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Cory Orndorff

GREEN SPRING, W.Va. — State Police in Hampshire County charged a man in connection with the death of an 18-month-old girl.

Troopers said 22-year-old Cory Orndorff, of Green Spring, was charged with child abuse resulting in death and two counts of child abuse resulting in injury. He’s lodged in the Potomac Highlands Regional Jail on $150,000 bail.

Police, called to a home last Friday to investigate a suspicious death, found the young girl had visible injuries. Orndorff was arrested following an autopsy by the state Medical Examiner’s Office.


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  • Stretch

    You don't know that piece of lazy s--t

  • Stretch

    That low life scum I want to beat him like he has that baby all Sumer long I saw those brusis but we couldn't prove it what a piece of dog s--t I hope he does in jail with a d--k up his as- and bruises all over him

    • Innocent

      OMG so babies fall and get bruises especially when they are just learning to walk I have a 19 month old baby girl and she has a bruise on her head from where she fell today and she has a scratch on her face where she fell yesterday and she has a scar on her pretty little face where she fell in the rocks Babies Get Bruises not always from abuse I KNOW Corey and he Loved this little girl as his own he is a GOOD person that would NEVER hurt a child people like to talk about something they know nothing about. He has a 4 yr old boy just because she didnt have his blood doesn't mean he loved her any less. Thats the way he was brought up and thats the way his family is and that is the way he is. He has little sisters that he helped take care of and he knows the pain of loss he lost a baby brother in a fire he is innocent.

      • alexis

        NO YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND that she could walk i was there i saw the bruises i was there this hole summer with her so........ re re

      • Tara

        There's a huge difference between "getting bruises from falling" and being killed!! She was obviously in his custody when she received life threatening injuries. Open up your eyes!! Typical falls from learning to walk don't cause death, it takes a sick person to defend a child killer. Think about the pain & torture that poor baby sustained while she wasn't able to defend herself

        • Jiffy Pop

          Why do people jump to conclusions? I've known Cory for years. Back since he was a little funny fat kid. I had to help the guy with bullies. He totally wouldn't hurt a fly let alone his gf's baby.

          Not to mention he is father to a beautiful son, that has never had anything abuse related happen.

          Killers don't start late Tara.

          • Brenda

            My question was when do killers start , in reference to Tara's comment that they don't start late... not when it happened smart one.

          • Innocent

            She did have a babyysitter so we dont know WHAT happened or WHEN it happened do we Brenda?

          • Brenda

            when exactly do they start?

        • Innocent

          Well I'm sorry I didn't realize you were there and witnessed this 1st hand my bad. IF you paid attention I never said the anything about FALLS causing death. I said....BRUISES DON'T ALWAYS MEAN ABUSE!!!

          • Brenda

            Bruises dont always mean abuse but this baby died! HELLO!!! Did she beat herself to death?? Dont think so. Whoever had her did this and obviously the police believe it was him. Some are saying he didnt do it, but none of those people seem to know who else could have.

  • John Doe

    "Innocent until proven guilty" .. Should we not wait to make such harsh statements until after he is convicted?


    • A

      Well it's not hard to say guilty when he admitted it!

  • steve

    I work with this guy and hang out with him occasionally. He has a kid of his own and is a good guy, I don't know what happened but he isn't a child abuser.

    • Dianne

      no a baby killer....Leah was a baby....she had no defense....& look how big he is !!!

    • Robin

      No he is a child murderer.

    • steve

      I take that back, maybe he is. I was talking to some people at work and he does have a history with this girl. if he did it then I hope he gets what he deserves.

  • Shawn

    There will be a special place in HE*L for him..if there is any justice...Satan will have a eternity to welcome him...

  • brad barnes

    I hope u get your punishment ive never felt such anger and hate my niece leah was a beautiful little girl ...revenge

    • Dianne

      Brad....he will get what he has comin.....trust me....im sorry 4 your lose.....u & ur mom r in my prayers !!!!

