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West Virginia quarterback Clint Trickett was sacked twice by Kansas State, including this play by Chaquil Reed.


MANHATTAN, Kan. — The capacity crowd that emptied from Bill Snyder Family Stadium under a purple sunset sensed they had witnessed a transformation in their K-State team. For the visiting squad, however, 35-12 was more confirmation: Testament that a program in this deep of a rebuilding mode doesn’t have a “soft portion” of the schedule. Proof that a bowl berth is now more of a long shot than a likelihood.

Here’s the unit-by-unit breakdown, unflattering though it may be, after West Virginia’s late collapse against the Wildcats:

Despite being benched for the final two drives, Clint Trickett remains West Virginia’s quarterback. Then again, despite making four starts, he’s still not the guy Dana Holgorsen trusts to operate the hurry-up offense.
At least that was the public explanation offered for Paul Millard’s curious relief appearance. But Holgorsen also seemed perturbed about Trickett’s inaccuracy on routine throws and, of course, those two fumbles. The second one was especially careless as K-State safety Ty Zimmerman pried the ball loose with one hand after Trickett scrambled into open space.
Trickett’s scrambling yielded a 6-yard touchdown in the second quarter and, by making a concerted effort to throw more underneath passes for a second straight game, he completed 15-of-28 for 227 yards. Yet he was 0-of-3 passing in the red zone and completed only 3-of-9 on third downs.
Millard, stepping into a 16-point hole and asked to author a miracle, was 4-of-14 with an interception on the game’s final play.
The quick, choppy feet of Charles Sims resulted in a 5.3 per-carry average, but it was too bad Sims carried only eight times. Even though WVU continued to feature him in the passing game—for a team-high seven catches covering 54 yards—were 15 touches out of 71 plays sufficient?
K-State kept Sims’ sidekick Dreamius Smith in check, limiting the junior to 23 yards on seven carries. He looked timid on a first-and-goal run from the 5, cutting away from the designed hole, and WVU settled for a field goal. Late in the game Smith whiffed on a fourth-down blitz pickup, allowing Charmeachealle Moore to hit Millard’s arm mid-throw.

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Daikiel Shots made three catches vs, K-State, but was open on several other occasions.
Ronald Carswell caught a 50-yard bomb but let another pass ricochet off his shoulder pads. Kevin White took a tunnel screen 43 yards only to drop a slant on the very next snap. Vernon Davis gained 8 yards on an end around but dropped what should have been his first career catch on a ball thrown slightly behind him.
Offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson’s summation of WVU’s irregular passing-game: “It’s just the non-executing of routine plays. Wide-open people, and we can’t hit them. Can’t catch it when we do.”
Jordan Thompson (three catches for 41 yards) set up WVU’s first touchdown with a 13-yard reception over the middle, hanging on despite a crunching hit by Zimmerman. Daikiel Shorts gained 36 yards on three catches, including a 20-yarder on third-and-2.
West Virginia netted 3.6 yards per carry against what has been a decidedly average K-State run defense, and the Wildcats devoted only six defenders to the box for most of he game. The pass protection allowed three hurries and two sacks—one of which resulted in a lost fumble by Trickett.
Right tackle Curtis Feigt had difficulty against relentless defensive end Ryan Mueller, who spun by to strip Trickett. Nick Kindler was flagged for holding holding and continues to be merely serviceable at right tackle.
Pat Eger’s afternoon was cut short early in the second quarter when linebacker Blake Slaughter rolled into the center’s left ankle. Three plays later, backup Tyler Orlosky surrendered a coverage sack to Chaquil Reed.
The six TFLs were too much for an offense that typically can’t overcome such hiccups, but the news wasn’t all bad. Quinton Spain made some sealed and Mark Glowinski threw a key block to spring White on his 43-yard screen.

