MANHATTAN, Kan. — After West Virginia’s offense managed one touchdown Saturday, and only three points in the second-half, head coach Dana Holgorsen summarized the disappointing output as the “same old deal.”

Citing missed blocks, dropped passes and insufficient quarterback play, Holgorsen felt like he was reliving a season’s worth of mistakes as Kansas State pulled away from West Virginia in the second, 35-12.

“We’re not playing winning offensive football,” he said. “Are we improving and does it look better at times? Yes. Is it good enough to win a Big 12 football game? Absolutely not.”

Click on the video above to view Holgorsen’s postgame news conference.

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  • Keith

    I just don't think Holgerson has the personell to play his style of ball. Trickett can't throw accurately and when Millard does the receivers drop the ball. The defense would play better if they weren't so tired. But look on the bright side, the girls soccer team won the conference championship last night in the ugliest uniforms ever.

  • Troll

    If Luck would fire Holgorsen then that would show no vision for the future. Holgorsen is the future and will take WVU to new heights. If you can't see the big picture then you know absolutely nothing about football. This program is headed in the right direction for future success as never seen in WVU history, just 1 maybe 2 seasons away. Watch out Bama, Ducks, Buckeyes and Cardinals Mountaineers on a path to greatness and you don't want to be in the way.

    • Big Larry


      You either are a relative or you are a paid Holgorsen Troll who is paid to post all this Nonsense...

      At least you are honest about your name....

    • BH

      Are you a Pitt fan?

      • Keith

        Wash your mouth out!

      • Troll

        No, just an honest fan who can take this season and last for what it is and move on.

        • steve

          You will be eating your words next year Troll. We will not win with Dana book Mark that!!!!

    • Keith


  • Troll

    Penn St losing 56-7 should they fire their coach? VT lost to Duke should Beamer be fired? UCLA lost to Oregon fire the coach? Butch Jones and UT lost to Bama, fire him?

    • WVWho

      With the exception of Va Tech all of those programs are young and building and lost to TOP 4 TEAMS. WVU can't beat KSU. Huge difference!

      • Dougie

        K state has been losing all year as well as TCU. Should they fire their coaches?

  • tw eagle

    it's all on you coach , I say your play calling is inept and predictable . . .Trickett managed to make some lemonade out of the lemons that you were handing him . . .and when it got to crunch time and plays needed to be made , the tall , fast guys pass catching resembled
    their blocking - NON EXISTENT - discipline , focus , motivation . . .these are the thing that a coaching staff HAS to instill
    in the players . . .personally coach , I think you've been playing "favorites " - after two weeks of snafus on kick returns you still insisted on using carswell "cause he had confidence " . . .YOU'RE AN IDIOT , YOU SHOULD BE FIRED , NOW ! ! !

  • Troll

    The staff is fine, play calling fine players just need to execute them properly. Uniforms are fine. The bottom line is team not that good this year and that won't change with different coaching, different salaries or different uniforms. Struggle thru this season and move on.

  • Forrest D. Poston

    Holgorsen increasingly admits being outcoached, but he never comes up with any improvements in that area. He simply doesn't learn, and that's unacceptable.

    We need to hope that Luck goes to Texas (and the sooner the better), and get rid of Holgorsen. Then we need to give Jeff Castell a shot at the HC job. He's earned that chance.

    Jeff Casteel for WVU football head coach in 2014.

    • derek

      Yes agree 100% Casteel is the man. Mike Kellar is a great offensive mind. Casteel is the man.

  • Toadman

    I might be an old dog, but I'm gettin' tired of crawling up on the porch after every game and licking my wounds. This has got to stop and we have to get a coach that knows what he is doing. It looks like we will probably win, maybe, if we are lucky, one more game this year. I was afraid this would happen when Holgerson was hired.Now he needs fired! ASAP! Hire someone who wants to be here rather than someone who could care less!Oliver, you need to man-up and do what has to be done. NOW!

    • Troll

      How do you know he doesn't want to be here? I can think of 2.5 million reasons he wants to be here! Hahahahaha

  • Big Larry

    I'm speechless....

    • Billy

      Big Larry,
      More natives are getting restless and where are all the self proclaimed true fans?

