CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Kanawha County Delegate Meshea Poore questioned those with the state Bureau of Public Health Wednesday on what has been done to prepare for the Affordable Care Act.

The bureau had a presentation about county boards of health to a legislative interim committee but Poore said she was more interested in learning what the bureau and individual counties have done when it comes to letting residents know about the provisions of ACA.

“Next time when you come before us we need to see some stuff in black and white and how we’re moving forward—not just what you do,” Poore, D-Kanawha, said. “You do a good job on what you are currently working with but we want to do the best job for our constituents.”

Poore said West Virginians need to be hearing about things like free prevention benefits that are provided under the Affordable Care Act. She said it appears county health departments are playing catch up.

“It always seems like we’re behind the planning process. We end up getting the money and we don’t know what we’re going to do with it and then we rush something together so we can get out there and spend the money,” Poore said.

The delegate said the new health care law shouldn’t have taken the Bureau of Public Health by surprise.

“We all knew ACA was coming. We all knew certain other programs were there and funding was coming and to hear now we don’t have a plan kind of upsets myself that we have to go back and report it to our constituents,” Del. Poore said.

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  • Joe

    Oh no she di 'int....!!!!

  • ConservativeRealist

    I think Delegate Poore has failed to realize that she isn't in the House of Representatives yet. It isn't the DHHR's job to educate the public, it is the US DHHS's - they got hundreds of millions to do it and, according to the GAO, haven't really come up with a cogent plan yet as to how they are going to do that.

    Delegate Poore needs to be chastizing the US DHHS and Secretary Sebelius as opposed to the WV DHHR...I think they probably covered the structure of governmnent and jurisdiction in the law school she attended...or maybe not...

  • Independent View

    Yep Delegate Poore, let's give the "Chosen One" rah, rah support for a failed mandate and one that was not needed.
    Obviously you have to side with your crony, Joe Manchin who appointed you in the begining. However, you appear to miss the fact that Ole Joe is soft-peddaling even back-peddaling on Obamacare. Typical political grandstanding by Joe.

  • Richard Wittberg

    Until evidence-based preventative programs become insurance reimbursible, it will be difficult for local health departments to offer them. The money we currently get is stretched thin over the other programs we are mandated to offer.