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Kansas State quarterback Daniel Sams broke away from Baylor safety Ahmad Dixon, but the Bears pulled out a 35-25 win.


MANHATTAN, Kan. — The conundrum prefacing Saturday’s game at The Bill depends on your perspective: Are Kansas State and West Virginia truly superior to their combined 5-8 record or are these tams simply in denial about their averageness?

Daniel Sams, the runner in K-State quarterback’s platoon, hasn’t run from talk this week that the Wildcats can win out, turning 2-4 into 7-4. As flighty as that sounds, consider K-State has held a fourth-quarter lead in all but one game this season.

Among the defenders who’ll be chasing Sams in front of a sellout homecoming crowd, WVU nose tackle Shaq Rowell, posed a similar platform.

“Our records don’t show how good both teams are,” he said. “I think you’ll see two teams who are going through up-and-down roller-coaster seasons just come out and play football. It will be a dogfight.”

To hear WVU’s defenders talk, they could use a dogfight. After being carved up by no-huddle spread attacks the past two games, they’re happy to face a more conventional offense like K-State’s.

“This is real football here. You just pounding it every play,” Rowell said. “They’re not going to no-huddle—they’re going to take their time, take 3-4 yards a play and be happy with it.”

Of course, K-State took far more than 4 yards a play last season—7.7 to be precise—in a 55-14 romp that showed WVU wasn’t prepared for “real football.” Though Collin Klein graduated from that team, receiver Tyler Lockett (nine catches for 194 yards) returns along with the bulk of the offensive line.

West Virginia has been outscored 126-49 on the road this season, which seems to indicate they’re exactly as good as their 0-3 record.

Pick: K-state 30-27

Ranking the rest of the week’s Big 12 games:
1. No. 15 Oklahoma 27, No. 10 Texas Tech 20: (Sooners -6.5) After plummeting from the national title race two weeks ago, OU aims to spoil the Red Raiders’ surprising campaign. If Jace Amaro
2. TCU 23, Texas 21: (Horned Frogs -2) Just in time for this matchup, TCU has activated 345 Wi-Fi access points at Amon G. Carter Stadium. Brace yourself for tweet tsunami when the Frogs take down UT.
3. No. 19 Oklahoma State 30, Iowa State 21: (Cowboys -12.5) Two years ago in Ames, an average Cyclones squad knocked OSU out of BCS title contention. This time around, ISU is far below-average and OSU doesn’t have the same choke-inducing pressure.
4. No. 8 Baylor 48, Kansas 17: (Bears -35) At 24 straight Big 12 losses and counting, KU is being drawn and quartered toward Baylor’s record string of 29.
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  • Toadman

    Well K-State sure proved a point. WVU proved that a change in coaching is needed ! ASAP!
    What a terrible, terrible game! Worse than the 37-0 whipping we took from the lowly terps. Oh yea by the way, get rid of those terrible looking uniforms and ugly chicken s--- yellow helmets!

  • Big Larry

    Last week I made two predictions:

    1. Both head coaches will be wearing Black.
    (Got that one right)

    2. Texas Tech would win 38-27.
    (The final score was 37-27)

    This week:

    1. Bill Snyder will wear his school colors Purple & White

    2. Dana Holgorsen will wear Black

    3. Kansas State wins 34-31

  • stevewvu

    Let's Go Mountaineers!!!

  • Jay

    These teams are exactly what their records indicate - mediocre to poor college football teams.

    Here's hoping WVU improves.

    Go Mountaineers!!!

  • Mike

    We absolutely need this win!

  • don

    And the tooth fairy is coming tonite!

  • Mountaineer fanatic

    The score will be 28-14 WVU. Lets goooooo Mountaineers!!!!

    • steve

      no win today boys !!! k-state wins 28-17

  • cutty77

    WVU needs to steal a Win on The Road. Almost got The Sooners in Norman. Maybe this will be the week this happens.

  • tw eagle

    not too much has really changed in the WVU football program . . .athletes are somewhat
    more plentiful and better equipped to play D1
    ball , but there is a "hangover" from the big easy days . . .the lack of focus and discipline . . .in the big easy , after a "good" game the Mounties would invariably "lay an egg" , a real stinker of a game . . .but with the lack of talent in the big easy WVU could win
    with only a handful of players actually doing
    more than showing up . . .can't do that here in the XII . . .leadership and discipline start at the top - yeah coach Holgerson . . .it's on you and your staff to keep the program "on track" . . .
    throwing the team "under the bus" after the
    TTU meltdown wasn't the right way to get their attention or focus them on playing winning football . . .

  • wvu999

    Lets Go Mountaineers

  • CB Phillips

    Multi-set team but much more traditional. Depending on who is in at QB depends on where they focus their sets. They will huddle. They will run "I" as well as spread elements. As with most of today's offenses & defenses they have the capability to be multi-faceted. Defensively they simply don't do much but are extremely disciplined & well coached.

  • Joe

    Good morning Allan and regulars....

    Quick question. Not seeing K-State yet this this season, do they run a no-huddle spread or more odf a standard pro set offense?

    Thanks in advance for any insight guys.