MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — University of Texas officials are targeting Oliver Luck to become the school’s next athletics director, though they plan to interview multiple candidates this week, according to multiple media outlets.

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West Virginia athletics director Oliver Luck is viewed as the top candidate for the soon-to-be-vacant Texas post.

“It is Oliver Luck’s job to lose,” a source told Chuck Carlton of the Dallas Morning News. “He’s No. 1 and No. 1A on their list. Then there’s everybody else.”

That source indicated Luck could be hired by Dec. 1, the day after West Virginia’s football team concludes its regular season.

Luck became West Virginia’s athletics director in June 2010, overseeing a department that generated $80 million in 2012, ranking 28th nationally. That’s less than half the $163 million Texas brought in last year, which was more than $21 million better than No. 2 Ohio State.

However, the political in-fighting between UT president Bill Powers and several university regents will almost certainly impact the AD search. Luck’s inclination regarding the retention of Longhorns football coach Mack Brown also could sway the advisory committee. The pending retirement of current Texas athletics director DeLoss Dodds is viewed by some influential boosters as the perfect time to replace Brown, whose teams have gone just 15-15 in Big 12 play since losing the 2009 BCS national championship game.

“Disregard the notion that West Virginia’s Oliver Luck is a done deal as the new Texas athletic director, although I still consider him the front-runner and best person for the job,” wrote long-time columnist Kirk Bohls of the Austin American-Statesmen. “The seven-member advisory group to school President Bill Powers won’t even begin interviews until this week, and they will talk to candidates from all five of the major football conferences …”

Several Texas outlets have indicated that Arizona State’s Steve Patterson—like Luck, a UT law school graduate—is another top candidate. While Patterson has only been an AD since March 2012, he previously served as COO of Sun Devils athletics and possesses NBA and NFL management experience, working as GM of the Houston Rockets and senior vice president of the Houston Texans.

Other high-profile ADs, such as Notre Dame’s Jack Swarbrick, Louisville’s Tom Jurich, Oklahoma’s Joe Castiglione and Michigan State’s Mark Hollis, reportedly are committed to their current positions and are not being considered.

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  • JM

    take holgerson with you

  • Big J

    If Texas called me.I would be gone as quick as I could get packed.No state tax, a top 10 school with an unlimited budget vs a top 30ish school with medium budget and WV's crappy taxes

  • David Warnick

    So Ollie is going to the greener pastures of Texas. We should be concerned with what he is leaving us.

    1. A membership in a league where we are not competitive.

    2. A travel budget that has probably at least doubled.

    3. Games that are difficult for our average fans to attend.

    4. Little chance for a successful wining season in the near future.

    5. A coach that is a coordinator at best.

    6. Low chances to recruit new players to improve our record.

    7. A higher conference money share from the Big 12 to off set the travel costs.

    8. Hmmm... How can you trust a conference that can't count.

    I have been attending WVU games since 1949 but since 2009, I have not been able to afford season tickets

  • WVU MA82

    Regardless of what is written and rewritten over the course of this year and last, we should all be able to agree to some key points:

    1. We had no choice but to move from the Big East.

    2. We did well when we were in the Big East.

    3. Our teams--all of them--are faced with challenges in the Big 12 that did not exist in the Big East.

    4. Stewart was a gentleman. He had limits, but, he managed to get the job done in the Big East.

    5. Holgorsen will either get better at coaching these guys, or he will not last at WVU. The administration will only take so much.

    6. The assistants are not doing their job at teaching the kids to play football. Dropped passes, missed tackles, blown assignments, terrible coverage, runners who do not like to run up the middle, punt returners who make junior high mistakes, defense who cannot keep eye on ball, etc. It is a combination of coaching and the kids doing their jobs. Find coaches and kids who will play football.

