MOOREFIELD, W.Va. – Autym Wilt, the 17-year-old Moorefield High School senior who was killed in an accident involving two tractor trailers on Route 220, will be laid to rest Tuesday.

Moorefield High Principal Avery Anderson said word of Friday’s crash has been difficult to process for the student body and staff.

“On Friday and again [Monday], we had counselors from other schools in the county be able to come and help the grieving students,” explained Anderson. “We also called the Ministerial Association to be able to come and give guidance.”

Anderson said they received word about Wilt’s death shortly before school started Friday.

“Everyone was very compassionate and caring to people’s feelings. It’s tough for everybody,” the principal said.

Anderson called Wilt a good student who was involved with her school as a “Touchdown Girl” for the football team and a member of the co-op program at the South Branch Career and Technical Center.

Wilt was driving on Route 220 near her hometown of Purgitsville when her car was sideswiped by a big rig. State police said her vehicle spun around and was then hit by a second tractor trailer. She was killed instantly and investigators said she was not wearing her seat belt.

Wilt’s viewing is set for Monday from 2-8 p.m. at Smith Funeral Home at the Burlington Chapel.  Her funeral will be held Tuesday at Old Fields Baptist Church at 11 a.m.

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  • Kay

    My dear Autym may you fly high with the angels baby girl! We will never forget you!! This doesn`t seem real!!! Always and forever my dear cousin i will think of you and love you!!! And thank you to those defending her!i do not know where some ppl think they can write whatever they want. It is not only disrespectful but plain heartless! Please if you do not have anything good to say keep ur comments off here. We are greiving beyond measures! she was stuck no seatbelt would have saved her!!!! I dont feel that should be the focus. A young beautiful girl lost her life way to young!!! again autym may you fly high until we meet again my love !!!

  • Lynne

    First, how dare you not even do the work involved to get this child's name right or the actual details of the accident. Second, her seat belt was torn off with the door when the first truck hit her. So don't try to make it look like she had any fault in this. Third, to whomever said don't text and drive, texting was never mentioned in any report of this accident, have some respect for a mother who lost her only child and a family grieving the third such loss in 3 years. Fourth, I hope none of you ever have to know the pain of losing a child, but should that day ever come, I hope you remember every thoughtless and stupid remark you ever made in situations like this one. Prayers for all of Autyms family and friends.

    • Kay

      Thank you!!!

      • Dottie

        Thank You Lynne . Thoughts and friends to the family and friends and loved ones of Ms. Wilt.

    • Rusty

      THANK YOU.Lynne

  • Click it or ticket b.s.

    Whenever there is an accident the police always make a big deal about whether or not the victim was wearing a seatbelt. Like if they were wearing one it would have made a difference. If it was instant then wearing a seatbelt would not have made a difference. And its also disrespectful to release that information as if the outcome would have been different. My husband was in an accident on the interstate 2 years ago and if he had been wearing his seatbelt he would have been killed. Not wearing a seatbelt saved his life it should be up to the individual just another way they want to control people and get more money out of citizens as if they don't get enough.

  • wvman75

    My prayers and condolences to her family and friends. I hope they find peace.

  • Kevin

    I went to school with this girl's mom. This happened not far from a friend of mine's home. Condolences to all of those family and friends of her.

  • Respect

    Please respect this family they are going through so much right now. @Truth..Does it say she was texting and driving? No! Lets have compassion for the family. To Autym's Family and Classmates, may you know that there are people praying each day for you, for comfront and healing. There are those that like to just be negative..

  • Truth

    Don't Text and Drive!

    • Elaine Stickley

      LOOK TRUTH, whomever you are, my granddaughter was NOT TEXTING & Driving, she was going to meet her mom for breakfast and go to school. BY THE WAY CAN YOU TEXT AND DRIVE AT 6:45 AM? HOW DISRESPECTFUL CAN ONE PERSON BE. ALSO, FOR A FACT SHE HAD HER SEATBELT HOOKED WHEN SHE LEFT HER HOME.

  • Billie-Jo

    Her name is Wilt, not Wolfe.

    • Dr. Sarcasm

      Does WVMetronews not have any capable journalists or editors? Such disrespect to get her name wrong, not even a typo! Constantly we have these embarrassments on this website. Professionalism is not being exuded.

      • West Virginia Redneck

        Yeah and then they mention that she wasn't wearing a seat belt like she was somehow partially at fault as a result. As if that would have made any difference.

        So not only did they get her name wrong they also used the opportunity of this poor girls death to insert a plug for an agenda.


        • Angel Justice

          EXACTLY!!! Jennifer Smith, you have no business being a "journalist", you insensitive worthless LOSER! How dare you even mention something like a seatbelt being worn in the light of a teen's tragic death!!! This teen was KILLED due to tractor trailors HITTING her car! How does a seatbelt prevent something like that from SMASHING you??? I'd like to SMASH your FACE Jennifer! You are SICK, SICK, SICK and you are going to HELL for your horrible article!

        • PhotoBoothe

          Perhaps it would have made a difference, perhaps not. But reporting that simple fact is not an act of judgment on the part of Metronews, it is merely..., reporting that simple fact.
          I'd expect better than confusing mention of a simple fact with being an attack on the victim. Even from a redneck.

          • NotSoFast

            Reporting a "simple fact" can be more than simply reporting. It can be agenda driven.

            Reporting that fact in this context definitely appears to be done so with an agenda.

            Even an imbecile should be able to see that.

  • hailey

    So sad, prayers to the friends and family as they deal with this tragedy. A parents biggest fear is to recieve a call with such horrible news.