      • Bobby M

        Friend! Even true fans are RESTLESS! I dont know many Indian WVU Fans but I can guarantee even THEY are restless with US!

  • tom willis

    Need to get back to real life wvu team...and that includes wvu colors and that includes the coach...he is more worried about what to wear rather than how to play...also offensive cord needs to call some different plays and gain some yards! Need new coach and coaching staff....the coaching staff and coach is making a ton of money to lose games and look like a high school level performance...

  • richard

    look in the mirror there coach. you and your staff may be part of the problem. why are they missing blocks? why are they dropping passes? why is the QB play insufficient? you're the coach and the coaches you picked are the teachers of how to do all the above. it's week after week after week of this. good coaching should help it some----but it isn't! since you have came to coach this team-it has gotten progressively worse. time to turn your whistle in.

    • Heart Shot

      Easy now Toadman you and Richard are gonna be geting the fair weather fan stones thrown at you! But truth is your both right!!

      • Hedgesville

        Toadman and Richard are exactly right. this head coach fiasco stunk when it happened and has really gotten bad now. Hey Oliver, before you leave for Texas, don't you think its time to appoint another coach in waiting.

  • Toadman

    "Offensive troubles same old deal". NOW THATS AN UNDERSTATEMENT. Solution to the problem is to pay Holgerson his buyout and cut bait. Fire him and all the coaches and start all over again. The longer he is here, the deeper the hole will be to try and climb out of and the longer it will take to turn it around. We are looking at 5-6 years if we change now. If we wait for another 2 years when his contract runs out we will be looking at 10 years or more to clean-up this mess. We need to find a coach that bleeds Gold & Blue. This guy and his team are just passing through. They have no vested interest in W VA or the University. Oh, and by the way, get rid of those terrible looking uniforms and the chicken s--- yellow helmets as soon as possible!

    • tw eagle

      toadman , any chance your family , once upon a time, lived near a WVa State Police Barracks , and that you played football at
      Fairmont State when they took all the marbles ? I played some ball with a guy
      who we called "toad " . . .

    • Mike

      Totally agree Toadman!

    • Bobby M

      YELLOW HELMETS make us look like a HIGH SCHOOL TEAM!!!! And now we're playing LIKE ONE!!!!

      • Richfraud

        Quit knocking the uniforms. Holgorsen is molding us into the Oregon of the East!

        • Bobby M

          HAHA! ha! Thats funny because last TIME i checked oregon was WINNING Friend! Sorry!

          • hailey

            Bobb M, ever heard the phase tounge in cheek?

    • Jack Lee

      You HAD a coach that bled the ol'Gold and Blue. He was fired to bring in the high priced gun slinger so that WVU would always be in the "national conversation" and go to BCS bowls. Thank you OL.

      • susanf

        Absolutely right. How ironic that people are now clamoring for exactly the kind of coach that we had.

  • ron51

    same old hoggy same old same old you need to leave Motown and give wvu there money back

  • ron51

    maybe it time face it hoggy you are not a head coach and beginning to wonder if you know anything about football

  • Heart Shot

    Wow same song we got out coached and out played. Yep he's a winner

    • William

      The biggest quarterback mess in the history of WVU football!
      Don't worry WVU fans Holgorsen will "FIX IT"

  • Harpers Ferry

    What a LOSER!!!

    • Big Larry

      It is only common sense that when hiring a head football coach with no previous Head coaching do not extend his contract for 7 years. But yet that is exactly what Oliver Luck did with Dana "The Man in Black" Holgorsen.

      First, He signs him to a 3 year contract. Then after the Orange bowl victory, he extends the contract 4 more years until the year 2017.

      Well, his little experiment has blew up in his face but he is not man enough to "Man-Up" and admit his mistakes...In fact he has remained silent and stayed hid in the shadows this entire football season.

      When hiring a new coach with no previous experience, do it on a trial basis...not a 7 year 21 million dollar trial...What was Oliver Luck thinking?

    • William

      THE CURSE IS ON WVU FOOTBALL, because of those UGLY uniforms! Get new uniforms is the only way to get rid of the CURSE.
      Holgorsen - "The Man In Black"
      He does not like living in The Hills of West Virginia. He would love to go back to Texas.