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West Virginia quarterback Clint Trickett was sacked twice by Kansas State, including this play by Chaquil Reed.


MANHATTAN, Kan. — The highs and lows from West Virginia’s 35-12 loss at Kansas State on Saturday:

Worst fourth-down call: Typically, this weekly superlative belongs to Dana Holgorsen. But WVU’s failed fake on a field-goal try apparently was based on a misread by holder Michael Molinari, who ran for just 4 yards on fourth-and-7.

Best compliment for a quarterback: K-State receiver Curry Sexton said Jake Waters in the second half “started spinning the ball in spots where we really had no choice but to catch it.”

Worst feeling for a quarterback: Spending the final eight minutes on the sideline, as Clint Trickett did when he was replaced by Paul Millard.

Best “home improvement” project: Kansas State’s $90 million renovation of Bill Snyder Family Stadium looked sharp, creating an atmosphere that’s as fan-friendly as it is donor-friendly.

Most GPS-impaired slide: Trickett hit the turf a yard shy of the first-down marker on West Virginia’s second series.

Worst third-down defense: WVU allowed K-State to make good on 8-of-13 conversions, which means the Mountaineers last three opponents are now 28-of-43.

Worst red-zone offense: West Virginia had first downs inside the K-State 10 on back-to-back series before the half and netted a mere three points.

Best leg: Josh Lambert powered a 50-yard field goal into the end zone bleachers to give WVU a 12-7 third-quarter lead. (Those were the Mountaineers’ final points.)

Scariest hit (pregame): In a staged event that nearly turned tragic, Willie the Wildcat made a crunching tackle on a guy posing in a West Virginia T-shirt. The “victim” laid flat-backed for several seconds before weakly signaling for doctors, who rushed to his side. Moments later, trainers assisted him into an ambulance and he reportedly was examined at a nearby hospital.

Scariest hit (in-game): K-State defensive end Ryan Mueller jolted Dreamius Smith after an 8-yard run in the third quarter.

Best proof misery loves company: Big 12 newbies TCU and West Virginia will sport identical overall records of 3-5 (and 1-4 in the league) when they hook up in Ft. Worth next week.

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  • wvajoker

    It is hard to tell Big Larry's braying from Williams braying because they sound just alike. Almost like they were the same.

  • Nathan

    Dont forget we have 4-star dual threat quarterback commitment William Crest coming in next year. Hes rated 7 in the nation according to Rivals and from Tavon Austin's HS. Future still could be quite bright. GO EERS!!

  • Jr Totten

    Luck is the best thing that ever happened to WVU.
    You negative commenters need to get a life and go over to the Herd articles and talk Prep football. WVU will be back. Bad year so far for sure. However real EERS fans though dispointed understand that we will get better and we will continue to support our only Div I state University. The only one that matters to West By God Virginians. Lets Go Mountaineers!

    • wvrefugee

      You name ONE thing OL has done that he hasn't either screwed up OR paid a fortune to accomplish???????

  • pghmountaineer

    Jock Strap. It's time for your meds. You're halucinating! :)

  • Terrible

    I wonder where WVU will be ranked in the top 25 this week?

  • big tom

    beyond words, we're big time losers and in a month we'll see that 10,000 a day huggie will prove once and for all, the game has past him by.

  • Rock Solid

    I always watch the national news sports program wrap ups to see what they say about WVU, good or bad. We have dropped so much in audience interest that Saturday night the talking heads didn't even show any highlights from KSU. Then I thought about it and realized WVU DID NOT HAVE ANY HIGHLIGHTS TO SHOW! NONE! I can't remember how many years it has been since we did not at least merit public comment in one and a half hour sports programs, good or bad. How sad!!!

  • PB

    Holgy saw wvu as an easy stepping stone to something bigger. He hasn't bought in. That attitude is why the players have not bought in. Next year will be better. It can't get much worse.

  • Rick

    We're 13.5 underdogs already...to TCWho, TCU.

  • steve

    Dana cant even get a good QB to come in. One more year and dana is out !!!!

  • Low Rider

    It's all about recruiting now. This year is shot. Our 2013 class ranked 28th in the country. Our 2014 class currently ranks 49th, with no 5 stars and one 4 star recruit, and ranks 6th in the Big 12. Better than the Bill Stewart years, but not good enough to turn things around.

    • Rick

      Huh, Bill was there when we got Pat White, He got Geno, Tavon and Stedman...and you think that was worse that what this loser has done...NOT even close.

      • Jock Strap

        If everyone knew how these guys were going to turn out they would have never made it here. Once again these are young men still developing and a crap shoot with how it pans out. These three overachieved and became good players, the two qb's Holgorsen got from Texas were highly regarded and haven't panned out. WVU had no way knowing the big three would end up as they did and they were not top rated recruits either. These same old aurguments are getting old. WVU and TCU have jumped into a frying pan and have a lot of catching up to do to compete in this conference. We have the coaches to do it and they are trying to get the players to do it. If it would make everyone happy we could reverse our direction go back to AAC or MAC and win 10-12 games a year and still be irrelevant to the new football playoffs. If you want to run with the big dogs you have to get off the porch. We did now we have to learn to run. Nothing less nothing more.

  • John Doe

    Relax Mountaineer fans! We have 5 star recruits Stone Wolfley and Amani Brown coming in from MHS. They will surely turn things around.

  • Allan




    • Rick

      Your kingdom like mine got stripped away, had it's tops remove and now all thats left is getting sucked out...our kingdoms won't get US much anymore :-(

  • Chuck Farley

    So how is TCU doing with their transition to the Big XII? They have a HOF coach and Texas recruits but only one conference win just like WVU.

    Is it possible that Marsha fans like larry and billy don't know what it's like to move up to a real conference? Do they see the world through CAA colored glasses?

    • JimJim

      Marsha & Bill are Ohio State fans. Look up, not down.

      • Big Larry

        Yes I know I know, It is Marshall's fault that WVU keeps losing football games...

        But have you considered the fact that it could possibly be those "School Bus Yellow" football helmets?

        Just when you think that one of those new WVU uniform combinations can not get any worse...it does!

        • WVAtty

          I thought the uni combo was quite sharp yesterday.

        • Cigarman

          Anyone that thinks it's the uniforms needs to quit watching football and commenting on this site, what an idiot!

  • Jack

    Is there anyway to cancel the Alabama game to save the embarrassment. Maybe Nick Saban will take pity on us since he is from West Virginia. Maybe we can substitute Alabama with Fairmont State.

    • Larry

      I doubt it, Saban is never very complimentary of WV in any comments or stories I've ever read, he always says the worst thing that could have happened to him would have been to have to go pump gas at his dads gas station.

    • JimJim

      That Fairmont State game may be a good game! I think that we could complete. Maybe?