MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — University of Texas officials are targeting Oliver Luck to become the school’s next athletics director, though they plan to interview multiple candidates this week, according to multiple media outlets.

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West Virginia athletics director Oliver Luck is viewed as the top candidate for the soon-to-be-vacant Texas post.

“It is Oliver Luck’s job to lose,” a source told Chuck Carlton of the Dallas Morning News. “He’s No. 1 and No. 1A on their list. Then there’s everybody else.”

That source indicated Luck could be hired by Dec. 1, the day after West Virginia’s football team concludes its regular season.

Luck became West Virginia’s athletics director in June 2010, overseeing a department that generated $80 million in 2012, ranking 28th nationally. That’s less than half the $163 million Texas brought in last year, which was more than $21 million better than No. 2 Ohio State.

However, the political in-fighting between UT president Bill Powers and several university regents will almost certainly impact the AD search. Luck’s inclination regarding the retention of Longhorns football coach Mack Brown also could sway the advisory committee. The pending retirement of current Texas athletics director DeLoss Dodds is viewed by some influential boosters as the perfect time to replace Brown, whose teams have gone just 15-15 in Big 12 play since losing the 2009 BCS national championship game.

“Disregard the notion that West Virginia’s Oliver Luck is a done deal as the new Texas athletic director, although I still consider him the front-runner and best person for the job,” wrote long-time columnist Kirk Bohls of the Austin American-Statesmen. “The seven-member advisory group to school President Bill Powers won’t even begin interviews until this week, and they will talk to candidates from all five of the major football conferences …”

Several Texas outlets have indicated that Arizona State’s Steve Patterson—like Luck, a UT law school graduate—is another top candidate. While Patterson has only been an AD since March 2012, he previously served as COO of Sun Devils athletics and possesses NBA and NFL management experience, working as GM of the Houston Rockets and senior vice president of the Houston Texans.

Other high-profile ADs, such as Notre Dame’s Jack Swarbrick, Louisville’s Tom Jurich, Oklahoma’s Joe Castiglione and Michigan State’s Mark Hollis, reportedly are committed to their current positions and are not being considered.

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  • takemetoemstar

    you can gripe and gripe about OL. it's always a struggle to pull folks into the 21st centrury. no one likes change. i would bet my paycheck once he goes there... if he goes... he will do beyond well and the university of the Big "T" will benefit from his forward looking/leaning ideas.
    his (and any other AD) objective is to move a program forward and MAKE MONEY, bottom line! WVU's athletic budget is in the black just as the self-sustaining entity is supposed to be.

    • Meekac

      While the athletic department budget may be in good condition, both the Football and Basketball programs are in the worst shape they have been in for a number of years, and that happened on Ollie's watch.

      • Mister Man

        The athletic department's budget is in good condition because of football and basketball.

      • Mister Man

        A 13 mil surplus means the fb and bb programs did very well.

  • WVUfan4life

    I think we can all agree that WVU needs to retaing Luck and get rid of Holgorsen. Oliver Luck has the knowledge to lead us into the right direction as a program. I think if Luck stays he will take the necessary steps to rid the program of both Holgorsen and Chubby Huggy Bear..

    • steve

      We can only hope Luck take Dane to texas and have texas buy out Dana contract. The the less thing Luck could do for WVU

      • stevewvu

        Are you illiterate?

    • WVUfan4life


      • wow


      • Allan Taylor

        I'm not sure Luck is that inclined to "rid the program of Holgorsen" after hiring him three short years ago. The success of Luck's tenure at WVU is heavily dependent upon Holgorsen making the program better than it was under Bill Stewart.

        • stevewvu

          WVU09 which of Coach Stewart's recruits didn't want to play for WVU and moved on to "greener pastures"?

          Name a couple.

          • Big brother to Larry

            The last two years with Bill Stewart, he only signed up 15 scholarships per year ( need 25 ) which would be juniors and seniors this year... Some wasn't good enough to make the team some left that is why we do not have as leadership , someone said earlier leadership from the team.... That is why our present coach has to play so many freshmen and sophomores... Players get hurt can't perform... So WVU is playing against teams that have juniors and seniors as team leaders.... I remember how it was in high school The coaches always wanted the upperclassman to scrimmage against the lower class men ... It was like no contest the same at times with WVU we are in a rebuilding year... If some of you would do a little bit of research you get over your thoughts about getting rid of our coach... You don't really know the facts .. By the way the coach was wearing a blue shirt today, I was there, I seen it nice-looking WV on it...

