MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — WVU did not find any infractions of NCAA rules or any other misconduct by current assistant football coach Joe DeForest according to a statement released by the university Wednesday.

DeForest was named prominently in a Sports Illustrated investigative piece on alleged misconduct at Oklahoma State when he was an assistant coach there. In that report, several former OSU players said they received money or saw other players paid by DeForest during his time there between 2001-2011. 

The WVU athletic department released the following statement Wednesday:

“West Virginia University has conducted an internal review as a result of the recent articles from a national media outlet, which includes allegations against one of our current assistant football coaches surrounding his time of employment at a previous institution.

“WVU has not found any infractions of NCAA rules or other misconduct at our institution. WVU is unable to comment on the veracity of the media allegations levied against the assistant coach while employed at another institution, and defers to that institution, as well as appropriate NCAA infractions personnel, to complete a review and assessment of those allegations.”

WVU also said Wednesday there would be no further comment. DeForest has not been available to the media since the Sports Illustrated series came out.    

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  • Barry

    Say What's Comments: "well I'm sure you hillbillies will come up with someone to blame but bottom line, who would want to come and play for you lame fans?" and "You may be right , let's fire them all, coaches and players and hire all pure bred West Virginian's to coach and play and see where that gets you. Remember you have to wear shirts and shoes."
    I am suppost to believe this is a true West Virginian and long time WVU fan. I think not. Either you have multiple personalities or different people are using this name. Whoever wrote the comments that I quoted, please do us a favor and leave this great state.
    I am proud to be a West Virginian and you are disgraceful for attaking and belittling the fine people of this state because some people have a different opinion that yours.

  • tony

    as long as we lead off with these types people will not take us seriously. the reason is because this hater bunch don't have anything else to do. its depressing to have these same loud hee-haws dominating everything.. its embarrassing

  • WV Bud

    Well said Say What. I too have followed The Herd and WVU and still do. I remember listening to the radio every saturday when they played VMI,VPI and The Citadel. Almost cried when they got so close to winning the basketball championship. As a truckdriver I would always buy a newspaper in which ever city I was in to see if they got a bowl game to the Bluebonnet Bowl,Cherry Bowl or any bowl in the years that they qualified. Drove to Atlanta to watch them get humiliated way back in the 60"s or 70"s. Still live and die with them. I wanted them to fire Carlen, Bowden and Cignetti. I have learned from that. I say that Dana and Huggins will turn things around.And I hope Ollie hangs around too.

  • WV alum

    Nick Saban is from Worthington in Marion County, WV and they're very proud of it and rightly so. His Marion County nickname is "Brother."

  • Rat man

    Say What. I couldn't have said it any better. If you are a try fan, support what we have. I am so tired if these crying people posting that want everybody fired. They obviously do not bleed blue and gold and would complain if we were 10-2 because we were not undefeated. What a sorry bunch if non supportive complainers we have. You all embarres the heck out if the true fans. Shut up and go root for Pitt if you don't approve of Dana and Ollie. Ollie has done more for WVU in two or three years than any other AD we have had. You all suck.

  • Say What

    I really just want a weiner to put in my mouth.

    • Say What

      Proves my point about frivolous banter, and you expect the people to believe that post was from the original?

  • Say What

    Now for the grand finale, so far all my post have been made as frivolous banter just to show that I too can just come up with any off the wall comment without regard to any individual. I my friends bleed blue and gold, I have supported and watched Mountaineer football without regard vaguely recalling Bowden's last year till present. Good or bad I watch every game that is televised and will always support every coach, player, administrator, faculty member past and present at WVU. I am great-full there are individuals willing to come to our state and work or play at WVU, I will cheer for them thru thick and thin, good times and bad. I will support all our colleges in WV, I will watch and cheer for Marshall also unless playing WVU. I support and cheer for any WV native coaching at any other school in the country as well, unless playing WVU that day. I appreciate every staff we have ever had and wish the ones that moved on well and thanks for their time here. I enjoy WV high school football and wish them all success in college wether it be here at home or another institution. There is a special place in my heart for the few who do make it at WVU and I cheer a little harder for them. I am proud that in this age of football some of the top programs are led by true born and breed West Virginian's. I cheer for them this weekend at K-State and every weekend going forward with whatever kind of team we have good or bad, whatever type of staff we have good or bad and what ever kind of players we have good or bad. Mountaineers period!

