MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia University police charged two teenagers in connection with a car-flipping incident that followed the Mountaineers upset win over Oklahoma State last month.

Police said Kevin James Wheeler, 18, is a WVU student from White Hall, Md., and 18-year-old William Schwab, of Sparks Glencoe, Md., is a student at the University of South Carolina. They’ve both been charged with destruction of property. 

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The car was turned over in the hours after the Sept. 28 win over Oklahoma State.

A YouTube video showed the car being flipped onto its roof in the hours following the Sept. 28 upset victory. There appear to have been about six men involved. Police said the vehicle sustained more than $6,000 in damages.

Detectives said they received more than 40 tips during the investigation.

WVU police said Thursday the Monongalia County prosecutor plans to pursue extradition against Schwab as “a reflection of the seriousness associated with this type of criminal behavior.”

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  • Jesse's girl

    In his initial posting, Chris inadvertently states the problem in today’s society: “Lets not ruin the lives of two kids because they got drunk and flipped a car over.” First, they are both 18 and therefore underage for drinking–so they have already broken the law. Second, they flipped someone’s car–another crime. If anyone has “ruined their lives”–it is those two and people such as Chris who never want to hold anyone responsible

    In a subsequent posting, Chris offers further insight into problem of today’s society: “what if one of them was your son or grandson?”: It used to be the case that parents/grandparents LOVED their children/grandchildren enough to discipline them. Therefore, they became “adults” and were productive citizens and not criminals. By-the-way, Chris, eighteen IS adult.

  • james

    George Bush made them do it!!! Hey, it works for Obama, and WV is a liberal blue state.

  • Harpers Ferry

    Meanwhile, the dumpster fire that has been ablaze at Mountaineer Field for over a year continues to burn. Still no word on suspects, but police believe that to be the work of out-of-staters as well.

  • Jonus Grumby

    I guess there wasn't a couch around that needed to be set afire.

  • Larry

    Should have known it would be a bunch of northerners.

  • Brad

    There is a need to make an example of them, to deter future misbehavior.

  • thornton

    Maybe there was a possum trapped under the car...anyone ask?

  • Low Rider

    Simple solution for the WVU student...expulsion. He can transfer to the University of Marlyand and tear up their campus.

  • Medman

    We have had many, many great parties after WVU victories and never did we have to destroy anything to have a fun time. If you think it is OK to burn stuff, damage cars or tear up anything in order to celebrate, you have some deep personal problems that cannot be blamed on the alcohol.

  • Hillbilly

    Put them in the regional jail I'm sure there are some of the good ole Boys would love to tuck them in at night

    • Ben Dover

      Let's not mistake "good ole boys" for parrot-beaked, carpet-bagging transplants from up North...

      • BH

        Bigoted comments like yours do not help the discussion.

    • cutty77

      Easy Hillbilly.

  • Rich

    If they were my sons or grandsons, the police wouldn't have to punish them. I would. In the meantime, Book em, Dano, and whatever punishment they get at home is icing on the cake.

    • Troy Sexton

      Lets torture them in solitary conefinement while we're at it.

      Amen and God Bless.

  • Chris1529


    what if one of them was you son or grandson?

    I'm sorry, but if you are in Morgantown and you leave your car unattended on a street known for rowdy behavior after a big WVU game, you bear some responsibility in the matter as well.

    • Hillbilly

      I sincerely hope you teach your kids to be better people than this.

    • Joe


      If my son or had been a part of that gang, not only would he work his butt off to payback with interest the owner, but he would wish he was in jail versus the justice that would be issued out by me.

      Absolutely no excuse. Your comments are unfortunately all to common these days. You and your like-minded peers are a big part of the problem.

      All I can hope when you, and my I mean YOU, buy your own car, home, etc your thinking will change.

      • must go!


      • Ragweed



      Bullcrap again. It's all about respect for personal property. So if the car owner would caught them and assaulted them we would have their parents in an uproar. Pay for damages, fine, jail time of 48 hours and ban the U of SC student from the state for 5 years.

    • Medman

      Rita, So, your premise is that anyone living in Morgantown should have a garage or sit by their car for the entire night. How silly can you get to even suggest something that insane.

  • Big Larry

    Can these two boys do some community service?
    I need two strong lads to roll me over during bath time.

    • JS

      "Now, that's funny...I don't care who you are."

    • Medman

      larry, Good one!

    • eb

      larry, that's funny right there.

  • Chris1529

    Everyone knows this sort of thing sometimes happens in Morgantown (and other college towns) after a big game win or loss.
    Maybe the unfortunate owner of this car just left it in the wrong place.
    Lets not ruin the lives of two kids because they got drunk and flipped a car over. Make them pay the owner for the damages and everyone can move on. With all the robberies happening in and around Morgantown, this is nothing to worry about.

