MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia basketball forward Elijah Macon was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct in Monongalia County.

The Dominion Post reported Macon was attending a hearing in magistrate court for his sister, Mekiiah, who had been arrested for malicious wounding. Macon reportedly became upset, went into the hallway and hit something loud enough to disrupt court.

Officers told Macon, a freshman, to calm down but he exited the building and continued yelling. After he crossed the street and continued yelling, officers arrested him for disorderly conduct.

Macon posted $265 bond.

“We ’re aware of the situation, and the matter will be handled internally,” WVUcoach Bob Huggins said in a statement emailed to the newspaper.

Macon, dealing with a wrist injury and academic issues, is expected to sit out this season as a partial qualifier.

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  • Wilson Phishman

    A $25 million basketball practice facility gets us 2 consecutive horrible seasons and lackluster recruiting???

    WVU FB is also going nowhere under Holgerson and company. We need to forgive and forget. BRING BACK the winningest coach in WVU hisory. BRING BACK RICH ROD!!!

    Huggins has clearly mailed it in and is living off the 2010 Final 4. He is daring Luck to fire him.

    Hasn't joining the Big 12 been great??? NO!!! And i told you it was fools gold 3 years ago.

  • Ron_jeremy

    Charges to be dismissed

    Huggs and WVU will win the Big 12 in 2015

    • Justin A.

      Also Ron...can you please post the link where Macon charges were dropped. I can't seem to find it...ANYWHERE!!!

    • Justin A.

      Hate to see WVU so down these past few years but talk about being optimistic. I sure hope your right Ron!

  • Allen

    Bob Huggins must have this statement copied and filed in his desk draw ready for use...“We ’re aware of the situation, and the matter will be handled internally,” WVUcoach Bob Huggins.

    It is sad what has happened to a good coach at what should be his glory years near retirement. He has become addicted to alcohol recruits players that are shady and barely our don't make the grades to enter Div 1 college. Some have even been arrested and convicted of serious crimes. I love WVU basketball and Bob Huggins and pray the man seeks help for his addiction. I would also like to see Macon grow up and control his anger issue before it causes trouble on another court. The BB court.

  • Big Larry

    @ justin a

    Your gonna have to arrest me for public disturbance when I'm tailgating and I'm chest deep in a barrel of Mas chili!!!!

    • Justin A.

      Haha Larry...I don't work in WV. I'm in a much larger city outside of WV. But I will definitely stop by for some!

  • Jeff

    This is crazy! Just 3 years ago, wvu won the big east championship for the first time and was in the final four. Did u people forget that? We also moved to a new conference, and that is gonna have a transition period. I don't like it either, but Huggs will right the ship. Trust me, no one wants to win as bad as he does. He's had issues with recruiting, which has led to subpar seasons, but wvu will be fine.
    He's a proven winner who loves the state. It's a shame that people forget that and throw him under the bus

    • Justin A.

      Jeff, BH is making 3 million a year. We pay individuals for what they are doing not what they've done. Two out of the last three recruiting classes (at a minimum) are gone. When you have the major defections that we have had at WVU, something wrong! The writing is on the wall. It's just a matter of how much time and damage will be done before WVU will finally see this situation for what it is.

    • John

      Amen Jeff! The same people want to get rid of Holgorson because he isn't a true West Virginian. If Huggins continues to have losing teams, we won't have to fire him, he'll have a heart attack. Losing isn't in his vocabulary.

      • Justin A.

        I have been the biggest supporter of DH. I have friends that have wanted him gone since he got here but his rope is getting very short, IMO. I have been saying give him a chance to build this program but some recent things I've heard from current players and how he is trying to erase some things (can't really say more) is really upsetting to previous players that I played with. Now I understand why Pat White spoke out and I know what he was getting at. I'm still on board, but that might be a very small group in a few weeks.

  • wvtd

    another huggings felon at it again. he recruits the bottom of the bucket types. have another drink bob, you will fix it right? good luck at the halfway house you call wvu basketball.

  • WVcoal

    Oh boy. Hold your breath because here we go.

  • musketman

    Lol calling an 18 year old kid high on emotions a criminal. Quick to label. I bet half the people on here are steeler fans, and are big ben fans as well, its all white. Same piece of garbage that were quick to dismiss bonds but defend armstrong. See how that worked out

    • Justin A.

      Not a Big Ben fan, although a Steelers fan for many years now. Tell you what musket, I'm not a fan of anyone breaking the laws that have been put into place (in many cases to protect citizens). I agree that sometimes those laws don't make sense but guess what, they are still laws! We don't get to pick which ones we follow and which ones we don't. There are consequences for breaking those laws. And to get arrested in Morgantown is no small feet. (Sp) Over the years, I have watched the Police Officers take a lot of BS from students and turn the other cheek. (Sp)

      • Shadow

        Like let them burn cars and sofas! Then, get a kid for yelling on the street. Sounds like a Third World Country, no it is WV.