    • Mark

      William is that you?

  • Rick S.

    No, it does not prove that at all. It proves that the defense was pretty good in 2011, and absolutely horrible in 2012. It also proves that the special teams in 2013 have been bad, if not awful.

    The factual data does not prove whether the problem is the players or the coaching, but it does make both the players and the 2012-2013 coaches look very bad.

    • Say What

      So according to these post Casteel should have been fired in 2006 for
      His pass defense that was ranked #109 out of 119 i presume?

      • Rick S.

        Not according to my posts. I am not saying anyone should be fired. I am just reporting the data, which shows things have not gone well at WVU the past two seasons. I am not expert enough to determine who is to blame. I have never met Joe DeForest and I am not qualified to say whether he is a good coach or not.

        By the way, a lot of people did want Casteel fired over the years. But I was not one of them.

  • Say What

    So explain to me someone, anyone how deforest ranked in the top of the big 12 and in the top 20 nationally during his time at OSU from 2001-2011 if he is such a bad coach?

    • Mark

      because he paid his players

  • Rick S.

    In 2011, with Jeff Casteel as Defensive Coordinator, WVU ranked 33rd in the FBS in total defense.

    In 2012, with Joe DeForest as Defensive Coordinator, WVU ranked 108th in the FBS in total defense. It was also the worst defense in school history.

    So far in 2013, with Keith Patterson as Defensive Coordinator, WVU ranks 103rd in the FBS in total defense.

    Also in 2013, WVU ranks 104th in kickoff returns, 91st in kickoff return defense, 101st in punt returns, and 29th in punt return defense. Nick O'Toole is 14th in the country in gross punting average, and 3rd in net punting average. Josh Lambert is tied for 80th in field goal percentage.

    • Say What

      How about. 2006 when he ranked #109 out of 119 in pass defense?

    • Say What

      Proves no players not no coaching

  • heartshot

    agree bowhunter nick saban jimbo fisher jeff cassteel doc holliday so there are some hillbillys that can coach and i think the guy at arizona is the same fella that put wvu back in the spotlight

    • Say What

      That fellow was born in Chicago Illinois

  • Chef Camille

    If they investigated him and found nothing then let's move on! Focus on what remains this season- no one is going to get fired until the dust settles after this year.

  • Mister Man

    Last year's defense was a criminal offence.

    • Say What

      Your job performance last year was so criminal they were calling for life without parole

      • Barry

        Say What, are you kidding me? What has DeForest done to earn his pay? And don't comment back like a five year old... What have you done to deserve your pay. It is obvious that you are a friend, family member or paid for your comments. There is not one true WVU fan that is happy with this coach. So you are obviously not a fan.

        • Say What

          You may be right , let's fire them all, coaches and players and hire all pure bred West Virginian's to coach and play and see where that gets you. Remember you have to wear shirts and shoes.

          • J the C

            Say What, you go! Keep the pedal to the metal on these whining jerks.

          • bowhunter

            say what well we have had a few native hillbillys do quite well in division 1 football so it may not be that hard to find a native staff that would do quite well

        • Say What

          The defense is so much better this year, not so fire Patterson too? Of course it was Patterson's defense that cost you guys a shot at the national championship game but you ignorant fans blame RR instead of giving credit where due. Deforest is a good special teams coach and had repeatedly proved it at other places , my opinion not coaching you just don't have the players to make the plays, now who to blame for that, well I'm sure you hillbillies will come up with someone to blame but bottom line, who would want to come and play for you lame fans?

  • Coalwiz

    We don't want to find WV wrongdoing.....we want Okie St. to find wrongdoing. That is the plan.

  • john

    The fact that he is making a half million to coach special teams should be investigsted. Lets send all these guys including Ollie packing.

    • Say What

      Let's send you packing, I don't think your doing your job