CLASS AAA – Through Week 8
2POINT PLEASANT14.1470030692
5GEORGE WASHINGTON13.00610333180
6WHEELING PARK12.29610244112
8OAK HILL11.86610260154
10CABELL MIDLAND11.38620360134
11SOUTH CHARLESTON10.63620324175
12SPRING VALLEY10.13620281169
15LEWIS COUNTY8.43520217106
22GREENBRIER EAST5.88440323311
23WOODROW WILSON5.86340148222
26JOHN MARSHALL4.29340178163
29PARKERSBURG SOUTH3.57250184303
31ST. ALBANS1.71160129348
34SHADY SPRING1.2916058273
36LINCOLN COUNTY0.0007083371
36SPRING MILLS0.0007040406
CLASS AA – Through Week 8
4SUMMERS COUNTY10.19710223135
5WYOMING EAST9.88710245122
8FAIRMONT SENIOR8.43520265110
9RITCHIE COUNTY8.29520213173
10PHILIP BARBOUR8.25620224145
11NICHOLAS COUNTY8.1362021387
13MINGO CENTRAL7.86520213146
15ROANE COUNTY6.71520233168
17ROBERT C. BYRD6.50530174156
21LIBERTY (RALEIGH)4.14340136209
25RIVER VIEW3.86340146172
27JAMES MONROE3.14250132186
28HERBERT HOOVER3.00250139217
29CLAY COUNTY2.71250136204
31MOUNT VIEW1.5716091254
32WEBSTER COUNTY1.38170190346
33EAST FAIRMONT1.36160138264
34NORTH MARION1.2517088283
35BRAXTON COUNTY1.19170118237
37LIBERTY (HARRISON)0.6806176183
39BERKELEY SPRINGS0.0007041315
39OAK GLEN0.0008090291
CLASS A – Through Week 8
1ST. MARYS10.0070021976
3VALLEY (FAYETTE)9.71700226113
7GREENBRIER WEST8.6371033183
10EAST HARDY7.2961019395
12NOTRE DAME6.71520170219
13MEADOW BRIDGE6.63620292128
14DODDRIDGE COUNTY6.25620198118
16TUCKER COUNTY5.8643012183
18BISHOP DONAHUE4.71430223169
19GILMER COUNTY4.13530265208
21MIDLAND TRAIL3.43340117212
22TUG VALLEY3.38350158242
23PADEN CITY3.00350171207
26POCAHONTAS COUNTY2.75350148167
27VALLEY (WETZEL)2.71340133138
28PENDLETON COUNTY2.57250134174
29WIRT COUNTY2.43250160132
32SOUTH HARRISON1.7125099165
36CALHOUN COUNTY0.0008095332
36TYGARTS VALLEY0.0007069288
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  • Jo

    The panhandle has had a strong tradition of building programs. Alan Fiddler of Moorefield winning 6 state championships. Walker who was across the mtn. in East Hardy going to Martinsburg and creating that force there.

    • Patrick

      Lowery has won 9 baseball titles at Jefferson too

  • WVcoal

    Folks, please give the Martinsburg faithful a break. The recent success of their high school football team is all they've ever had. Let 'em enjoy it while it lasts.

    • Nate


      "The recent success of their high school football team is all they've ever had."

      Go look at the basketball and baseball state championships the last few year. You will see Martinsburg has won those too. Martinsburg has had recent success in all 3 major sports. Who else can say that?

      • Barrett

        Martinsburg has the best all around sports programs and coaches in the state...........and I went to another panhandle school and had to compete againest them.

    • Reaper


  • steve


    Madonna will handle either St.Mary's or magnolia easy

  • wow

    Martinsburg is very good but there are a couple AAA teams that if they get a turnover or two could beat them. They are the best team in the state but not unbeatable. Martinsburg fans enjoy this run, if you keep healthy and hold onto the ball it should be 4 in a row, but before you crow too loud it is the kids on the team that win the games not the people posting on this site.

    • Dave

      They will return 90 percent of there team next year too so buckle down!

  • James

    Matt I don't know what game you were watching, but the Bulldogs handle morgantown pretty easy, Chazzy Thomas had 1 big run against the bulldogs, I respect morgantown because they are the only team in the state of WV that isn't afraid to play the bulldogs, no WV team will beat the bulldogs on there home field

  • Matt

    Martinsburg wont beat Morgantown agian, they were lucky to win at home. University will beat Morgantown in 2 weeks, that is 2 teams minutes apart that is as good as Martins, imagine all the good kids going to same school they would crush the dogs, and if they decided to do this in the 8th grade and got extra years then WVU might not beat them. Just saying.

    • Martinsburg parent

      That's cute! About 65 percent of team are juniors. The truth is you will always have some kind of reason or excuse to justify your hatred of this dynasty.

      • Reaper

        Matt, your still sore University lost to Park. Its eating you up inside and has been since your earlier statement this season. REMEMBER MATT? "University will quietly make their way to the championship game." Those were your words Matt. Special. While I am a Park fan, I have respect for Morgantown and Martinsburg. Both are tuff to beat. Martinsburg should be number one until they lose to a WV school. University WILL LOSE to Motown by 28 points. Your defense isnt that good. Chazzy will run all over the hawks.

