KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Check out video from Bob Huggins’ news conference at Big 12 basketball media day.

Yes, he’s sporting a letterman sweater (which spawned a Max Good shoutout) and still answering questions about adjusting to life in the Big 12 (where WVU lost the roadcourt advantage it sometimes enjoyed in the Big East).

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  • Allen

    Men's basketball, might as well be 6 year old type game and allow them to shoot with nobody guarding them. this no hand checking rule is silly.

    As bad as the crowing rule in football.

  • JaneM

    I enjoy the interview, I love the sweater looks real nice on Huggy Bear.. He looks like he lost some weight, nice....

  • cutty77

    I like Huggs Happy Days Fonz's sweather. Huggs is a Slave to Fashion. lol

  • Mike

    Thanks for the play by play there Big Larry. We can always count on you.

    • Big Larry

      No problem...

  • Big Larry


    1. "We tried throwing the ball inside and that didn't work so we are going to try and become a "perimeter team". In other words because we cant score underneath, we are going to try being a "shooting team".

    2. "We don't have any leadership but we have two really good guys (Harris & Henderson)...we look for them to both have big years".

    3. "The league has changed so much since I was there...The travel is hard...The league is different, the officiating is different, the atmosphere in the Big 12 is more difficult to play in than the Big East".

    4. "We don't have the alumni base we had in the Big East".

    5. "Meeting key people who can help them is a double edged sword".

    6. "Don't take all of my time"... "I guess we're going to let you go coach..."

    • ron "from morgantown"

      You missed the most important quote , Huggs , " There are so few things left in this game that are fun" ... I think huggs has 3 or 4 years left , prob 3 , ya I know he's only 60 , but he has coached 30 years and he had that heart incident . He aint a lifer , although I think he would like to get to 800 , but even that isn't important to him . He said recently he can't wait to go to games like a fan with his friends and tailgate and root for Wvu to win . I can see him doing that , sooner than you think .

      • Big Larry

        Lets hope it happens before this season begins...

  • Shawn

    Ol' Bobby is looking pretty good this year! Looks like he dropped a few pounds and he's rocking the sweater. Lets Go EERS!

    • William

      @Shawnee - You are NOT a true Mountaineer fan!
      No true fan would ever call the team 'EERs! They are Mountaineers.
      That name might be good for someone like SPOCK on Star Trek. The uniforms are TERRIBLE & UGLY> It would be a great uniform for SPOCK to wear, NOW THAT WOULD BE A GREAT LOOK. Can you picture that?
      Did you make up that name, or did you just copy that from someone else that is not a TRUE MOUNTAINEER?

      • WVAtty

        Captain Cut n Paste is back on the prowl. Read this same lame ignorant post two weeks ago. Try having an original thought from time to time.