CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — A former Clarksburg mayor has changed political parties and is running for the state House of Delegates.  Margaret Bailey, a current Clarksburg city council member, announced her plans Thursday at the Harrison County Courthouse.

“I am so excited because I am finally coming back to my roots,” said Bailey.  She initially registered as a Republican in 1965, but changed her party affiliation to Democrat, at the urging of others, when she joined Clarksburg’s City Council in 1999.

“During this time, I have tried so hard to become part of the party and to be a team member, to be an advocate, but it has left me, many times, so empty and I am so excited to be back to the value systems that I have known all my life,” she said.

Bailey said people who have voted for her over the years have not really voted for a Democrat.  “I was elected to city council as a nonpartisan candidate and have served 14 years as a nonpartisan candidate,” she said.

On Wednesday, both Bailey and Diana Bartley, a longtime business owner in Lumberport, filed pre-candidacy papers for the 48th House district which covers all of Harrison County and a single precinct in Taylor County.

The current members of the 48th delegate district are House Speaker Tim Miley, a Democrat, and his fellow Democrats Ron Fragale and Richard Iaquinta, along with Republican Danny Hamrick who is in his first term.

Bailey was a guest on Thursday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

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  • Tom Jacquez

    If you had been informed Ms. Johnson concerning Ms. Bailey and her involvement on City Council with the corrupt Demolition program in Clarksburg which has literally stolen homes right out from property owners, you could have done so much better with your interview.

  • JS

    She became a democrat to get into office, essentially lying to the dems who voted for her. Typical politician. Would not vote for her to animal control officer.

    • Arthur

      JS .She actually won the first City Council Race in 1999 as a Republican and was pressured to switch by the Democrat Party Hacks who thought they ran the City.