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West Virginia defensive lineman Will Clarke (98) pressures Kansas State quarterback Jake Waters (15) during the first half at Bill Snyder Family Stadium.
K-State patiently stuck with its ground game, but those 157 yards only amounted to 3.7 yards per rush. Mini-menace John Hubert gained 19 yards on the Wildcats’ first play and finished with 86 yards on 19 carries. WVU contained mobile quarterback Daniel Sams to 16 yards on 14 carries, but Jake Waters posted a surprising 55 yards on 10 runs.
Will Clarke made two TFLs among his four tackles, and in a game where K-State’s QBs threw only three incompletions, he the defensive line contributed two breakups (Clarke and Kyle Rose).
Shaq Rowell committed one of WVU’s three penalties, jumping offsides, and was part of a nose-tackle rotation that included Noble Nwachukwu, Eric Kinsey and even true freshman Darrien Howard, who sacrificed a redshirt by appearing in the eighth game of the season.
“We needed him,” said defensive coordinator Keith Patterson.
Nick Kwiatkoski registered West Virginia’s lone sack, chasing down Sams outside the pocket, and later poked a fumble loose from Sams to temporarily delay K-State taking the lead in the third quarter. A team-high 12 tackles seemed to indicate Kwiatkoski is fully recovered from the hamstring issue that sidelined him for parts of three games.
However, Kwiatkoski fell victim to a fake-run jump pass that resulted in a 32-yard Waters’ completion to Curry Sexton. The same run-into-the-line play-action that sucked up Jared Barber on Sams’ 15-yarder to Sexton. Not surprising that a Bill Snyder-coached team would still be utilizing single-wing concepts.
On the outside, Isaiah Bruce and Brandon Golson made six tackles each, but neither was able to pressure the passer during the crucial drives in the second half. Nor was the unit wasn’t as sound on its gap responsibility as Keith Patterson had hoped
K-State’s quarterbacks combined to go 18-of-21 passing and, get this, 13-of-13 in the second half. That’s some impressive pitching-and-catching there, and these weren’t dink and dunks. WVU’s secondary isn’t talented enough to hold water when the pass rush is lacking and the linebackers are biting on play-action, and thus, Saturday devolved into a brutal exploitation.
Along with a 12-tackle day, Karl Joseph stopped two red-zone threats, stripping Waters in the opening quarter and recovering Sams’ fumble in the third.
But the safety also busted a coverage by failing to bracket Tyler Lockett on K-State’s first touchdown. It was  third-and-15 when Joseph followed tight end Zach Trujillio into the flat, leaving Lockett—the Wildcats’ most dangerous receiver—room to beat cornerback Icky Banks inside on the deep post.
While strong in run support, Joseph can be exploited in man coverage, which was the case when Tramaine Thompson worked him for a 30-yard touchdown that put K-State up 21-12 in the fourth quarter.
With freshman Daryl Worley reportedly sidelined by an injury, Banks was victimized repeatedly by Lockett, including a lapse in which the smaller receiver leaped for 9-yard touchdown catch in the back of the end zone.
With eight catches for 111 yards, Lockett was an equal opportunity abuser, running past Travis Bell on a 24-yard scoring catch.
Said Holgosen in his trademark sarcasm: “When they’re running routes our defenders are supposed to cover them.”
With the wind at his back, Josh Lambert crushed a career-best 50-yard field goal and also chipped in a 21-yarder, but WVU’s kicking unit committed two glaring gaffes. First came a blocked PAT when K-State’s Travis Britz burst through the middle of the line; and then moments before the half, holder Michael Molinari called for an ill-advised fake field goal on fourth-and-7 at the 9.
Holgorsen said WVU’s staff intended to run the fake only if K-State repeated an alignment shown earlier. Despite KSU presenting a different look, Molinari took the snap and ran off the left side for a 4-yard gain. “We obviously didn’t get through to Mike what we needed to get through to him,” Holgorsen said. “It wasn’t the correct look, wasn’t the correct call.”
Nick O’Toole marked his Ray Guy nomination by punting like Family Guy, averaging 32 yards on five attempts (four of those which were into a stiff wind.) One positive bi-product of O’Toole’s bad day: K-State’s nation-leading punt returners didn’t have a chance to work their magic.
From the communication breakdown on the fake field goal to the team’s complete meltdown in the second half, this was another failed mission for the coaching staff. K-State entered with just as many deficiencies as WVU, yet Bill Snyder’s crew showed more poise and resilience in dominating the game’s late stages.
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  • Hop'sHip

    What happened to our punter? I thought he was going to be our MVP and lift the rest of the team. Instead it looks like he has been dragged down to their level.