        • Richard


          I fully understand that the competition level has increased when we went to the Big 12 (Holgerson's complete first year) and it is unfair to compare that to Coach Stews results in the Big East. However, Holgerson must produce, I am not talking 10-2 or 11-1. The benchmark should be 8-4 on a CONSISTENT basis. Same thing occurred down at Mars Community College when Mark Synder took over from Bobby Pruett. Better conference, worse record. The difference is Mars CC may never see the glory days again. Remember without Pennington and Leftwich they are a sub .500 team.

          • Richard

            Big Brother,

            Mars CC will never recover. two words. Pennington. Leftwich.

          • Big brother to Larry

            The last four years, Bob Pruitt was coach at Marshall the NCAA had Marshall restricted to 75 scholarships over all each year... So at the and of the four years of that penalty.. Bob Pruitt retired.. Going into the next year Marshall was 40 scholarship players shy ... That is why Marshall got into trouble paying people to work who didn't work and NCAA caught them... It takes time to put the program back to where it was...

        • Harpers Ferry

          Better than it was under Stew? You mean when he was bringing in awful recruits like Geno Smith, Tavon Austin, Bruce Irvin and Steadman Bailey? Or do you mean the year Stew led the Mountaineers to that terrible 9-4 record? Or how poor a leader he was by always taking responsibility for the team's failings, instead of putting it on the players? Perhaps it's because Stew was a man of such poor moral convictions?

          Regardless, Ollie skips town while WVU is STUCK with DH because of the absurd contract Ollie gave him. The ONLY good move Luck made was giving Van Zant his walking papers. No, the Big XII was NOT a good move. WVU fans would be wise to realize what the sports program is and what it is not, while keeping those who support the teams on game day (both at home and away) in mind. WVU should take a page from the Boise State play book, a football team nationally ranked and respected while, at the same time, not cutting off its nose to spite it's face.

          • Pruntytown

            You may want to check up on ol' Boise State this year. Things are not all rosey on the Smurf Turf. Ask UCONN about staying in the AAC. The same team that beat WVU and represented the BIG EAST in the BCS is now 0-8 in a bad conference with no money. It can be worse.

          • wvu09

            Low rider, did you consider that Holgerson is the reason they are not there. Look at any D1 school where there is a coaching change and see if they don't have the same problem. Stews recruits didn't want to play for DH and moved on to greener pastures. Besides if DH was half the genius everyone says he is he should be able to deal with the adversity!

          • Low Rider

            It's true that Stewart did recruit Geno, Tavon & Stedman, but he also recruited 23 players in his last 2 years that are not in the program or never made it to Morgantown. Therein lies part of the problem.

        • MoMoney

          How is 4-8 better than three straight 9-4 seasons?? The WVU football program is NOT getting any better under Holgorsen. Actually, it is taking a few steps backwards. Olliver Luck saddled the WVU football program with Holgorsen. As his last act of kindness, or if he even cares about WVU, he should fire Holgorsen before he leaves for UT. Let WVU start fresh with a clean slate, a new AD and new head football coach.

  • pghmountaineer

    Texas is a great situation for Luck. Most of the fan base there wants Mac Brown to be fired and who best to do it then Ollie. He's good at things like that.

  • Art in Ohio

    If Luck leaves we will hire another AD and go on with our lives. If Dana does not get the job done in the next 24 months we will hire another coach for football. The sky is not falling ...we have been through this before, like other schools, and we will survive.

    • Roland

      This post pretty much nails it. I have much more important things to worry about. I like CFB but it’s not my life and I’m not going to blow a gasket. I do wish though that they would consider candidates with prior head coaching experience when DH does eventually leave town.

    • stevewvu

      Very good post.

    • cutty77

      Your Right Art,
      Alot WVU fans want a New Coach every week,and they haven't even been to a game in 20 years. lol

    • Dale

      Amen to that!

  • scott

    im kinda rooting for him to get the job and see the whole process unfold. from firing Mack to hiring the new guy. should be entertaining to say the least.

  • donutfiend77

    this is going to be bad...........

  • J

    It may be the players, but when you call the same plays over and over and you are the guy who brought in the players at some point you have to take the responsibility. I think Dana is a good OC, but just not a head coach at this point. I would like to see Rich Rod get a 2nd chance. Give the guy a break he had some good ideas that the admin apparently was not on board with. Everyone makes mistakes its just football and a coaching job. If he wants to come back let's give him a chance. At this point in his career my guess is he would be committed to stay until he retires.

    Any young and upcoming coach is just going to use this job a stepping stone to their next job. Why not let Rich Rod have it who would stay on this go around?

    • J

      A good OC using players someone else recruited that is.

  • C. F. T.

    Go, and be quick about it. An AD who assumes an team is going to loose an bowl game, creates and encourages contrivercy and does an lengthly interview during the game, should have been fired then and there. Shows no respect for the bowl sponsor, fans and current coach.

