CHARLESTON, W.Va. — In front of hundreds of Republican Party members Friday night, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee urged his party to stand up for its beliefs.

“Lets quit apologizing for being who we are and lets boldly stand for the dignity and worth of every human being,” urged Huckabee.

Huckabee discussed how the current government tends to base the value of people on their status or by how much money they make. He argued that America was not built on that idea.

“In America, your worth and value is given by God and it is not less than, and it is not greater than the wealth and value of any others,” he said.

Mike Huckabee and Rep. Shelley Moore Capito talk before the dinner

Huckabee also talked about how he believes work is not valued by the government as much as it should be. He said work is one aspect of a strong economy.

“I think that when people go out, get a job, work hard it’s fine for them to come home tired and dirty,” he said. “That’s better than just to sit at home and to never turn a lick.”

He mentioned that a strong economy has people doing work that results in wages that they can use to buy stuff. On top of that people are investing and also saving money. But Huckabee said this economy is being hindered in those areas because the government punishes and penalizes every aspect of productivity .

“Work, we punish it because we tax it. Savings, we punish it because we tax any interest that we actually earn on the savings,” he said. “Investment, we punish it because if you do well we are going to tax it.”

Huckabee criticized the government for enabling people who would rather not work and rewarding those who fail at investing.

“We should be the party that says we don’t bail people out, we help you out and help you up, but we’re going to reward you when you work and when you save and when you invest because it’s not our reward it’s your own reward for having done the responsible thing,” he said. “And if you don’t want to have any rewards then you can sit back and put your feet back, but we’re not going to bail you out.”

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  • Susannah

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  • David

    Mike Huckabee's message is the warped-Christianity message of the prosperity gospel. He believes the rich are rich because God favors them, and that the poor are poor through God's design and will. He talks calmly and falsely kindly about acceptance, yet denigrates and denies acceptance to those who are different from him by virtue of sexual orientation, place of birth, heritage, religion, ethnicity, or political affiliation. He reminds me of my former best friend from high school, now senior pastor at a North Carolina Baptist church - a wonderful, moving preacher - and pathological lying sociopath.

  • Daniel

    American voters are who have gotten America into the jam we are in. Look in the mirror, that is where the blame lies! For nearly a century, West Virginians have allowed mining companies from outside the state to rape and pillage our natural resources. What did the citizens who were displaced and the state receive in return? N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!!! Why you may ask? Look no further than the mirror and your vote to keep the Democratic Party in charge of our state. Shame on you! Now, with all the federal investigations going on about our judiciary system, you are beginning to see the light. To late! Here's how you define insane: repeating same actions over and over and over again and expecting different results. That is the mentality of West Virginians and has been since it's inception in 1863. Now, you know why the rest of the country mocks you and belittles you. Damn fools!!!

  • Joe

    Mike, you're right. Not everyone is cut out for college. That's why there are other options for a path to learn a marketable skill. Emphasis on marketable. These include vocational training, technical training in an apprenticeship program or technical school, pursuing a military career and coming out with a solid skillset.

    Which one did you take? If it was gambling that that fender riveting assembly line job you got right out of high school was going to be there your whole life andnow is shut down, that's on you alone for your lack of planning.

    As said above, there are still unlimited taxpayer paid for programs for retraning for those motivated, not entitled, and without a huge chip on their shoulder.

  • wvman75

    Any conservative candidates out there who need a good political blogger, contact me. If I believe in your platform and positions and you stick to them, I'll work for free.

    • wvman75

      And I'm a hard worker. So I've been told.

  • C. F. T.

    Mike, John Weaver and Greywv, anyone can make an allegation ie your wife has an bruise on her arm, you abuse her or power of suggestion such as "when was the last time you abused your wife", neither statements are fact but they make an impression and that is what all three of you are doing with your claims, so where are your facts of the statements inferring the Republicans are so eval?

  • timbo g

    Adelio is a view of what is wrong with public discourse. If you've ever watched Mr. Huckabee on his show, he allows opinions that are different than his. He never resorts to name calling or the narrow ideology that you have shown. This very republic was based and founded upon the basic principles of God. The idea that we have the right of expression no matter how narrow minded or misinformed you allow yourself to be. At least he decided to serve and reserve the right to be heard. Now that's the dealio.

  • Adelio

    Mike Huckabee is a loathsome fundamentalist Bible thumper and garden-variety right-wing zealot. He and his ilk are everything that's wrong with the Republican party--fat, bigoted, hateful, small-minded, and stupid. Thank God he's preaching to a disappearing demographic.

  • Me

    democrats say "we are for the people, not big business" ......but they gave millions to Sylindra who took the money and went bankrupt. The government gave millions to Wall street. The government gave millions to Detroits auto industry, and millions and millions to foreign countries when we starve over here, millions spent on Obamas fabulous vacations......and you still believe we're for the people, not big business???

  • timbo g

    I agree with the good Governor. The federal government would rather pay someone with an addiction problem SSI & give them Medicaid than actually having programs to help with their problem. In most instances, if you're looking to "live" on minimum wage the rest of your life and raise a family then you need to check your priorities. The last time I looked around, there are more job training and education opportunities for the poor than any other segment of the population yet they are the ones least likely to pay back their student loans.

  • Cody

    Come on now Mr.Huckabee...

    Take your medicines...

    I'm really hopeful in the future we can develop better medicines to treat mental illness. Mr. fluckhabee and these tea party people have suffered far to long.

  • RealMrTea

    "Lets quit apologizing for being who we are"

    Yes...let the Tea Party stand for who they REALLY are...

    • Spell Checker

      Yes, a cloaked version of The Klan.

    • Joelle

      Pmsnbc. Yeah that's a reliable, unbiased source. Why is it tea party rallies are always peaceful, no garbage left around, and folks have a good time. But libs get together like ows and they act like they were born in a jungle. Pmsnbc celebrates ows but vilifies the tp. Unreal.

  • Mike

    My initial post doesn't refer to deadbeats on welfare who could, but won't work. It doesn't refer to free handouts. But it is about the people who are working that deserve fair treatment from their employers and from their government. Not everyone can attend college or be in a position for high earnings. Many are the struggling folks working for a lower wage, that do deserve access to health insurance, a decent minimum wage, and assurance that their social security will be there when they retire. Something Huckabee and friends fight to take away every day.

  • Mike H.


    Your comments make me want to change my name. Typical blithering democrat charac
    ter assasination. Out country has become overun by folks who don't work, take government handouts, and most destructive they vote. They vote with no knowledge or basis to vote for a candidate other than he supports continuing the handout program.

    Sooner or later, (probably sooner), the house of cards will come tumbling down when those of us who do work become such a small percentage that we cannot support those who vote for a living.

    • Graywv

      Your the same as all repugs, you have your head so far up in the air, you can't find the truth, but you will constantly "Lie", truth is their is no jobs, you repugs have fought every day to stop any kind jobs programs or rebuilding our country(infrastructure), you have destroyed unions , you refuse to pay a living wage, but yet you want to say the Repugs favorite line "these people are lazy and won't work" come back to earth out of your lofty thin air and see the world christ saw and still sees today!

  • Paul

    In the last sentence Huckabee says "but we’re not going to bail you out. Who is we? ”Speaker Boehner, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell all voted for the Too Big to Fail bailouts and GW signed it..