    7. Luck is here. Dana is here.

    8. WVU Nation loves WVU Sports.

    9. We would rather win than lose.

  • David Kennedy

    Instead of trying to take WVU into the center stage, is anybody looking at promoting us Regionally ?
    Getting back to basics like the old style 'Smash mouth football. Scheduling Penn State, Pitt, Virginia Tech and other schools that can be traveled to in a day.
    Who cares about Texas, Oklahoma or the others on that side of the Mississippi. Great rivalries mean great money...
    It breaks my heart to see such a winning team go nowhere this year. The sad thing is whoever the new AD is and also the new football coach...its going to take a while to get things in order. that means losing a lot of games in the future.

    • Keith J

      You might as well wish that Ford be the next Peyton Manning. The chances of playing those teams regularly went down the tubes with the departure of Pittsburgh and Syracuse from the Big East.

      I don't care what happens with Mississippi but am interested in Texas and Oklahoma who are powers in OUR conference.

  • Jack

    Congratulations to Mr. Oliver Luck should he decide to take the AD at U of Texas. They see the importance of this man. He's a very successful businessman not to mention his prominence in the sports world. WVU was lucky to have him and I hope he stays, but I certainly would understand if he leaves. Comparing Texas to WV is like comparing apples to oranges.

    • Larry

      That's true, he managed the NFL Europe so well it went out of business.

  • me

    Im sure hes taking the Texas AD. More money. NO loyalty anymore all about money. Just wondering if he can take coach with him? hmm

  • ShaneWVU

    It would be great if Texas hires Luck and he takes Holgersom and Huggins with him. I'll help them move.

  • steve

    Remember the Alamo, and remember Bobby Bowden..................

  • jimlong

    after reading the comments I believe its a no win situation.

  • Jimmy

    Not sure if I'm the first, but I'll go ahead and throw this out there...Look for Brother Saban to be in Burnt Orange by mid January 2014.

    • Jock Strap

      Sorry about the bad grammar, guess I make mistakes from time to time. Please don't fire me.

    • Jock Strap

      Good point but if read most of these post Luck isn't smart enough to get him, go figure

  • WVU82in MD

    Some of you guys have lost touch with reality. I knew Oliver Luck as a student, our circle of friends sometimes intertwined, I had classes with him.....this cat is a heavy hitter. Say what you will about bleeding blue and gold and all that "good old boy stuff" college athletics is serious business. The top CEO's make the tough decisions....that's what he is and what he does. Sometimes being around him, I didn't really like his demeanor but I knew, only years later, why. I say thanks to the guy for putting us in a position to be relevant. Get your heads out of the sand...or someplace worse. Lets grow a great athletic program in a great and historic conference. When Luck leaves lets thank him for putting us in a position to do so and wish him well.

    • Big brother to Larry

      Great post WVU82... I am sorry to say this but there is a lot people on here with their head in the sand ....they will not understand anything about what you said in your post.... They do not understand the building up of a program. I think Mr. Luck is one of the most intelligent persons we have ever had at WVU....

  • wvrefugee

    I predicted he would stay 3 years. Pretty close. Hopefully he can do for Texas what he has done for us.........screw everything up, alienate half the donors, hire unqualified coaches, create a huge budget deficit, screw up negotiating a media contract, give other "lazy" coaches raises and re-seat an athletic venue that will be empty every week night because of corporation tickets not being used! Yep, good luck pun intended!

    • stevewvu

      Can you name the donors that he alienated?
      Your comments about having a deficit would be incorrect. You can read on this website that WVU athletics finished in the black this year.

      As a Marshall fan you need to worry about your pathetic athletic programs. What is Hamrick going to do about the mess he created in Huntington?

      • wvrefugee

        Hey there Mr. Ididot! Two WVU degrees and you call me a Marshall fan??? BTW, who does accounting for an athletic budget in the middle of football season anyhow???? I'll tell you who, someone that knows when the non-revenue sports are finished this spring we again will be running a budget deficit!!!! Many donors, which you are obviously not one that gives enough to be impactful, have been fed up with Luck's approach since before the coliseum reseating debacle! Book it! As a Gold Scholar Donor I can tell you, and most of my friends will tell you, good riddance to Mr. Luck!!!