MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Joe DeForest, under a gag order since early September, finally spoke to reporters on Tuesday night, albeit with a crucial caveat: Anything concerning the pay-for-play allegations published by Sports Illustrated was off-limits.

Mike Montoro, WVU’s director of football communications, accompanied DeForest into the interview room and actually said more about the Oklahoma State scandal than did the team’s highest-paid assistant coach.

“He’s here to talk about special teams,” Montoro said. “If you ask him, he is not allowed to talk about the internal investigation—that statement has already been made and put out by the athletic department. And he is not allowed to talk about anything happening at other institutions across the country. So we’re going to talk about special teams. Go ahead …”

And following that introduction, came talk of punting, fair-catches and coverage units. (Click the video above to see that.) Nothing of the potentially career-changing events that did or didn’t occur at OSU, and even nothing on the innocuous matter of DeForest being cleared of any misdeeds at WVU.

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  • Dave keep him "in the closet" I think...You don't want any of the "skeletons" falling out of his mouth.

    It will be interesting to see Dana and De Forest when they jump ship from WVU and see which Division II Schools they end up at.

  • big tom

    tw what in the world have you been smoking?

    • tw eagle

      gave up the weed and ciggies over 35 years ago . . .i'm just looking at things from a realistic point of view . . .I've raced bicycles , and know some of the ins ands outs (second hand) of PED's . . .Baylor was TOO PERFECT , they didn't make a lot of good plays - THEY MADE EVERY PLAY . . .stash is from cali , recruited by DeForest personally, and works directly for De Forest in special teams . . .going from 50+yd punts with 3.4HT to 40yd line drives is ABSURD !
      IF De Forest is dirty , his buddy the HC is too . . .now big tom , you can try to account for stash's lack of production to not eating his Wheaties , or losing his favorite decoder ring . . .I pointed out three possibilities - all real and all possible . . .

      • Mister Man

        You've raced bicycles? Did the bicycles win every time, or did you win a few?

        • tw eagle

          you win every time you compete . . .especially when you work with others to achieve a goal . . .

  • tw eagle

    WVU came from a conference that had a strong policy against performance enhancing drug use . . .from what I witnessed in WVU's game in Waco , this conference ain't as clean . . .if DeForest is dirty , all these coaches need to go . .. .I don't condone drug use from anyone , especially from athletes who are trying to cheat . . .stashs productivity drop the last two weeks could be weather, an injury , or a lack of anabolic steroids while DeForest is under the microscope of the WVU athletic department . . .

  • Mister Man


  • Rick S.

    I think that is fair. Joe DeForest should only be addressing matters directly related to his current job of coaching special teams at WVU.

    Besides, the Fifth Amendment protects people from self-incrimination. After all, anything DeForest says or does could be held against him in a court of law.

  • big tom

    what's a spacel teem?

    • Mister Man

      It's one of them teems what's spacel.

  • big tom

    special teams has been bad for a good while
    however , paying deforest 500 grand per yr is insane , just because he's holgie's drinking buddy.
    not to defend deforest cause if we could fire him outright without paying anything, I would do it,,,,, but we simply are undermanned when it comes to talent .
    now who's fault is that, well, dana has had two recruiting classes, you might say , just one.
    Patterson of TCU said he needs 3-5 yrs of recruiting to catch up in the big 12... he'll do just fine in texas,, but wvu with almost no talent in wv, has to pick last in the border states.
    at best , once in a long while, we might challenge in the big12, but in reality, we can't recruit to their level and we won't compete very often
    IN BB, as long has huggie is here, we are in trouble, just look at the trend he as est. with win/loss records and the type of recruits he brings in. most felons and academic challenged players.. sad.
    wvu athletic is within days of losing our AD,, I like Luck very much, he made some big mistakes, with huggie's salary and the term of holgies, but overall, I like LUCK

    • Mister Man

      "Academic challenged." LOL!!

  • Big Larry

    Where did it all start going wrong???

  • fuz

    big thing you need to do a better job with spacel teems.

    • Kevin

      Looks like you need to go back to spacel ed

  • Allan

    Say it ain't so Joe. say it ain't so!

  • wvrefugee

    Interesting! Coach Stew has an issue, Luck fires him spot on! Deforest has issues, Luck protects him??? Don't mess with Texas!

    • Grant

      Stew tried to sabotage the program at the end in an effort to keep his job. Left Luck no choice.

      • JL

        Stew tried to sabotage the program? What a fabrication of the facts. Oliver Luck screwed Bill Stewart and, in the process, screwed the program. This is the worst coaching staff we've had here - and wvrefugee is right - Stew was thrown under the bus while Luck makes every attempt to protect Holgorsen and this overpaid bag man DeForest. He'll leave for Texas - the program will clutch to a stop - and all you Kool-Aid drinkers will wish for Oliver Luck back. The perfect con man. You are conned and you don't know it. They call that a sting.

        • AlternFan

          wasnt tryin to dig up dirt. Heard rumors about holgorson drinking and doing drugs. He was doing the work luck should have done. Wish everyone knew what holgorson is all about behind the scenes. Makes carl pelinni look like a saint.

          • Mister Man

            The fact is he asked a reporter to dig up dirt on Holgorsen. Stew admitted to it. Yet, he was given a position within the program.

        • Mister Man

          That's not a sting.

        • Mister Man

          Did Stew ask a reporter to dig up some dirt on Holgorsen? Yet, Luck kept Stew onboard.

      • Mister Man

        True that.