TAMPA, Fla. — Former West Virginia record-setting wide receiver David Saunders has not been charged following a deadly shooting Tuesday in a Whole Foods parking lot.

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David Saunders

Police said Saunders, 37, a personal trainer, was confronted by Deshaun Gregory, 31, of Tampa, the boyfriend of a woman Saunders has been training.

Police said the altercation began as a verbal argument before Gregory charged at Saunders with an 8-inch kitchen knife. Saunders shot Gregory in the head. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said Gregory’s girlfriend was with him at the scene of the fight.

Saunders remained on the scene after the shooting and cooperated with police. The Florida Attorney General’s Office will decide if charges should be filed or if the death was justifiable homicide.

Saunders had a star-studded career at WVU from 1995-1998, setting he all-time record for most receiving yards and most receptions in Mountaineers history—marks that remain in the top five in both categories. He played several seasons in the Arena League.


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  • Family

    Listen to yourselves!!! Not one person on this post has said something correct about this tragic event! DOES anyone here realize Saunders LEFT HIS HOME with gun in hand to fight this man! Don't talk if you don't know facts. Everyone is sadly leaving out that a baby woke up this morning without his daddy by his side. An innocent child is suffering and all you people can do on here is speculate what u think happened. Because of course the shooter is gunna say it was self defense. As this story unfolds all of you will be sorry you "thought" you knew what was going on here. I will tell you 1st hand a wonderful loving father who would not hurt a soul was pushed to his limit and sadly got the short end of the stick!!!

    • Larry

      So am I correct that Saunders and the woman were having an affair?

    • Jason

      Saunders left the house with a firearm = legal with a CCW
      Gregory left the house with an 8 inch knife = illegal

      Sorry for your loss but when he took an 8" knife to whole foods he knew his babyould wake up alone. Being "pushed to the limit" is not a legitimate excuse to be carrying an 8" knife to a grocery store and had he lived hed still be going to prison for assault with a deadly weapon.

      I find it hard to believe it wasnt self defense because most people who carry guns do it 24/7 as a precaution, ive never heard of someone carrying an 8" knife as a precaution

  • Grassroots

    A warming shot will get you in more trouble than shooting at an attacker. If you fire a warning shot, you didn't need to fire your self defense weapon. There is no such thing as a legal warning shot. Regardless of what Joe Biden said. In most cases just placing your hand on your self defense firearm is enough to deter an attack. All shot victims should not be lumped into the same category. self defense, those shot by LEO, ect should be in their own stats. we have been programed to believe if you have a firearm and you are not LE, they must be a criminal. That is not the case.

    • Shadow

      The rule of the game is to make sure he is dead, wounded he might sue.

    • Grassroots

      We are also taught that only LEO's are trained. This is not the case. Most LEO's are better trained, yes. But many are as well trained as LE. People who take the responsibility to be armed, need to take the responsibility to be trained. while many don't there are many like myself who have taken training very serious.

  • Grassroots

    Mac that is what I was speaking of. Had he not been armed Saunders and the woman may have both been killed. Jason, the only time you hear of bystanders getting killed by stray bullets is gang shoot outs and LEO's in NY City.

    • Grassroots

      Oh and the LEO killed by a bullet from another LEO here in Charleston WV. Look the stats up for people killed or shot when a Law Abiding Citizen defends themselves.

      • Jason

        Thats because cops shoot to kill
        "Of the 2.5 million times citizens use their guns to defend themselves every year, the overwhelming majority merely brandish their gun or fire a warning shot to scare off their attackers. Less than 8% of the time, a citizen will kill or wound his/her attacker."

        You can bet if the other 92% of that 2.5mil people were shooting to kill the number of bystanders would be exponentially higher.

        • Jason

          That means 200,000 people actually even hit their attacker.

          Theres 40,000 cops in NYC alone

          The NYPD kills maybe 5 bystanders on a bad year.

          Im willing to bet of those 200,000 armed citizens at least 25 or more innocents get shot by them, making the numbers porportionate to the NYPD

  • Grassroots

    Florida does not have Open Carry. So if he was legally armed he had a CCW. A death like this is always tragic. But Saunders will have to live with the fact he took a mans life. But at least he will live. If he had not been armed more than likely there would have been two dead.

    • Mac

      or even three... The girl was present as well.

      • Jason

        Lets thank god they didnt both have guns. 2 pistols that hold 9 each could of ended in 18 dead

  • Jonus Grumby

    Justifiable homicide. Next.

  • Larry

    I bet he was "training" her.

  • Melissa

    sounds like self defense

  • Harpers Ferry

    Let this be a lesson to you all, NEVER bring a knife to a gunfight!!!

    • Bigfish

      Very clever and oh so informative. My dad always said " if you don't have anything to say don't sat it.

  • white man thinks that color doesn't matter

    (Sarcasticly) whew good thing neither of them were white or this would be getting national coverage!... lets go mountaineers!!