    • Hillbilly

      There is a total lack of morals here, to damage someone else's property. They would be crying if someone did that to their cars. Live the golden rule people. And while "paying the damages" is required here, money to pay your way out of everything is not the answer.

    • OkStateCowgirl

      I do agree with you on your opinions on the issue. Where my statement comes in, Where I am from(oklahoma) we do not do activities such as this, we don't burn couches we don't flip vehicles. Nowhere have I ever heard of activities like like this except here in WV.

      • BH

        Flipping the car was dangerous, destructive and stupid. Unfortunately, this type of behavior does happen at other campuses after sporting events.

    • Jonesy

      The ones involved decided to make this poor choice. Poor choices have consequences. A football game does not give anyone the right to act like barbarians. 60,000 other fans did not go flipping cars, just these guys. They are lawbreakers and destroyed the property of an individual. I would bet that if I came to your house and flipped your car you wouldn't want to just "move on".


      That's bullcrap......if they would have turned themselves in the next morning I would consider your idea. But the police had to pursue them. So huge fine, pay for damages, at least 48 hours in jail a then we can go on. I graduated with a BA and MBA and never considered destruction of that magnitude no matter how excited and jubilant. Burn them!

    • GregG

      Pay the owner for damages?!! Boy, you sure are a piece of work. The little SOB's turn my car over they will be buying me a brand new one and paying the insurance, upkeep and gas for the next 10 years.

      • will



        I agree with Greg!

    • Medman

      Chris, Exactly what our students need to hear from people like you who will provide them any excuse for irresponsible behavior. These are not junior high school kids. Think about it for one second. When you enroll in a college or university, it is time to begin acting like an adult and preparing yourself for a profession and becoming an example for younger kids. Maybe you need to grow-up yourself.

    • Richard


      you are a idiot, send them to jail.

      • tw eagle

        they do deserve some punishment besides a fine , but their parents could afford to pay out-of -state tuitions , so that means the lawyers will get them in the PTI program , which means no jail and no record . . .although the judge can and should give them some type of community service while under the supervised probation , which should be served in Morgantown , but will more than likely get
        relocated to their home residences . . .which means in the end , a fine for the damage and court costs , and nothing else . . .good thing , they won't be returning to Morgantown . . .I realize they aren't terribly intelligent , but I think the parents of wheeler will dissuade him from reenrolling at WVU - that is if WVU will let him reapply . . .

    • Rita

      It doesn't matter where the vehicle was parked, no one has the right to destroy the property of another person. The individuals are adults and should be punished as such. Your excuse for the boys amplify what is wrong with this country, it is always someone else's fault. No one wants to take responsibility for their actions.

      I am also tired of WVU taking the rap for the behavior of non students and out of state students.

      • WVMom

        Well then all the drunk drivers need to be arrested too. Every single one of them. A person could not get away with pointing a gun at an innocent family but it is somehow ok to aim a car at them while driving under the influence.

        I do believe that they should pay for a new car. But if you are going to put them in jail then please do not stop at car flippers. Put the real criminals in jail too.

        • Jason

          Not sure how your point goes with this story. I don't think anybody would disagree with that obvious point you made. I will add, please put all murderers and crooks in prison as well!

          • WVMom

            The point that I was trying to make is that I believe alcohol was involved and they those boys made poor decisions because of it. So if those boys are punished by jail time then all the drunk drivers should be as well. But the police do not even attempt to keep the intoxicated drivers coming to and from those games off the road or they would fill their jails up. I worry more about getting killed from a drunk driver then by somebody flipping my car over.

        • must go!

          I thought driving drunk is against the law. And I thought a drunk driver does get arrested. HMMMMM??????

          And yes these boys need to be arrested. They wrecked this persons car for fun. Now this person has the headache of being without a car while it is repaired.

          • WVMom

            Only if they get caught. It doesn't seem to deter anybody from drinking and driving. You could fill the prisons up from just one season of WVU football. Set up a checkpoint before or after a game and see how many people get arrested and serve jail time. Wait outside the bars too and catch them as well.
            If those young guys have to pay for a new car and serve community service that will be enough punishment.
            People are not racing out to flip cars but they sure are racing to the bars and games to get drunk.

      • Jason

        Re-Pay the owner and Jail time. Also, it isnt really valid to suggest WVU shouldnt get a bad rep because the students are from other states...WVU students are WVU students..regardless of where they are from originally (I would say a substantial % of the student body is from NJ, PA, and MD...probably because they cannot get into their state schools.

  • Bruiser

    Once again, West Virginia gets the bad reputation but the students are from another state. Too bad!!

    • Bill

      Not only out of state, but one student is not even enrolled at WVU!