    • clark

      Brad, I have vast experience with the criminal justice system in my line of work. I can assure you that this low life, worthless piece of sh@@ will be a marked "man" before he even enters the doors at Mt. Olive.

      Even prison has its pecking order and at the very bottom are child killers. I promise you he will suffer years and years and years of daily torment. And being 19, the inamtes will be fighting amonst themselves over this "new meat."

      Payback is coming. Oh boy is it coming.

      • Dianne

        he looks like prime pickin 2 me....they will already no he is comin....& why he is there !!!

      • clark

        Sorry, meant 22, not 19. Still applies. The inmates will be salivating over this one.

        • Troy Sexton

          You sound like a pig.

          • clark

            Wrong, Troy.

            But you sound like a worthless piece of trash who has taken it up the rear from an inmate a time or two.

  • Mar

    I hope he gets the $**T beat out of him everyday of the rest of his scummy life, until he wishes he was dead what a piece of dirt is this filthy????? and the news papers have the nerve to call him a man, I DON'T THINK SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mandi

    This is sick....i hope he gets his.....no one has the right to touch a child....POS

  • Harlowe

    I can think of no punishment bad enough for scum like this....Lord, please take extra care of this little baby, whose life was taken so hatefully...what is wrong with society today? does nobody have any respect for humanity anymore....it is unreal to me that anyone can commit such a crime as this.....sad,sad, sad...

  • chasmo

    just remember , until we get the DEATH PENALTY our HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS will feed and house this POS for the rest of his life-- think about this !!!

  • jepordy

    Anybody that puts there hands on a child should not even have bond exspecially at that age poor baby lord I ask you to please protect all these innocent angels you created and make all devils doin workers pay!

    • Troy Sexton

      So if a parent spanks a child they should be jailed with no bond?

      Amen and God Bless!!!

  • brandy

    I went to school with this guy, this is sick and breaks my heart. I don't understand how he even has a bail set. he needs death penalty for sure

  • Tim

    Prison is too good for the peace of scum

  • clark

    Child killers are the scum of the scum in prison. Mr. Orndorff's stay at Mount Olive will not be a pleasant one.

    • NorthernWVman

      actually they are usually sent to one of the other prisons in the state where they are with like offenders. His stay in prison will not be all that bad. Don't kid yourself.

      • Bren

        The only way they go to a prison other than Mt. Olive is if they request protective custody; then they will go to Northern where all the other cowardly baby killers, rapers etc...are hidden.

        At Mt. Olive or Huttonsville general pop. will make him miserable.

        • clark

          They don't automatically get protective custody. And if they do, it can be given to them at Mt. Olive.

          Protective custody is not given out willy nilly. Just because you're a baby killer doesn't qualify you without something more.

      • clark

        Not true at all. Go check where Michael Merrifeld is hanging out.

        Your relative is trash. Scum. He killed a child and he will, most assuredly, get the living hell beat out of him on a consistent basis in prison. He will be fortunate to make it out alive.


  • lee arthur

    If he did it he should be beat to death.

    • wow

      i use to go to school with this kid.... omg how awful

      • boo

        i used to go to school with cory... and i really don't think he would do something like this...

    • So Sad

      First of all, Prayers and condolences to the family, and Justice to the Guilty.

      Be reminded Hampshire county citizens that Richard Pritts killed his girlfriend and hid her body and only served about two years thanks to the former Honorable Judge Donald Cookman who is now your Governor appointed state senator.

      • Brenda

        Hampshire county judges are a joke anyway. Hopefully because this is a child they will smarten up.

        • Heather

          Maybe if the courts in Hampshire County pressed criminal charges before it was too late it would help. My children were physically and sexually abused by their father in Hampshire County. He is still walking free with virtually NO consequences. When asked why criminal charges couldn't be pressed, I was told because "We save those for the more drastic cases." Something wrong with that picture?

          • Brenda

            my son was physically abused by his dad also, the court didnt care, gave him more time with my son. But he steals money and they are all over that. Hampshire County is a joke just sayin.

          • ronnie

            If he walked free from abusing my kid he'd be shot