MANHATTAN, Kan. — Check out the action photos from West Virginia’s showdown at Kansas State.

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  • richard

    what are you going to do mr. luck? stick to your guns so you don't look bad?? or do the right thing and fire the HC? he isn't head coach material. even the average fan can see that. he can't recruit, coach or lead this team. a good example of fighting when the times are tough? no !!! he can't even think of any excuses now. wow, mr. luck, you sure did this university a favor when you brought in this so called genius.

  • Jay

    Did I mss something or did the "It's on me hc"skip out and not do a pressor after the game. I heard Jed's interview

  • JimJim

    Sad to see the Coach give up at the end of the game. As the camera panned down the sideline he had taken his headset off and did not call any timeouts to save the clock. I know the game had been decided but he could have fought to the end. Sad! But maybe the really sad part is he has four more years at $10,000 a day.

  • Toadman

    Do the Mountaineer Nation a favor and FIRE HOLGERSON NOW! Pay him the $12.2 mil buyout and get rid of the whole coaching staff. It will take 5-6 years to clean this mess up. After 38 years of being a devoted WVU fan I can't bear to see the program in this horrible shape. Get another coach and this time make sure he can at least draw X's & O's on the whiteboard. Holgerson is a clown! Oh, and by the way, get rid of those Chicken S--- Yellow Helmets!

  • Mister Man

    It's not the coaches fault. Just ask Holgs.

  • wvu1983

    as poorly our coaches are our players don't lag to far behind. yes coaching staff does not prepare at all. but the talent on wvu squad is not very well at all.

    • Disgusted


  • Disgusted

    Not sure I have witnessed a mountaineer team as poorly coached and unable to adjust to changes during the game since I started following WVU football following the departure of Bobby Bowden to Florida State. This includes the few bad seasons under Don Nehlen and Rich Rod. It is time for change. No reason to wait until the end of the year. USC AND UCONN pulled the trigger. Although we may not have the athletes in certain positions that are as good as some of our oponents, but watching the games, there are so many players out of position. Cut your loses and work on finding a head coach and coaching staff that understands what WVU Football is all about and how to recruit the kids that WVU Fans and alumni expect. WVU is a public university that tax payers expect thier dollars to be used wisely. I am sure that alumni and private donors are not happy either.

  • tw eagle

    anyone notice how stashs punting has fallen off ? is he hurt ? or is it because DeForest
    has been under the microscope the last few weeks and couldn't get the anabolic steroids ?

  • Yogi Wahoo

    Anybody got the 12 million buy-out amount just sitting around?

    • tw eagle

      slip him a "mickie" , take some photos , and fire him for cause . . .

  • County Roads

    I just do not get excited about it anymore. So many more important things than WVU football. It is what it is. It ain't going to get better as long as the current coaching staff is in Morgantown.

  • John

    Never sink so low as to bring back Rich Rod! He might slip out under the cover of darkness again.

  • chasmo

    Please bring BACK RICH ROD !!!!!!!

    • wvrefugee


  • John

    I have tried my hardest to be positive all year long, but we simply have NO talent and we are poorly coached. Watching WV stresses me out to NO end!!! The receivers won't even block for each other!! What's happened to O'Toole?? It's got to stop!!

  • WVWho

    Greg Schiano or Chris Peterson would be good options!

  • unclec

    Getting tired of next year we don't have coaching we stink