GRAFTON, W.Va. — An attorney for a Taylor County man charged in the death of an infant told a magistrate Friday his client maintains his innocence.

The defense attorney for Marcus Curtis Lewis told the magistrate Lewis believes his 3-year-old daughter jumped on top of the infant, causing the death.


Marcus Lewis

A Taylor County deputy said during Friday’s preliminary hearing the state Medical Examiner disputes the claim saying the young girl was too small to cause such massive injuries.

The deputy testified the autopsy report said the infant died of a traumatic brain injury caused by shaking or being thrown. The baby died about 2 hours after the incident.

The magistrate hearing the case Friday forwarded the charges to the Taylor County grand jury.

Taylor County Prosecutor John Bord said it appears Lewis had the infant because of visitation rights he had from a former boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with the infant’s mother.

Lewis is being held in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail. A bail hearing is scheduled for Tuesday in Taylor County Circuit Court.


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  • Lydia Robinson

    Marcus did not do this. Marcus has been a good father to his children. Marcus is not the type of person who would this. Marcus is innoscent. Anybody who knows him knows he did not do this. Marcus is innoscent. This is a rush to judgement. The papers are biased and not covering this story fairly.Marcus was the one who took care of his kids. The child was sick from birth and Marcus is the one who took the baby to the doctor and hospital and stayed all night in the hospital with the child. The hospital and doctor office will testify that he was the parent who showed concern for the child. The story is being covered in a biased way. He is being tried in the news media. Marcus is innoscent.