MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — As West Virginia preps for Saturday’s trip to The Little Apple, Dana Holgorsen rejoined the chorus of coaches lauding Bill Snyder for the job he has done developing the Kansas State program and the stadium that bears his name.

“They built that up from nothing,” Holgorsen said, “and now it’s a heck of a place to play a college football game.”

Click on the video above to watch Holgorsen’s complete news conference Tuesday.

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  • donutfiend77

    I love the experts who post their opinion on this website. Any person who has been affiliated with a program, other than sitting on a message board, eating cheetos, knows it takes approximately 5 years to recruit your players, and then get your system installed. Did everyone forget about the 3-8 season under Rod? Because if Holgs leaves, we have to start all over again. (Think about that). Go Eers Beat K State!!!!!!
    Fairweather Fans.........go somewhere else.

    • SamWV304

      Lets Gooooooo!!!!

    • Dougie


    • Mark


  • Curtis

    First, to the poster above that spoke of Bill Stewart's handling of the coach in waiting situation. It was a horrible and disrespectful positon that Bill was put into by our AD. It was like going home with a new women and telling your wife she would be task with teaching the new women to be your wife for one year and then she would be replaced. How do you think that would go? Bill may not have done everything right but who knows how one would handle a situation like that.

    As for our present situation, I have never witnessed a more unprepared WVU team, both physically, and mentally. It happens week after week and the team is simply not getting better. Say what you want, but a Bill Stewart coached team would not be getting embarrassed as often as we are right now. Stewart brought in some of our best offensive talent in years, and I have yet to see Holgorsen do the same. He has been here long enough to have the right people in place. I do not like to see people lose their jobs, but top programs make these decisions at the right times.

  • Truthteller

    You people need to realize that only dishonest programs have successful seasons one after another. These programs violate rules and regulations in order to have that continued success. I would rather be a fan of a team that follows the rules and regulations than a team
    that cheats and breaks all the rules to have an undefeated season every year. Look how spoiled and unrealistic their fans are. If their team loses one single game, those fans give up on their team. Example: Ohio State Fans.
    One of the most fair weather fan base I have ever seen. If they lose one game, the fans call it a bad season. They are spoiled. They don't know how to handle losing a game. Ohio State finally got caught breaking all the rules for over ten years!!!! WVU having losing seasons does not mean they stink. It means they are running an honest program. There will be successful years and then there will be rebuilding years.
    Like I said before, only teams cheating and breaking the rules have a winning season every
    year without fail. Sooner or later they get busted. USC, Ohio State, Penn State, Notre Dame, all broke the rules. I would rather be a fan of a team that honestly earns its way to the top.

    • Dougie

      Apparently we have many fans like that as well...

  • Justin

    these mountaineer fans on here are so annoying and negative, i ashamed to be a fan of the same team.

    • SamWV304

      My thoughts exactly, Id like to see some of them work as hard as the coach of a program like ours has to. His eyes are probably like that from staying up watching film n notes. The guy came here is here an just because he wears a offwhite shirt means he want to leave?.. come on. Id not want to b here if people talked about me the way they do him. Huggs wears black,introduced black jerseys to our bball team last season or so.. does tht mean they are not WVU bball team then too?.. LetsGooooo!!!!!

  • Justin

    shut up man. who cares

  • Dougie

    Kansas St is 2-4. I wonder if they are talking about Bill Snyder needing to go? That is unnacceptable at a program like KSU... I saw a news conference where Bill was wearing a sweatsuit and it didn't have a KSU logo on it... This is unnacceptable! Cans somebody get this crazy old guy out of town!

  • StaggerLee

    From the looks of the picture of Holgerson, I'd be willing to bet he had a few drinks within hours of the news conference. Check out his disheveled hair and bloodshot eyes...

    • appikid

      Didn't notice those! But darn He couldn't set still! Itching and moving the whole time! I hope it is just the press conference Jitters! Darn, he couldn't quit scratching and moving!

  • D.P.

    I'm going to refrain from getting into the recruiting, coaching, play calling, etc. What is REALLY, REALLY PISSING me off with Holgorsen is his UTTER DISRESPECT for the University! I watched his news conference today and he had on an off white button up shirt. NO BLUE OR GOLD and NO WV LOGO! To me, this IS TOTALLY CLASSLESS that the head coach is representing the University in this manner! I don't EVER RECALL seeing Coaches Stewart, Rodriguez or Nehlen (while representing WV) NOT wearing a shirt that didn't display the school colors or school Logo!!!

    I give Coach Hugging a 100% pass for wearing black (and even Holgorsen for wearing black) because Huggs ALWAYS has the Flying WV on. Also, Huggs has done so many WONDERFUL things for the state and school. He WILL get the basketball situation corrected!

