Alpha Natural Resources is planning to reduce it’s workforce.

Company officials announced Thursday that they plan to eliminate around 230 positions throughout the organization in an effort to reduce costs.

The plan involves further reducing operating and support expenses by at least $200 million in 2014 and beyond. It’s part of an ongoing effort by the company to better align it’s overhead and corporate support with its reduced operational footprint.

Officials said about 100 of those positions are currently empty and they will not be filled. Most of the positions that will be impacted are salaried.

The details on exactly what positions are being cut have not been released.

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  • eduardo

    Hopefully a little less land raping from AT Massey in the future...

  • Jdawg

    So it's salary jobs that will be lost and that is suppose to make it better?

    • CaptainQ


  • Spell Checker

    Hate to bust the preconceived notions of most readers but you sure can't blame this one on any single political party or person--American economics is at work in this case.

    The ongoing effort to "better align it's (sic) overhead and corporate support with its reduced operational footprint" is corporation-speak for management's effort to improve the profit margin for the greedy stockholders at the cost of 230 incomes.

    At least they didn't wait until Christmas. I guess there will be fewer "Friends of Coal (Owners)" plates on vehicles now, but I doubt it.

    • Rick S.

      How do you know the stockholders are greedy? Do you personally know all of them?

      I checked msn money, and it shows that Alpha Natural Resources pays no dividend and had a net profit margin of -8.02% last year, on a net loss of $470,200,000. That is a lot of loss. Looking at that, I can see why management might do something to try to improve the profit (actually, loss) margin.

      So basically, the stockholders have seen the value of their stock drop by about 35% in the past year and receive no dividend. Is expecting a little bit better than that really being greedy?

    • Shadow

      I thought that it was the purpose of a company to make money. Samuel Gompers said that the worst thing that a company could do for its employees was not to make money and he was a unlon man.

      • The bookman

        Anybody with a retirement account is a greedy stockholder...yeah, lots of cigar smoking rich guys hold stocks too, but the lion's share are regular guys and matter how many times you preach it there's always the comment about corporate profits making the rich richer at the expense of the working man...amazing!

      • WVUGRAD1995

        Samuel Gompers
        Cigar Maker
        Party Meister

    • DC

      spoken like a true Obama fan

      • Spell Checker

        Respectfully no, sir or madam--just an independent observer.

      • The bookman

        Why the knee jerk reaction and then the ensuing spin...the announcement coincides with their 3rd quarter earnings report, and if you took the time to read it would explain that this consummates a lengthy consolidation in the market place due to many extraneous factors, including availability of natural gas and current and future regulatory requirements...and as noted in the story it is the elimination of 230 positions, not individuals, in that 100 positions are currently vacant...these are also salaried positions, not hourly and will not result in a decrease in production...they are actually optimistic that met coal is slowly rebounding...their stock is currently up on the yes it is economics at work, which is a science not an American invention, but not for the reasons you state nor for the effect you list... It's called weathering the storm, positioning yourself to grow when market conditions return...hopefully sooner than later!