    • Spell Checker

      "Controversy", not "contrivercy". Sheesh.

      • WVAtty

        That's the only grammatical error you found in that post??? Lol

  • River Ninja

    First I hated Michigan and now I hate Texas.

  • GSCsBB1

    Interesting how some of you steer your comments to bad coaching. Did you ever think maybe just maybe the boys suck at playing ball and it's not a coaching issue. Even the best coaches have players who can't play.

    • Alternfan

      Programs all over the country have bad players but they always seem to find a way to win. Being a division 1 football coach is NOT about being the players "buddies" your job is to mold and develop them into young men. Taking the approach holgerson has the players lost respect for him or have doubt in his abilities to guide them to a win.

      I bleed blue and gold but this was a mistake from the beginning. Luck should go to Texas because he doesn't understand what it is like to be a mountaineer fan. He has been brainwashed from corporate America.

      • WVAtty

        That's just plain stupid.

    • Harpers Ferry

      Who recruits the players? THE COACHES DO!!!!

      • Geoff

        The majority of which are Bill Stewarts recruits...

        • Richard


          incorrect, over half of them are Folgersons

          • big fan

            Yes the half that are freshmen and sophmores

  • rick

    Sell when your stock is high....if they offer more money...go.

  • pghmountaineer

    Doug. I can't disagree with you on Luck's apporoch to what a coach needs to succeed.
    However I do think Rich Rod would be a good fit. There were issues with him and Ed P. that even he says were mishandled and that perhaps he should have stayed at WVU.
    That being said, we are in a power conference and I think there are some good young head coaches out there that are not in a power conference that would love to have the chance to be the head coach at WVU.

    • Doug

      True. But do you think he would really comeback? Look how he was treated because of the way he left.

  • Doug

    Whether you like Luck or not and even if he did hire the wrong coach. He knows what coaches need to succeed in college sports. If he had been the AD when Rich Rod was here, Rich would still be here. If he goes, I hope neither one of them come back.

    • William

      It is only a matter of time till Holgerson is gone
      He is not a Mountaineer and never will be
      He was hire with no experience
      He a given an out outrages salary
      He had character issues
      He can't stop saying 'YOU KNOW'
      He can care less about West Virginia, he is only here for the MONEY and he will be run out of Morgantown
      Why would anyone hire this guy as a Head Coach?
      He looks terrible in press conf. in all black!
      How many business in WV was he thrown out of?
      WVU has no leadership, he said that himself
      He was left some great players(Bill Stewarts) last year and look what happened
      How many great things can WVU fans say about Holgerson, compared to Bill Stewart?
      Are there any WVU fans that are PROUD to have Holgerson Head Coach at WVU?

      • stevewvu

        William you are a Marshall fan...why do you care what happens at WVU?


      • Bean

        You people are the ones who threw a fit at Christmas when you didn't get what you wanted, when you wanted it.

        Do any of you understand the word "investment"? Do you understand that any kind of transition may go thru several people/scenarios? Do you know what "patience"is?

        You people want instant gratification. I'm willing to invest in someone/several people for long term gain. It's unfortunate that you idiots get the most pr

      • al


  • JimJim

    We'll take Steve Patterson, and Texas can have Lucky and the Dude.

  • pghmountaineer

    Luck is doing everything he can to move on. He's a smart man from the perspective that both of our major programs are a mess and he knows this is going to get ugly among the Mountaineeer faithful and he doesn't want to be around to deal with it.

    • Pruntytown

      Approximately one half of all college teams lose each weekend. WVU has one its share and lost its share, but no one is ever happy. Tiger Woods shot a 64 today and was upset because he missed a putt on number 12. The sky is falling, the sky is falling....

      • MGD

        Good enough for the most profitable program in college sports but not good enough for WVU.
        I marvel at the idiocy of our "fans".

        • WVAtty

          Exactly. My point exactly. These idiots on here just can't get over the Stewart debacle. The man is in high demand and the richest school in the NCAA is frothing at the mouth to get him. And these idiots want to run him out on rails. The ignorance is stifling.

          • J the C

            well said, WV atty!

    • Geoff

      If you believe what you typed, you're truly an idiot.

      • Pudge

        If you don't think Texas is a step up, well... never mind ;)

    • Pudge

      The Texas AD job is a huge step up from the WVU AD job. It is as simple as that.

      He saved our collective rumps by helping to get us in the Big 12. This is a rough patch we will get over.

      Had he not, we would have those chest thumping victories over the likes of Temple and Memphis and be in the middle of a lack luster rough patch we would never be able to escape from.