    I would think with the way the season is progressing, Holgs would have enough sense to dress otherwise. I think it's ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that the AD or President of the University address this with him! It's a TOTAL EMBARASSMENT to the hundreds of thousands of us who support the team, school and state!!!

    Previously, I have not been on his case, but this is changing weekly! He's not getting the job done coaching wise and this dress pattern indicates HE DOESN'T WANT TO BE HERE!

    How many more years until his contract runs out? He's disgustingly arrogant and certainly not a "hot" coaching commodity, so unfortuntely it looks like we're stuck with him for years!!! Are there any super wealthy contributors out there who will chip in a bunch of money to buy him out? We need a coach who WANTS TO BE HERE and WHO REPRESENTS THE UNIVERSITY AND THE STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By the way, I'm Absolutely NO supporter of William or Big Larry!!!

  • William

    Does Holgorsen own ANY blue and gold shirts?
    Get this JOKER out of Morgantown ASAP!

    • Dougie

      WVU fans, tell me why you think William is a WVU fan, or just tell me some good things about him;
      I will make a list and we will see how big it gets!

      • SamWV304

        This guy is a joke. Always bashing our program,talking how bad our coach is. Think its some fan from down south trying to spread BAD seed. At least Dana can do interviews without the daaa duuuuu duggghh..daaa umm the guy behind the ummm. Hesitations.He at least knows football. We will see what he does when his recruiting becomes game tested. lets gooo!!!!!

      • Hop'sHip

        William apparently has a lot of time on his hands. I think that is good.

        • Mark

          I'd guess he has more than time on his hands...

  • pghmountaineer

    JaneM. I agree with your premise but you can't deny that our coache are paid very well and they are paid to produce much better results than what we are getting at the moment. I agree what you said about Bill Stewart, but the way he was treated was extremely crule and disrespectful. And his record was much better than Dana's to this point as well as his recruiting classes were better too.
    I can't thelp but think Oliver Luck is feeling the pressure to do something. The fans and the state of W Va. deserve better.
    The sad part about it is that it doesn't look like things will improve anytime soon. The recruiting class is average at best and Dana seems to have lost this team.
    Just my humble opinion.

  • JaneM

    I see now where some is talking about Bob Huggins and Dana needs to be fired , I disagree, I remember just three years ago Mr. luck had to fire (William) Bill Stewart. Who was known to be a very good Christian man and family man, and a conduct plotted a plan against Dana which wasn't necessary to degrade him , the truth is the truth (dig up dirt on him) he said also a lot of people don't remember but (William) Bill Stewart accused of by the school that he was fired because of a racist remark at VMI, So everyone don't always have to be perfect to be a coach like some people remark on here... Not every closets has skeletons in it, but then on the other hand , maybe they do... No grounds too fire anybody these two guys are working their buns off..

    • TruthTeller

      These days telling the truth or being a Christian is racist. Having some intelligence and some one with creative ideas is a racist. Not being a tv head
      zombie is being a racist. Not being a liar is racist,
      not being a murderer is racist. Not being a thief is
      racist. Starting to see who is behind of this?

    • wvrefugee

      English is good!

      • Mark

        That was my thought, too!

        Not to be disrespectful, but WVU would still have needed to replace their coach -Coach Stew died...

        It's probably time to stop living in the past (and perhaps seek a bit more education), and realize that we are going to need to be a bit more patient (and stop reading William's comments) and see where this team will be at the end of next season. If significant progress is not made by then (my understanding is that this is a VERY young team), then start the conversation about possibly replacing the coach.

        As for Coach Huggins, I say let him leave on his own terms and on his own schedule. He's earned it.

    • KrispyKreme

      Janie, out of the prediction business??

    • bowhunter

      Did you ever wonder what coach Stewart knew about Dana? Ya think he may have known then about what was going on at OSU? Or that Dana had a drinking problem and liked the casinos?

  • TakeItOutside

    now that was funny

  • Mike


  • jl

    bill - chill- quit trying to start crap. he was a good step dad to you, wasn't he?

  • William

    How bad is Holgorsen recruiting?
    Get use to losing WVU fans, because it starts at the top and Holgorsen is as BAD AS IT GETS.
    WVU fans, tell me why you think Holgorsen is a good coach, or just tell me some good things about him;
    I will make a list and we will see how big it gets!

    • SamWV304

      Another cut and paste day William? Good grief Ok here we go.. he won a. bcs bowl game for wvu,he's a hard working coach, That's one reason why he also yells at the players.Would you want a couple snotty kids/adults that are not giving there heart and soul every second to be half stepping or cutting routes,that could eventually cost you thousands and thousands s of dollars? l

    • Hop'sHip

      He's a young coach. He was very effective as a coordinator. You never know if that translates into being a successful head coach. You have to give him at least five years to find out. I doubt WVU's fan base is that patient.

    • clark

      Well, because, um, Dana, well . . . .

      I've got nothing.