MANHATTAN, Kan. — The MetroNews team of photographers and videographers takes its weekly look inside West Virginia football following the Mountaineers’ third straight loss, 35-12 to Kansas State.

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  • Justin

    typically your team will stink when the players are too small and the qb's are awful. just relax folks. dana needs at least 2 more years.

  • squad

    our quarterback play is poor. we don't have one this year. the hopes will pin on the incoming dude and i'm sure that quarterback will be high on the recruiting list as well as o line. there have been SEVERAL times during each last 2 games that our guys were wide open and the pass was poorly thrown (routine 10-15 yr tosses). one or two of those coulda turned the games. I don't think trickett is nearly strong or durable enough to play the style he plays. millard cannot throw a deep ball and is not a natural leader. our only real option is injured and as I understand "written off" (no idea why). we don't have the QB play or the O line play to win in the B12. I know they have sucked at the worst possible time, but our D is getting better. the O has to give em back better than they've gotten. can we play well enough there to win a few more this year? sure we can. our schedule was front loaded..but long term we need more physicality up front and 2 new QBs.

  • Doug

    Its a good thing the New England Patriots coach isn't the coach for WVU. You guys would be trying to run him out of town too. And he has a QB to work with.

  • wvajoker

    Mike sure knows what goes on in nut houses. Maybe that is the reason for the ridiculous comments.

  • Mike

    I could see Dana in the nuthouse lol! He'd rock back and forth and say "we're improving, we're improving, we're improving, execute, execute, execute." With psychotic chuckles in between.

  • mentalvoyeur

    Oliver luck has been playing fast and loose with wvu's money for a couple of years now. He has lost and now he's ready to bail for a better opportunity. It will take a couple of years after he has gone before you start to se the really negative effects he has had on WVU, but by then the money will be long gone and so will he. The football program that WVU was once proud of will be in shambles and holgerson will either be on probation or in a state hospital.

    • Elliott

      You were probably there when Bobby Bowden was all but run out of Morgantown in the 70's. Rolling over the coaching staff now will be a setback we don't need.

  • Mike

    Yup. Give Dana and his staff a chance to develop their recruits. If no results after that, then show him the door.

  • Allan

    I agree with Jock Strap in part, he inherited Millard, he recruited Childress and why he took Trickett is beyond me, maybe one of those political deals since his daddy was a coach here. Not sure Childress will be a starter and the freshman coming in next year, well who knows?
    Many good programs have gone through this turmoil: Auburn, Tennessee, LSU, Miami, Florida to name a few. The coaching staff, recruiting are out of sync, one successful coach leaving in the dead of night, another taking over temporarily until yet another first time head coach taking over, a new AD, a new conference...thats a lot of change and it shows.
    Am I frustrated, damn right I am..but I am willing to give Dana another year and see if things improve.

  • Jock Strap

    I don't think we need to get rid of anyone. So far coach Holgorsen hasn't had anything stable to work with, there has been personnel changes on the staff, some key defensive players departed after Orange Bowl then the big three left after last season which was approximately 90% of the offense. If you expect miracles then shout how they should fire him, if you take an honest look at the things I mentioned not sure anyone could have done any better. If we don't hit the panic button and allow a staff to work together a couple years ( which hasn't happened since he took over) and a couple more key players brought in (qb and db's) I think a lot of the pieces are there to turn this around. Expectations are great to have but doesn't mean he or the team has failed just because they haven't met your expectations.

  • carol keener

    i think we need 2 get rid of the coach

  • pghmountaineer

    In defense of those who are calling for a coaching change, I think it boils down to what these guys are getting paid and the results they are showing on the field. They are not paid the ungodly amounts of money to have two or three loosing seasons so that maybe they could have a wining record every three or four years. I doubt anyone would be for keeping them if you had to pay their salries out of your own pockets.
    In addition to that, I think we could tolerate a loosing season or two if the team continued to show improvement. That is certainly not the case here. You can't deny that when Rich Rod was the coach the teams showed promise and improvement and there was excitement in the stadium every year. It wasn't long ago that WVU was selling out stadiums on the road.This team and program are going backwwards just like the Basketball program.
    And if you think we're on the upswing, look at this year's recruiting class. Scout has us currently at no. 49. (That's not a criticism of the players, because they have talent. It's about coaching them "up" to this level).
    And please don't tell me it's because of where we're located. Kids will go most places to play for a wining program and a coach they like and respect.

    • Rick S.

      You are exactly right about the recruiting (non) ramifications of where we are located. I have never been to Lubbock, Waco, Stillwater, or Manhattan, but I find it hard to believe it is is any easier to entice players to those citites.

      I have been to Blacksburg, VA, and I don't see where it is any nicer than Morgantown, but Virginia Tech seems to get decent players. I have heard that State College, PA is a lousy place to get to, but Penn State has recruited successfully over the past fifty years.

      Boise State has recruited some pretty good players the past decade. Boise. Really, who wants to go to Boise?

      Yes, West Virginia has its challenges, but ultimately the program and the coach trump the location of the school.