        • Dave

          That's a joke?Right? HA HA!

          • Reaper

            No Dave. Not a joke.

  • RJ

    There are four teams people are forgetting two AAA Wheeling Park and Morgantown one of those two will be on the island. And two in class St, Marys and Magnolia they will both be dangerous in the postseason

  • tylermcclungmidlandrules

    midland may make it to state agian its possible midland lost to huntington because we beat are self and the same thing agianst capital its gonna be great playoffs but i believe martinsburg will win state and i go to midland

  • David T

    Way to go Mingo Central Miners

  • James

    Martinsburg has played the toughest schedule in the state according to metronews, pretty sure they are not worried bout the drive to point pleasant, which has played by far 1 of the easiest schedules in triple A football, I'm not even sure if point pleasant will make it to the second round, plus when u consider strength if schedule, there is a good chance martinsburg could be ranked 2 by the end of the year, not hating on point pleasant, but if martinsburg would have played your schedule, they would easily beat every team by 50 points, in the end I feel it will be huntington vs martinsburg, by far from what I've seen through out the state, there isn't a more deeper or faster team then the bulldogs, feel free to.comment on my post if you like

  • steve

    Hey Jo Moorefield has no chance against Madonna in single A . Madonna will have the Kennedy winner in Ross Comis. I want Madonna to meet Wahama revenge is sweet

  • steve

    If the dogs win out they will be 2 Pointless i mean Point Pleasant will be 3 only thing being 1 is what color jersey we will win the championship in white or black we will let Huntington chose

    • david T

      If POINT wins our we'll stay #2 we will welcome Martinsburg to the long drive to Point Feild/ go Big Blacks!

      • Bulldog Dad

        David t:

        If Martinsburg and Point win out, the dogs will be either 1 or 2, depending on what other teams do and Point will be 3 or 4, also depending on what other teams do.
        It's a computer formula based on strength of schedule.

      • 1Prouddog

        david you'll have roads there? Don't matter...You'll won't be around long enough to meet us in the playoffs son! LOL

        • boone

          If martinsburg play point pleasant I believe martinsburg will win but it won't be a blow out like u think point is a small school but they leave everything on the field They don't just lay down when they get behind so whatever team beats them will earn it.

  • wvu4life

    Lets go plubic school

  • Jo

    Keep up the good work Martinsburg and Moorefield. Way to represent the East!!! See you guys in Wheeling

  • Jrizzle

    Here come the panhandle tears.... "What? Martinsburg isn't #1?! They let some team with a Better record ahead of the dogs?" Then they'll rant something about wheeling, cry some more and babble on nonsense. There you go, no need to read the rest of the comments now. I saved you time that you would have never gotten back.

    • Dave

      Get real dude until a team from this state beats them why not? Don't hate you must be soar, what you actually think Hunnington can beat them?Keep smoking!HaHa! Not even a dogs fann but call it how I see it! I hope all of you are on here after the super six! And not making excuses! It don't matter where they start in the playoffs, they will go through them because they don't play cupcakes,because no one will play them!

    • Martinsburg parent

      We aren't number 1 acoording to the point ranking system but the entire state knows who they have to beat to win the AAA championship. Deny that!

    • 1Prouddog

      Jrizzle you are the one wasting your time crying about a team you cannot beat. Seems like Martinsburg has managed there time real well with 3 state titles in as many years. What makes you think we give a fart what you think? Class dismissed!

      • Jrizzle

        I'm not interested in beating them. I don't play, I don't have kids that play, I don't even know kids that play. I just really enjoy hearing all the whining every week when the rankings come out. If you guys out there worried half as much about your kids' education as you do their team's ranking, half of ten would probably go to Harvard. It's not Texas. HS football is not the most important thing in the world.

        • 1Prouddog

 sounds to me like you need a Counselor! Why post if you don't know anybody, nor play football in WV? Then you insult the EP fans, which some of us DO have kids on the team. Do you have a job? Do you have a life? Thank God you don't have no kids! We don't need more of you HATEFUL people in the world! And don't play this scholar bullcrap cause you know you didn't attend Harvard! And high school football is important if you have kids that will graduate and they wish to play the same sport in college, DUH?

          • Jrizzle

            Proud mutt,
            Your attempt to discredit me was filled with awful grammar. Thanks for proving my point about football being more important than education for you guys. As to my job status, I'm doing just fine, don't worry. I never said that "I don't got no kids", you made that assumption because I don't have kids that play high school football. I'm not hateful, I just call out nonsense when I see it. Every week, when this poll comes out, it's filled with responses from panhandlers whining about martinsburg being #2. It's funny, not hateful.

            Don't hate me because I'm amused at the people of martinsburg, who seem to think that you're running a college football program, just because you recruit like a college program.

            Maybe you could go attend an English class with your kid. It could help with all of those double negatives.