  • Packy

    Funny this is Free Speech Week. A man can get arrested for going out of the building, across the street and yell about the injustice of the injustice system. At least they didn't hit him and call it resisting.

  • Fan4Life

    Justin A....Being a police officer/Rent-A-Cop does NOT give you the job of judgement. Like any other police officers around... if you wear a badge... your all are always right...and will fight the end if your caught and proven being or doing wrong !! Kids make bad decisions there are conciquences...Spare us... I'm sure your the walking example of perfection !

    • Justin A.

      And judgement is my daily job. I make judgement calls every day all day. I don't get to make the final judgement on someone's innocence or guilt, but I certainly make a judgement to make that introduction possible. Sounds like you've been on the wrong end of the law a few times yourself. I wish everyone thought we were always right, would make my job safer and!

      • Fan4Life

        Sorry...You are wrong on all accounts... You took the route I figured you would. Anyone that disagrees with the actions of today's supposed law enforcement are all crime ridden felons.
        And from your previous obviously judge people everyday as your job requires...that you took an oath to uphold...however, it seems that your judgement is passed through your eyes and your own opinion... Of what a model citizen is. It all comes through in your statements.
        Just how much of a sporting background do you have ? How many wayward "Thug" children have you helped in your position ? And we all now know your social attitude toward race and people in general...for none of us would want "them to date our daughters" ! I bet even the janitor for WVU basketball is a thug !
        A beacon of light...not quite...a very dim light...and fading with the world is out to get me attitude you have.
        And a final note without second chances where would this world be? There was a perfect man who walked this earth... And he was crucified for it.

        • Justin A.

          Hahaha! You sound very much like the prophet you mentioned. Let me tell you that your comments about my judgement and how you think you can "see" into my thoughts are offensive. First of all, I played football at there is my sports experience! Secondly, I hAve served this country for the last 15 years so that I may have the right to my opinion and so that you may have yours. Lastly, being a police officer and dealing with what I do everyday, in a metro area (not some small town in WV), so I have quite a bit of experience with dealing with individuals from all walks of life, color, creed, etc. I at no time mentioned anyone in the context of "them". My statements still stand. If this kid is such a good kid, let "him" date your daughter....or another kid that's had a run in with the law. That also can't qualify for a 4 year institution. Sir, you have called my integrity into question and that I do not take lightly. I have spent my careers upholding the highest level and giving people the benefit of the doubt and have been surprised in both good and bad ways! The fact remains...there is no reason WVU should have to accept kids with these issues. It's a red flag and this is not his 2nd chance. BH has been waiting on this kid to qualify for a year or two it's at least his third or fourth!

          • Fan4Life

            Throwing your service record at me is useless...I praise your national guard weekend warrior attitude... and your prior and current service...
            Judge not my integrity friend...
            Understand this...I more than earned my right to speak my mind...Myself...not from you and your service.... from my own.

    • Justin A.

      I've never been arrested and can certainly walk into any place of business and know how to act and how not to act! If that makes me a beacon to you and what sounds like your own troubled past, then perfection it is!

  • Justin A.

    First of all, it's no secret that BH has been recruiting kids that none of us would let our daughters date...and that's putting it mildly! Secondly, BH has the best intentions but with the facilities upgrades and his success, can he not bring in kids who can qualify from the start, not get arrested, or have the kids he has recruited stay in the program! And lastly, with his salary, WVU, the Alumni, and the state of WV deserve better. I keep hearing some folks say..."give him a chance". He's going into his 7th season. It's time to move on. Bottom line, our program is in no better shape than he got here and I'd argue its in worse shape...a lot worse!!!

    • musketman

      Lol you couldn't field two top teams with players that you would allow your daughter to date

      • Fan4Life

        That's funny right there !

  • keithlw

    If you read, it was in the hall outside the courtroom. The next occurrence was outside the courthouse.

    • Justin A.

      And still disrupted court proceeding...period!!!

  • wvrefugee

    I'll just add this.....last Saturday at our tailgate in the light blue lot, Eron Harris, Terry Henderson brought the new recuits over for awhile and I will say that these kids were "yes sir/no sir, looked me in the eyes when speaking and resembled the kids of old! I was pleasantly surprised!! I think it's time to cut our losses with Holton and Macon and move on. Play with the good kids. The wins will take care of themselves!

  • musketman

    To dave
    Throw away the key. Wow idiot racist dave I imagine. And although their not the the fine respectable beilien recruits. I can remember at least 7 catlett players raping at least three different freshman at towers alone. And for record nehlen had four starters wearing ski-masks robbin nickel pot dealers on grant for at least two great seasons

  • musketman

    I have had three outbursts in that courtroom. Come on family and police always equals stress. The real question is what happened with the sisters case. A lot can be told about the actions of siblings