  • DanaNeedsToGoNOW

    Was the guy white? If so, I fully expect Jesse Jackass and Al NotSoSharp to be out in full force to rally the troops for this obviously racially motivated killing.

    • jmr012

      Hey, buddy, why Jackson and Sharpton? All the time with those two. Can't bigots like you find something else to be racist about?

      • Jason

        I said that wrong i meant to say Jackson asking for help.

        • Jason

          You cant edit posts on here and I corrected my self 2 minutes later if you look at the time of the posts. I never claimed to be perfect, or highly intelligent, I am in fact neither. After all, I went to school to learn how to be a Chef not an English Professor

        • DonaldH

          That seems to be common of you, saying "something wrong"

      • Jason

        Oh and as far as they say nothing about Chicago

        Thats from last week. Not only is he protesting in Chicago, hes MOVING from NYC to Chicago to help.

        Theyre also marching across 20 other cities with high black on black violence.

        Do you have someone else type for you? Your lack of education shines through in every post.

        • Jason

          And just to make it clear i think Jackson and Sharpton go about what theyre trying to accomplish the wrong way and they need replaced.

          I just cant stand the "Clark's" of this site who regurgitate second hand garbage and act like its a fact

      • Mac

        Probably because Jackson and Sharpton are bigots too? Just a hunch there.

      • Jason

        How would 2 people be killed if only 1 had a knife. He stabs Saunders then trips and falls on the blade?

      • Jason

        Why does everyone here speak about what they know nothing about and say it like its a fact. Youre obviously uniformed Clark

        Here is the first link on google about Jesse Jackson rallying against black on black crime. Thats from last summer, if you want a current one theres these things called "search engines", i.e. google.com, when you actually feel like r

        • Jason

          I guess whoever is reading for you isnt helping with google

          Theres an announcement for the 20 city march by Rainbow PUSH, ran by Jesse Jackson if you want to see what 20 cities it was have a toddler look it up for you

        • Jason

          Heres sharpton asking for federal intervention in Chicago

          So first he protested, then asked the feds for help which they didnt do, now hes making periodic visits.

          So he tried himself. He then asked for help and got none. Now hes trying himself

          How are 2 people supposed to stop Chicago violence when the city police cant and the feds wont help the police.

          Is he supposed to start kidnapping gang bangers? Killing them himself? Get a job as a Chicago detective?

        • Jason

          Hahaha if you read my post further down from 4 HOURS AGO i say i dont like sharpton or jackson, just hate people spreading misinformation.

          Once again what more do you expect a REVEREND to do he is not the POLICE.

          I love how i call you a hillbilly and you assume im black, while calling me a racist. And now youre using the fact you think im black when I am 100% white to attack me.

          The thing is i couldnt get into a black panther party rally, but with you a card carrying member of the Aryan Brotherhood Im sure you could get me in.

          Shouldnt you be preparing crosses to burn in peoples yards tonight?

        • Jason

          Yeah, I hate white people so much every time I look in the mirror I go in a rage. Hillbilly is a derogatory term used by EVERY race, including white people like myself. I like white people, I hate hillbillies. They are not one in the same

          If you had the ability to scroll down you would see Al Sharpton rented an apartment in the worst side of Chicago within the last few weeks. What else can he do? His only skill is a silver tongue, hes not the police.

          You know who the police are right? Theyre a group of people who get paid to stop violence and solve crimes. How can anything stop the violence when its the same people killing over and over and never getting caught. Should activists do the polices job as well?

          Here is your exact quotes
          "By the way, how many black children have been killed in Chicago lately by black on black violence?Why aren't your mouthpieces Sharpton and Jackass out protesting against THAT"

          Here is your quote just hours later completely backpedaling
          "If holding a "rally" is your idea of doing something, then you're a sad, pathetic indidual"

          So you say why arent they PROTESTING in CHICAGO? I show you 2 links, one from 2012 one from 2013, about them PROTESTING in CHICAGO.

          Then, after asking why they havent protested in Chicago you say anyone who thinks a rally will help is sad and pathetic. So by protesting you didnt mean rally? Theyre one in the same.

          You said they never protest Chicago. I proved they did. You proved nothing. Can i see a link where they DIDNT march the 20 cities? I doubt you can provide that youd need to hear it from someone else

          Also you say "if they were as active as when a white person is involved" when have they EVER did anything but protest/rally when a white person was involved.

          Once again stop cooking meth or whatever hillbilly activities youre into and provide some facts to back up the words from your toothless mouth. Only in WV will someone compmetely contradict their arguement then be like IM UP 5 ON DA INTURNETZ AHUCK AHUCK UR RACIST U WHITE AND SAY HILLBILLY ME THINKZ JACKASS IS CLEVER PLAY ON JACKSON

        • Clark

          Oh, now it's the name calling. Hillbilly is a racist term black people use. You know, like cracka. It's becoming clearer and clearer why you support Jesse and Sharpton. Because they're racists... just like YOU!