    • appikid

      Who is coaching special teams? THAT should answer you question!!

  • MoMoney

    Why Sims is not getting 20 carries a game is a crime. The offensive genius is anything but a genius.
    Fire Holgorsen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jock Strap

      Could you take that kind of beating with the line we have?

  • MoMoney

    Hey Ollie, do us a favor and call 1-800-Larry Fedora. Now there is an offensive genius. He can hire great assistant coaches and he can recruit. He out-recruited Holgorsen for GW's Kennedy Award winning star Ryan Switzer last year.
    Where are all of the lame predictions of 8-4 and a bowl game from JaneM and her dilusional minnions??
    Holgorsen is looking more and more like 4-8 in 2013.

    Fire Holgorsen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jock Strap

    Ah if only it was as simple as you perceive. The coaches aren't dropping passes, missing assignments, etc, etc. and they have tried changing personal and play calling. Remember you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. Stay the course reap the rewards. Now my good friends bash away.

  • frank

    can we add negative numbers to reflect how terrible we have become?
    why did oliver luck extend an unproven coach's contract?

    • Question

      Because he was a very hot commodity. He had a proven track record as an OC. Now I know an OC doesn't necessarily mean a good head coach, but Ollie made an investment. He thought he was going to be the next great thing and wanted to lock him in.

      Some investments pan out, others do not. I think it's safe to say this one was a bad one.

      • appikid

        And Ollie will be watching from Texas!

  • SurfsUp

    Dana is like, I mean, he's awesome dude.

  • Brian

    As WVWho so aptly stated - why make these Monday moring "reviews" so long?? We ALLLLL know the issues!

    After we get embarressed by TCU (another Homecoming Game for them, no doubt) here is a suggestion -------

    All 9 catagories:
    Unchanged or worse.
    **Read pervious 8 posts for further info.**

    • Billy

      I disagree. Mr. Taylor has hours dissecting and compiling the information contained in the story. If you consider all the stats he has to verify he has probably missed a couple of meals doing this. He is not responsible for the poor total team showing. he is only the messenger, do not kill the messenger if you do not like the story. also if you compare this to his previous stock reports, you can see how the team has progressively gotten worse. Hey maybe they could be used as evidence if Holgy gets fired and has to sue to get his buyout.

      • Brian

        Billy -
        I'm not actually talking about Allen;'s reporting (though I can see where you may get that from my comment) He actually does agreat job.

        My "attitude" has A LOT more to do with a certain team he is covering.

    • DanaNeedsToGoNOW

      Just add: Nomesayin?

  • donutfiend77

    No respectable coach would come to WVU because of the way the fan base behaves. Look at the posts......Who would want to come here and be scrutinzed by ungrateful fans. Be a fan, or go find something else to occupy your time. MOUNTY4LIFE!!!!

    • Brian

      And you think the majority of any "respectable" D1 schools' fan base, at this point, would sound any different?!?!?!?
      I love the acceptance of mediocrity some WVU fans have come to display.
      Is it too much to ask - even in rebuilding mode - to not get blown out by 50 at half time, to not struggle against bad DII teams, to actually win games against teams with a similiar schedule and even worse record?

      We've had down years, we all get that, so quit harping on that idiotic point.
      Most of us would simply be happy to not look bush-league at this point!!

      • AhBoof


    • AhBoof

      I'd venture to guess that ALL of the people on this post are true gold & blue fans...4LIFE...just as you are. If it weren't brutally obvious that coaching is a serious component of why we're not winning games we could/should, I'd totally agree with you, but it is. Being a fan doesn't have to mean you blindly support every little speck of the program at all times no matter what the circumstances. Our coaches have shown little reason for hope that they are much more than schemers.

