WALLBACK, W.Va. — A Clay County father is in police custody for allegedly abusing his 7-week-old twin girls, causing severe injuries.

West Virginia State Police arrested Richard Solomon Osborne, 29, of Wallback, and charged him with child abuse resulting in serious injury.

State Police at the Clay Detachment received a call Tuesday from a social worker at Charleston Area Medical Center, Women and Children’s Hospital regarding suspected child abuse.


Troopers responded to the call and found that both infants had severe injuries including several broken bones and brain bleeds.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Clay County Magistrate Court, one infant had several brain hemorrhages and broken ribs while the other infant had a hematoma on the right side of her head and several broken bones, including both her legs, arms and her ribs.

Troopers said, on at least one occasion, Osborne grabbed the infants while they were crying and held them tightly against his chest until they stopped crying. Troopers believe that is what led to the infants’ injuries.

Osborne is currently being held at the Central Regional Jail on a $40,000 bond.

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  • Joe

    What an absolute waste of blood. He looks like a real tough guy.

    My prayers and thoughts to the babies.

    I know Christ is holding them gently now.

    To all, his justice will come, and it will be swift.

  • Tonya

    String him up by them and everyone take a bat, hit him eveywhere every hour. Then once he feels he will receive the final blow to end his misery, grab him shake him until his brain rattles in his skull then walk away. Let him feel what he has done to the poor babies.

  • bruce bailey

    my dad beat my mom to near death with a baseball bat and lifted the bat to my head right as a cop walked in the house and he got more than that, was sentenced the next day too...this is pathetic and he should have his nuts cut off, minced, and fed to him with a spoon...maybe a little garlic if te person is feeling nice. rot in hell you sick bastard

    • Shadow

      I prefer the Chinese method as shown in "The Sand Pebbles", death by a 1000 cuts. Doing that, we can spread around the fun.

    • must go!

      " nuts cut off, minced, and fed to him "

      I like your thinking!

  • Dorothy

    Ok your honor what is your excuse for this minor bail amount? I think you need to step off your bench. Where are the babies rights? He needs a very long jail term and no bail PERIOD !!!!!!!!!

  • CPA

    If found guilty of this horrible crime. He needs to be taken out, tied to a pole, and a bullet put into his head. This animal has given up his right to ever breath again.

    • con

      stop insulting animals. They wouldn't do that!

      • CPA

        So true.

  • brandy

    This is so sick I have twin girls and I love them to death I don't know how someone could do this he should not be let out on bond!!!!!!

  • Christina

    People like this do not deserve to have children nor allowed to step foot near a child.it breaks my heart & makes me sick to hear this.anybody who has the balls to hurt any child needs to be tortured,to get the same abuse as they inflicted & the needle.

  • Vicki

    That is horrible. Those poor babies will long term effects all their lives and possibly lose their lives due to the abuse they suffered at the hand of their father. Outrageous! He should be locked up for life, or better yet beat to within a fraction of death....

  • Kristina

    I don't think for a second that all he did was hold them tightly. There was likely some shaking and who knows what else! Poor babies. Why no mention of the mom? Where was she in all this?

    • Larry

      The news reported that the kids were taken from the mom because she was an unfit, worthless drug addict.

  • Linda carver

    My thoughts and prayers are with the babies.

  • Nicole smith

    Lock him up n throw away the key sick

  • Nichole Constantin

    There's a special place in Hell for him. He won't last in population very long!

  • Kathy Pryor

    Bond??!! Are you kidding me? Boy, you really can't fix stupid!!

    • Nichole Constantin

      The saddest part is these babies will suffer for the rest of their lives for what he did, if they pull through at all. He shouldn't have any bail and needs to be charged with attempted murder!

      • Shadow


  • Melanie

    I hope they kill that sob

  • Tammy Payton

    He should not have a bond what was that judge thinking giving that sick bastered a bond he needs to sit in jail and get the hell beat out of him

    • WhgFeeling

      Innocent until proven guilty.....then once guilty slow agonizing death.

    • Virginia Williams

      Tammy I agree with you. Hope he rots in Jail...

      • Mandy

        I agree, but not rot in jail, rot in hell!!