MANHATTAN, Kan. — After West Virginia’s offense managed one touchdown Saturday, and only three points in the second-half, head coach Dana Holgorsen summarized the disappointing output as the “same old deal.”

Citing missed blocks, dropped passes and insufficient quarterback play, Holgorsen felt like he was reliving a season’s worth of mistakes as Kansas State pulled away from West Virginia in the second, 35-12.

“We’re not playing winning offensive football,” he said. “Are we improving and does it look better at times? Yes. Is it good enough to win a Big 12 football game? Absolutely not.”

Click on the video above to view Holgorsen’s postgame news conference.

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  • Toadman

    Troll --- go crawl under a bridge somewhere! Now that we know Ollie is leaving and jumping ship do you still say things are fine in Morgantown? Think again!

  • Chalkdust

    Here's the problem folks:
    The mountaineer team has run out of Bill Stewart signed players.

    No one can build a team around (core players) JC transfers.

    Is Geno Smith that much smarter than Millar or Childless or was he willing to work harder?

    Tony Gibson has made a marked improvement on the players he coaches.

    No way to hide Mr. "hat On Backwards" coach.

    "Hoggy" maybe a head coach in waiting, but no way is he currently, right this minute, any kind of a head coach; not from game planning, game time play selection, recruiting, assistant coach selection, halftime changes in the game plan or building team confidence.

    Remember when there used to be a few West Virginia "born" players on that team?

  • Phil M.

    A co-worker was in Morgantown over the weekend and said the buzz there is that Holgorsen is safe for another year but after the season everybody else goes including Patterson. This came from a source that works inside the athletic department.

    Is this not the second time we will have completely re-worked the staff with the exception of Patterson, Deforest and Dawson ?

  • cutty77

    The Big 12 is a QB league,and we have no QB.PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Next Year we will. We left 21 points on the Field in the first half because of Very Bad QB Play.

  • WV Bud

    And I might add, Dana and Huggs just need time. They can bring s back to the top 25 at least.

  • WV Bud

    I agree Joe. We should be able to compete in the Big 12. Just saying it is harder to get recruits in Morgantown unless we constantly win every year.Not hardly a very pretty place.

  • wvrefugee

    My guess, you've never worn a Jock Strap in your life! Not sure what an EBT card is but I've been able to retire at age 48 with my WVU degrees! Stop acting like an out-of-stater with your arrogant comments! Our athletics department stinks right now because of Luck!

  • JimJim

    Stop going to the games, stop buying season tickets, stop buying b-e-e-r. Then things will change. You can watch most games on TV, or listen on IMG (If you can find the station, good going Lucky). it's free, and you can turn off the pain.

    • wvrefugee

      I totally agree! If Luck's "show me the money attitude" is legit, the only way for change is to get into his pocket book! QUIT ATTENDING and see how fast things change!

  • Tom

    The state of West Virginia deserves better. They are the constant butt of jokes and get no respect from anyone. The people of West Virginia are the best people on the face of the earth and they deserve a better representation of their state from the THE state university- WVU. If the administration of my alma mater have any balls at all they will remedy this cancer immediately and fire Luck and Holgerson. Yes, I am a rational individual, but enough is enough. This is the time of reckoning. NOW!!!!

    • Jock Strap

      And if they don't fire them what happens? Life as we know it ends? So we lose some games, have a coach some don't like, have an AD some don't like can't make everyone happy and in the grand scheme of things these are minut problems, trust me life will go on .

      • MoMoney

        Life will go on, yes. But it will go on in the cellar of the Big12 with Holgorsen at the helm.

  • Mister Man

    The wins are there, guys. Go get 'em.

    • Teddy

      yeah, if we play high schools teams

  • Mister Man

    The wins are out there, guys. Go get 'em.

  • Debra

    OK, here I go. Gonna get in trouble for this but here goes. CHEAT! Yep, that's what I said. Don't really approve of it but I have not seen ONE NATIONAL CHAMPION TEAM where there was not some substantial evidence that players were compensated in some form or another. And even when teams are sanctioned for misdeeds, as of late, the already given punishments are being reduced. So if you cheat, but the cheating can't be proven, and win a national championship, is it still a legitimate championship? Yea, much of the time unproven cheating really pays off. Just ask Auburn, Notre Dame, and to numerous a list to continue naming. Love Morgantown, but what else does a little place like this have to offer NFL caliber prospects/dreamers. Not advocating cheating, but I would not be screaming and crying if it happened.

  • steve in GA

    Troll is absolutely right! Give this team 1 to 2 years and you will be eating all your negative words. Dana is doing fine with what he has to work with. Keep the faith my brothers. this WILL pass. I'm all in with this staff , we just need to get the players needed to do the job.

  • fuz

    way to go girls . at least you have a coach who knows what they are doing.

  • Bob Melphis

    Luck will not make a coaching change. D.H. is his guy. Must wait to se if Luck accepts AD job at Texas (Probably after Texas game Nov. 9). Can WVU afford DH. buyout? Whit Babcock will have to make the decision on coaching staff.

    • wvrefugee

      WHIT BABCOCK is my GUY!!!