      • donutfiend77

        I will accept that. However, (curiously asking) where do you think we will be in two years if they have to install a completely new coaching staff. Many schools are finding out now the terror of pulling the plug too early. Also, we still do not have his recruits, and many of the scholarships had to be used on JUCO that could help now, vs. finding players to develop. Because the recruiting got so bad in the recent past. Just curious on your opinion. Cheers!

        • AhBoof

          Let me first say that I've never been the immediate cut-&-run kind. I'm with you on the fact that it could certainly be disastrous, but it also works sometimes if the right person(?Doc Holiday?) is injected into the right situation. Recruiting is dicey when it comes to flipping coaches, but not all of them de-commit, & most times you get some who come in w/ the new coach you'd never have had a chance at before. Bottom line, if the current coach's overall system is clearly problematic and shows little signs of improvement, not to mention the fact that it seems difficult for him to act sincere about his love for the state(b/c he likely has zero), then pulling the plug is worth the risk. & to me, right now, that's the case for our beloved ol' WV.

          P.S. I like donuts too

  • steve

    Where do we go from here? Who is the top 3 coaches to replace him? No bowden's please

    • leroy jethro gibbs

      shiano, he will be looking for a job next year

    • Hop'sHip

      How about Bill Snyder's son? Or does he automatically inherit the K-State job?

  • Dennis

    When a team begins to burn redshirts this late in a bad season, it shows that the wheels have fell off of the wagon and the the coaches have not a clue as to how to fix it.

  • DanaNeedsToGoNOW

    "From the communication breakdown on the fake field goal to the team’s complete meltdown in the second half, this was another failed mission for the coaching staff."

    Good teams start at the top. This explains why WVU stinks. As Boris Karloff said in The Grinch . . . Stink. Stank. Stunk.

  • WVWho

    Allan, at what point does the stock report just say "no change" as the groups can't go much lower? What a joke this coaching staff is. Who would've thought they would be staring at having to win 3 of 4 just to make a toilet bowl?

  • Rick

    Coaching contract buyouts...with all the money Luck says WVU will make in its move to the B12, pay the guy off, better yet, just fire him and make him take US to court and let him explain his poor performance. Get a head coach who can turn things around. It's not the players, never has been, IT'S THE COACHING STAFF.

    • Mark

      Beginning to fall in line with this train-of-thought (I've not been a coach basher - I'm sure he knows more than I), but then I wonder who's left out there to coach?

      • leroy jethro gibbs

        gotta give the guy five years, we are too far in

        • appikid

          I could agree leroy, if I sawsome good recruits! ???

    • Joe

      Absolutely, agree, Rick.

      • appikid

        I am afraid he has lost the team! I wonder if these kids want to play hard for him. I hope things get better, but, where is the recruiting at this point! We need a strong recruiting class quick! Qback mostly! Poor ole Klint is so small to me, He has the heart but? I don't know, I have no good positive answers for things getting better!

  • Big Larry

    Maybe it is time to part ways with Dana "The Man in Black" Holgorsen at season’s end.

    If the guy hasn’t figured it out after nearly four years as a head coach, there's a chance he never will.

    WVU led 9-7 at halftime. However the Kansas State coaches made adjustments, the WVU coaches didn’t.

    WVU was clearly outcoached, outplayed and outphysicaled in the second half.

    On a side note. What has happened to Oliver Luck? He has successfully managed to stay hidden for the entire football season...

    • leroy jethro gibbs

      big larry can pay holgys buy out right big?

    • Yogi Wahoo

      Good point Ollie "In the Spotlight" Luck has vanished. Too busy packing?

      • wvrefugee

        Been like that since he came here! Not sure why people are complaining now???

  • Joe

    So, Coach Dawson effectively sums up the pasing game with...."Well, we don't hit the open man, but we make up for it by not catching it anyway". Absolutely unbelievable these conversations are still going on.

    Also, WVU has faculty who teach communications, right?! Perhaps a class or two for the coaches versus Friday happy hour will do wonders.

    Allan, it's like you are simply copying and pasting the previous week's stock report, and adding a couple of names.

    • Allan Taylor

      Capital idea @Joe ... Cut-and-paste would save oodles of time.

      • Joe


        Take care,