. These things happen all over the country. This is what happens when you take God of out of your
        lives, laws and way of life everyday. If you people would spend more time getting your life right with God instead of spreading hate
        on everyone and thinking you have the right to place judgement on everyone else, this country would start to turn around for the better as God would bless this land.

        • Justin A.

          I'm a police officer and I have the job of judgement! And that's the problem with bible won't call a spade a spade. A liar a liar, or a womanizer a womanizer for the fear of casting judgement! News flash, there is a difference bt speaking the truth and judging. And by the way, there is already a judge that will cast his vote when your life on earth is done. So do us all a favor, and stop spitting your judgement on others for speaking the truth. It's not going to get you to your destination any faster!!! And I doubt very seriously we can blame god for our basketball and football teams sucking!

          • musketman

            I call a spade a garden tool, a liar a priest. And a womanizer a good guy to call when I want a wild weekend. People need to worry about themselves.

        • cutty77

          Yes it does happen everyday at different places. But when your in M-Town home of the Mayberry RFD Newspaper,it makes it all the way to Mt. Pilot. lol..

        • steve

          Yes, Without a VISION (of the gospel) the people perish.

  • William

    "Sweatsuit Huggins" & "Man in black" Holgorsen
    WVU sports is at a all time low.
    When you hire people with character issues, things could end up in a BIG MESS!
    Get use to LOSING WVU fans, because these two jokers can't recruit!

    • William

      "Sweatsuit Huggins" should have been FIRED for his actions on & off the court last year. He is an EMBARRASSMENT to The State of West Virginia
      What a MESS he is.
      He makes a outrageous salary of $10,000.00 dollars a day(7 days a week) for a part time job.
      WVU fans deserve a must better
      Hire a coach that is a TRUE MOUNTAINEER
      Hire a coach that has GREAT CHARACTER
      Hire a coach that has CLASS
      Hire a coach that is not a BULLY
      Hire a coach that U can be PROUD of
      Hire a coach that is not a MESS
      Hire a coach that does not put on a SHOW on the court, because he loves the Attention
      Some of the players that Huggins puts on the court I DON'T WANT TO GO SEE THOSE TYPES OF GUYS PLAY

      • Mac

        We should just shut down the athletic department. That's the only solution to appease William.

      • Bill

        A note to William: We had that guy. He now coaches at Michigan.

      • Yogi Wahoo

        You are without a doubt a person with some deep and disturbing issues William. Fact, you spend a lot of time on this site tearing a program down, one that you obviously are not a fan of. What gives with that William, are you holed up in a basement somewhere and have no friends? Do you monitor this site just to post obnoxious rants, pretty strange actions most people would think. Were you rejected from WVU when you applied to be a student because your ACT score was too low and your only extracurricular activity was banner maker for the football team? William it's like this, get a friggin life or speak of what you most probably know about....Springer.

      • William 's Uncle Billiam

        My nephew embarrasses me with every stroke of his keyboard. He really should find a girlfriend.

      • Big Larry


        "Love your Work"

    • Bonnie

      I so agree w/William....look at both coaches behavior on the job and off....really?

  • R

    Cue the holier than thou,
    have never made a mistake in their lives,
    Bob Huggins haters...3...2...1...YOU"RE ON.

    • Justin A.

      It's not a holier than thou idea! It's a matter of consequences. You don't make the grades (repeatedly) then you can't or else where. You get arrested, there are consequences! I bet you believe all kids should get a trophy too so they don't get their feel good hurt. That's not the way life works and when this mindset is taken, that's the reason the upcoming generation are complete idiots! Can't count, can't spell, get trophies for last place, etc! A kid makes a bad decision, than there are consequences...period!!!

    • Justin A.

      Not BH hater, just a realist! If you can't even agree that we need to move on from BH, than I don't know what to tell you. He's making 3 million (almost Izzo money and more than Pitino). If we are gonna spend that money, we better recruit like those guys and win as often. Hell, I settle for competitive EVERY year, which we aren't and anyone who sees this team as doing much better than last year is a complete idiot!!

    • Whatamoroon

      Naw, at this point we can just let the record speak for its self.

  • Barry

    Anyone surprised?

    • Jeremy

      That ur an idiot Barry?!? No

      • clark

        That is funny, Jeremy!