MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — With a trip to TCU approaching, and perhaps a must-win game in terms of West Virginia’s fading bowl aspirations, the Mountaineers are hoping to have four injured starters cleared.

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West Virginia senior center Pat Eger (76) is helped of the field by medical staff after being injured at Kansas State during the first half.

The injury watch is particularly critical on defense, where cornerback Daryl Worley (shin), middle linebacker Doug Rigg (concussion) and defensive end Dontrill Hyman (ankle) missed last Saturday’s 35-12 loss at Kansas State. All were listed as day-to-day by head coach Dana Holgorsen on Tuesday, as was senior center Pat Eger (ankle).

“What are you going to do about it? Not going to use that as an excuse—never have, never will,” Holgorsen said. “The next-guy-up mentality applies. Regardless of who the bodies are, they need to know what to do, and we need to coach them up to the best of our ability.

“Everybody across the county deals with this this time of year. Shoot, I imagine TCU would like to have their best pass-rushing defensive end available as well.”

Devonte Fields, the Big 12 defensive freshman of the year in 2012, was suspended for TCU’s first two games and appeared in only two others before suffering a season-ending broken foot. That loss is more devastating than any West Virginia (3-5, 1-4) has sustained, though the compilation of injuries certainly factored into the poor second-half performance at K-State.

With Worley missing, neither Icky Banks or Travis Bell could clamp down on Wildcats receiver Tyler Lockett, who racked up three touchdowns and 111 receiving yards. With Hyman out, Kyle Rose shifted exclusively to defensive end and WVU was forced to debut true freshman Darren Howard at nose tackle.

Then came the injury to Eger, sidelined in the second quarter when a K-State defender rolled onto his left ankle.

“We need Pat in there,” Holgorsen said. “Pat’s kind of the heart and soul of what we do up front. He probably won’t be able to go today, but we should be able to get something out of him (Wednesday).”

Sophomore quarterback Ford Childress (torn pectoral) has resumed light throwing, though Holgorsen said “he’s probably a couple weeks away” from trying to handle a normal regimen. Running back Dustin Garrison, who hasn’t played since Week 3 against Georgia State, continues to deal with an injured hamstring and could vein line for a medical redshirt. Backup linebacker Wes Tonkery, who previously missed time with a broken thumb, has subsequently been ruled out for the season with a shoulder malady.

Kickoff at TCU (3-5, 1-4) is slated for 3:30 p.m. Eastern in Fort Worth.

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  • Jo

    Any new Coach Rod rumors on the radar ?

    • Mister Man

      Not this year, maybe next.

  • Gunga Din

    They should just sit it out for the rest of the year. It doesn't matter if they play or not, WVU will not win another game this year -- well, maybe they can beat Kansas, maybe.


    You know the best approach is supporting WVU Football team, none of us like where we are at, when we get a few more pieces (players / coaches) to the puzzle in place this team will win again and hopefully a national championship.

    • Mister Man

      Aight. You know?

  • wvajoker

    "i'll probably go back into hibernation till 2015 ."
    Thank God.

    "Why can't this coach stop saying YOU KNOW?"
    The same reason you cannot stop spieling your garbage here in the comment section.

  • Beavers

    read something today, taking about the state of wvu football.Basically it mentioned how wvu has ALWAYS had problems getting the top tier recruits and the level of competition in the Big East. This whole situation needs to be looked at like this... We are only now starting to turn heads with the better high school seniors. Thanks to Pat White, Tavon, Steadman,etc... but take in mind that they were the only " pearls"' in their prospective classes. Second is... all due respect to Pitt and Virginia Tech, back in the day, we are only NOW playing quality opponents.. week after week. So put those two together and the big picture is... we are due for prob a cpl more crappy seasons. I certainly hope not, but I'm a realist and feel that the prior is more likely. I bleed gold and blue, and have supported the Mounties through good and bad. Let's Gooooooooo!!!

  • pghmountaineer

    appikid. That's probably the best approach. It is what it is.

  • John

    You know

    • Mike


  • big tom

    let's hope they all heal, we need all the starters on the field and maybe we can salvage the season with a few victories ,, go eers.

  • appikid

    Well, I have pretty much decided to stop complaining and just support the coach and the team! Win or lose for the rest of season, LET"S GOOOOO Mountaineers!

  • richard

    I like dana, but he needs a speech class and HE NEEDS TO STOP CLEARING HIS THROAT!!!! does he have a throat problem? does he have extra flem in his throat? just a habit is my guess.

    • Jason

      you know?

  • William

    You Know,
    Why can't this coach stop saying YOU KNOW?

    • Jock Strap

      Guess the same reason you complain about it and the black shirt every single post

      • Mister Man

        That's right, you know?

  • tw eagle

    the little birdies are telling me that Holgerson is going to drive a Ford again the last two games . . . the tall Texan couldn't win the QB job , so the HC has tried to eliminate the other contenders . . .this QB jumble smells like a "fix" to me . . .the prospect of having a Ford driving the Mountaineers for 3 years, rather than Crest, tells me i'll probably go back into hibernation till 2015 . . .no need getting colicky over something that seems preordained . .

    • Doug

      I know a RB that played for Holgerson at WVU. He said "One thing about Holgerson, If you show you want to play and you can play, He will play you." If Crest comes in here and plays the way he does on tape, he will start next year.