CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Charles Trump, the state’s former House of Delegates Minority Leader, is seeking a return to politics after an extended break.

Trump announced this week he has filed pre-candidacy paperwork to run for state Senate.

Since his last term ended in 2006, Trump has been doing what he left politics to do—spendi more time with his family. But he said he loves politics and it’s time to get back to it.

“The timing is right at least as far as my family is concerned,” he said.

Before 2006, the 53-year-old Morgan County attorney had served 14 years, seven terms, in the House of Delegates. Eight of those years were as minority leader.

Trump believes his eight years away from the political scene can help him to become a better legislator.

“There is a tendency sometimes when you’re within that sphere, when you’re within that bubble to maybe be isolated from the things that people are thinking,” he said. “I think a break in service was good for me.”

Now he is seeking the 15th senatorial district, which includes all or parts of Berkeley, Morgan, Hampshire and Mineral counties.

Trump said the challenges facing the state today are not that different from what they were back in 2006.

“We have to advance economic growth and development in this state and of course regulatory reform is part of that and tax reform is part of that,” he said.

With the right leadership, Trump said the success that is taking place in the Eastern Panhandle can spread throughout the state.

“We have so many incredible assets, our citizenry, our population, the natural resources and the spectacular beauty of this state,” he said. “It’s only ourselves which are holding us back.”

Currently the 15th senatorial district is represented by Donald Cookman (D-Hampshire), a former judge appointed to the seat last year by Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin.

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  • Dennis

    Amen Fooled. Judge Cookman is a man of integrity who's devoted his life to public service. He isn't a career politician, and, best of all- he's WV educated- not some elitist. Trumps more than met his match

  • Fooled_By_Politicians_Once_Too_Often

    I'm not one to take any politician at face value or any value for that matter. Whatever party they're with, they're never going to do anything but what benefits themselves. We've seen it with self-absorbed Manchin, goofball Tennant, Tomblin, Wise, etc. This guy isn't going to be any different. Maybe someday voters with figure out that NO politician gives a diddly darn about anybody except ol' Number One: Himself or Herself.

  • chasmo

    great man - glad he is back in the running - !!!

  • steve

    I have always found Charlie Trump to be honest and forthright; he was a great delegate and would make a super senator. Glad you've decided to make the run; WV needs you in the legislature.

  • George

    Coming bact to play politics. Loose his law license? Better pay less work with all the free money coming from lobists dont even have to li for it he already has. Legislate? Bull Patties

    • Larry

      Say What?

  • Rich

    I'm an ardent Democrat but would have to campaign and vote for him.

    • Larry

      I'm sorry.

  • Hillbilly

    We do not need any more career politicians!!!!!
    WHOEVER they may be!

  • Dale

    Yes he's is. True gentleman!

  • Wirerowe

    Good man