MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The Big 12’s newest additions, TCU and West Virginia, lead the league in graduation success rates among football players.

Thursday’s report from the NCAA showed 85 percent of TCU football players who enrolled between the fall of  2003 and the spring of 2007 graduated with six years or transferred to another school in good academic standing. West Virginia’s football program showed an 80-percent success rate.

The remainder of the Big 12 football programs, in descending order: Texas Tech (72 percent), Kansas (70), Baylor (67), Iowa State (60), Kansas State (59), Texas (56) Oklahoma State (56) and Oklahoma (51).

The FBS average football GSR was 71 percent. Northwestern’s led the nation’s football programs with 97 percent followed by Rice at 95 and Notre Dame and Boston College at 94.

The graduation success rate is separate from the Academic Progress Rate reports, which are released each spring and penalize underperforming schools with postseason bans and scholarship reductions.

WVU’s men’s basketball program showed a most-recent GPR score of 100, tying with Kansas for tops in the Big 12. They were followed in that sport by Baylor (91 percent), Texas and Texas Tech (83), TCU (81), Oklahoma (69), K-State (64), Iowa State (54) and Oklahoma State (44).

The Division I men’s basketball average was 72 percent.

The four-year GSR scores (percentage) for West Virginia’s other varsity sports:

Women’s tennis 100
Volleyball 100
Rifle 100
Women’s cross country/track 100
Gymnastics 92
Women’s swimming 90
Men’s soccer 88
Women’s soccer 88
Wrestling 85
Women’s basketball 82
Men’s swimming 75
Baseball 73
Rowing 60

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  • Dave

    This is for 2003 until 2009
    2004 until 2010
    2005 until 2011
    2006 until 2012
    and 2007 until 2013

    Graduation occurs each year in May.

  • Dave

    Coach Stewart gets some credit if you look at the years this is based upon. I know, I am a Stew Lover and a Homer......yea, so what!

  • Billy

    Wonder which school leads the conference in player arrests.

  • Bob

    Wait til they start counting Huggin's dropouts/transfers the numbers will really drop.

    JB once had 11/13 players on the Dean's list. Did that make them easier to coach and graduate - I think so!

  • wvrefugee in the world are we leading anything using the new "cohort" rate and APR??????? We resemble UCONN from a few years back!!!

  • Say Again

    As said before this is for the years 2003-2007. This is Beilein and Rodriguez years only.

    • wvrefugee

      Wait til the new APR data comes out on the Huggs tenure!

  • Big Larry

    It is so good to know that for once WVU is leading in a category (Non sports).

    Because we all know that under the dynamic duo of the "Hollorin H & H Has-beens" (That would be Huggins & Holgorsen), we will never be number 1 in any league championship.

    It just is never going to happen...

    • Dougie

      So what's your jr college boys score down south Big L? I know the football record isn't looking too good. Wasn't there talk about an undefeated season in the new weakened Conf USA? Guess they will always be little brother even on a rebuilding year...

  • JaneM

    TRUE WVU Fans . Wonderful news, isn't that what going to college is all about, getting an education. You can always tale of the concern of a good coach always emphasize education. WVU is looking good... I have noticed our biggest critics pertaining to WVU hasn't posted yet, usually if they can't get to be the first to reply, they will be posting on a reply that gos neer the top not talking about the article that Allan has written ...what a shame .. Life gos on and so will WVU.. Win or loose A True fan...

    • Dave

      Good comment Jane. I was also wondering where the 3 stooges are. Congrats to WVU students and Teachers and Coaches. Being at the top of the list is something you all can be very proud of.


      • Big Larry


        FYI there are actually four (4) of us...The 4 Horseman...

        Now you know...

  • mat hatter

    I like very much what I am reading... academics is a plus for wvu, and we lead the conf...again,, I like this

  • JHT

    The ACC is a better than thou conference that is considered, in major college football, the fourth best, behind, among others, the Big 12.

  • Phil M.

    Didn't the ACC state that our academics were not good enough to be a member in their conference ?

    Syracuse which they just chose had a 45% graduation rate.

    Sounds like a load of crap to me.

  • Shawn

    Just shows how hard it is making the Pro's. You're not guaranteed a spot in the big time so you better get that degree.

  • cutty77

    Now Fire Dana. Whats he think he is doing.Preparing these Men for life after Football. Great News for all The WVU people that made this happen. First and Foremost The Students.

    • robert beaty

      read the story. Students enrolled between 2003 and 2007.(2007 was the last year for which you could get six years data). As much as I hate to admit it these fb players were recruited by richrod. Dana came here from OSU which, along with OU, had the lowest grad. rates in the Big 12. Dana needs to go and they need to get down on their knees and beg Doc to leave Huntington.

      • cutty77

        Some people's Glass is half empty,and some are half full. Then some people don't even have a Glass. Robert your one of those with no glass at all.

    • Allan Taylor

      Good point about the students. Athletes have quite a support system and more external motivators than the general student body, but they also face heavy demands on their time. (Former Alabama basketball coach Wimp Sanderson was asked how many players he graduated, and replied, "Everyone that wanted to.") As for WVU football/hoops coaches who warrant credit, some of the ownership goes back to RichRod, Stewart and Beilein, based on the timestamp of data.

  • Tom

    This is really good news for a change. Isn't college, including sports, about learning, succeeding, and graduating? Congrats to the students, coaches, tutors, and teachers.

  • MTNR

    I would rather lead the league in wins.

    • Chet Ubetcha

      Spoken like a true fair weather fan and definitely not the opinion of an alumni

      • Grant