          Since reading comprehension is an obvious problem with you, I'll ask again . . . where are the marches??

          A year and a half ago Jackass said he was going to march in 20 cities. I asked you where are the marches. And you respond with . . . an article about jackass denouncing violence?

          One more time, since you intelligence isn't a strong point of yours: Where are the the marches in the 20 cities? It's only been a year and a half, so where are they? Maybe your 4 year old nephew can help you find where they happened since you aren't too good at it.

          By the way, how many black children have died in that time since Jackass did his grandstanding and still hasn't done anything but run his mouth?

          All you've done is continue to prove my point that Jackass and Sharpton DO NOTHING to stop black on black violence. If holding a "rally" is your idea of doing something, then you're a sad, pathetic indidual. If those two were as active with that as they are when a white person is involved, then maybe the senseless black on black violence would stop.

          But racists like them aren't interested in actual results when it involves their own. They're just interested in running their mouths and grandstanding.

          You know, like you do.

          It's a good idea that you just give up because all you're doing is embarrassing yourself. Posting a link about a rally to support your original link that Jackass is going to march in 20 cities. Yes, HILARIOUS!!!

          Final Score:

          Clark 5
          The Racist 0.

        • Jason

          And here's a link to correspond with my first link, its rally from August 2012http://www.suntimes.com/news/metro/14724619-418/jesse-jackson-joins-sikh-community-to-denounce-violence.html

          What did you say it was? Hilarious? You know me posting a link to a rally that never happened.

          Its hilarious to me you said that before taking 15 seconds to LEARN FACTS. People like you are never interested in what actually happened.

        • Jason

          Interesting. You post "facts" again with no source. My 4 year old nephew can use google, why cant you?

          Here is one asking for peace after zimmermanhttp://abclocal.go.com/wls/story?id=9171326

          Here is one for July

          Those are just for Chicago. And the first 2 links on google.

          Please respond with a post with corresponding facts or keep your hillbilly mouth shut

        • Clark

          Interesting. That article is from June. Of 2012!!

          First of all, where are the marches? Got anything to show where he had those marches? Of course not.

          Secondly, it's hilarious that your only reference to back up your loud mouth that Jackass is fighting black on black crime is an article that is nearly 1 1/2 years old. Without any supporting evidence that he carried out what he said he was going to do.

          As usual, all Jackass does is run his mouth. Which he does loud and clear, when a white person is involved in a killing of a black person. Oh, and he gladly carries out those rants with protests. You know, like the ones he SAID he was going to do with the black on black violene.

          Nice try. Actually, it wasn't.

      • Hillboy WV

        I would say because they are the ones who start trouble all the time and run their pie holes all the time. Just guessing.

      • Sherry

        Well said. So tired of bigotry & gun zeal. Makes me ashamed to be a West Virginian.

        • DonaldH

          You make me ashamed to be a West Virginian

        • must go!

          "ashamed to be a West Virginian"

          Then Leave!

          as for racsim; there is nobody more bigotry them those 2 dudes!

          I never heard those 2 blowhards saying anything when that white jogger was shot by those black teens; "because they were bored".

          • Jason

            You mean the white jogger killed by 3 teens, 2 black and 1 white.

            When white and black kids kill a white person how is that racist? Its stupid and sad, not racist

            It shows a picture of the white kid. Just another post of falsehoods posted as facts on metronews

    • MoMoney

      Its a black-on-black crime. Not worth the attention of the bigoted Sharpton and Jackson. Their hate rhetoric doesn't fit in here.

      • Clark

        Black on black violence is an epidemic and those two sit on their butts and only crawl out when a white person is involved.

        Despicable. Black people should shun those two hypocrite race baiters like they carry the Bubonic Plague. Instead, they embrace them. Then call someone who calls them out a racist.

        How ironic.

  • me

    No problem as long as he has a permit for that handgun. If so, justice served.

    • DonaldH

      Having a permit for the gun has nothing to do with "Self-Defense" -- If he hasn't a permit it doesn't mean he can't defend his life. Without a permit to carry at worst he should only be charged with just that, carrying without a CCP.

    • Shadow

      If not, justice served.

    • Darren

      Assuming Florida is an open carry state, he doesn't have to have a permit as long as it wasn't being concealed.

  • Michael

    I guess the Stand Your Ground Law gets tested again in Florida.

  • Martinsburg Resident

    This sounds like a justifiable tragic event... the aggressor apparently never heard the saying "Never bring a knife to a gun fight." I'm glad Mr. Saunders was armed and defended himself or this tragic event could have had a whole different ending.

  • JD R

    Good for him for protecting himself.

  • Mark C.

    I don't believe in killing & I don't own a gun but if someone came at me with a knife, I certainly wouldn't think twice.