CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The West Virginia Democratic Party will hold its largest fundraiser of the year this weekend. The Jefferson-Jackson Dinner Saturday night will celebrate the career of U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller.

“The commitment to West Virginia and what he has done is unbelievable,” according to state Democratic Party Chairman Larry Puccio. “This is our way of saying, ‘Thank you.'”

Rockefeller announced earlier this year he would not run for reelection in 2014 after 50 years in West Virginia politics. Vice President Joe Biden will be on hand to honor the senior senator. Puccio said even after the party had to postpone the dinner due to the partial federal shutdown last month, Biden was determined to attend the event.

“When it needed to be rescheduled they did everything they could, [Biden’s] staff, to be able to have him come back in and be with us,” explained to Puccio. “He made it clear he did want to participate in this event to honor the senator.”

Rockefeller and Biden have served in the U.S. Senate together for 27 years.

Puccio said this is the biggest Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in many years. More than 1,800 people have registered to attend. It’s a sellout.

“We’ve seen so many people [make reservations] that we haven’t seen at dinners or functions for many, many years. They just want to be involved, show up and show support for the senator and his family,” explained Puccio.

It’s a good year for the party to have a big turnout at the dinner said Puccio. The money raised will go into the coffers to help elect Democrats during 2014 election.

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  • Tim C

    I think Rocky deserves honor and praise. At least we didn't have to wait until he died to leave office.

  • D.P.

    Dell and Mike - I'm just the opposite of you two! I was a LIFE LONG DEM until the Obummer Administration! ALL of the LIES and SCANDALS and this SOCIALIST POTUS has the BALLS to tell the American public he HAS NOT BEEN LYING and ALL THE SCANDALS have been "Phony." Just as sickening, are ALL of the Dem Flunkies (politicians and voters) who refuse to question this LYING JERK!!!

    If the Lame Stream/Lap Top Media had not been so disgustingly complicit, this SOCIALIST PHONY would be well on his way toward being being impeached!!!

    Thank God for Obamacare!!! Due to this DISASTER, there is now going to be a sea change in public sentiment toward BHO and the Far Left Wing Dems. Republicans will DEFINITELY retain the House and VERY PROBABLY regain the Senate!!!

    It truly is frightening if Obummer were to have a Dem Senate and House for the rest of his term! If so, this Country would be well on its way to becoming a COMMUNIST NATION! Just the way Obummer planned it!!!!! Remember his pledge to "Fundamentally change the Country?"

    As to Jay, I voted for him numerous times in my younger years. Fortunately I woke up and realized he WAS HURTING both WV and the Country!!! Good riddance you Liberal Hack!!!

  • Dell

    So, so tired of the GOP hatred rhetoric, as evidenced in the previous comments, which is why I changed parties after thirty years as a Republican. Rockefeller and his staff have served the state well for as long as I can remember, whether or not we agreed with all of his positions. The man deserves our respect and gratitude.

    • Mike

      Well said. I was a Republican for many years until I saw the on-going hatred for, and the destruction of, anyone or anything that prevented them from having controlling power. Been an independent ever since.

      • joey


  • twb

    these comments are disgusting. but then again its double speak from church going christian Republicans.
    sad. very sad.

  • Mike

    Limousine liberal and a disaster for WV for the past 36+ years. A coal-hater in the early 70s who changed his tune to get elected then returned to his true colors when he knew he wouldn't win against Shelley.

  • Independent View

    @ Stan the Man. It is people like you in WV that have perputated politicians that pander to those that feel entitled. To chastise Rocky for not maintaining and expanding federal pork barrel spending in WV and then, on the other hand extolling Byrd's pork barrel legacy doesn't square. Rocky was and is a "Pork-barrel Liberal" the only problem was he wasn't smart enough and shifty enough and there were too many other Pork-barrel Liberals standing in line ahead of him for him to become an impact player. But, give him credit, his legacy is safe becauses he brought tons of pork back to WV in the form of subsidising WV airports and airline flights that, without being subsidised with Fed. dollars would not exist. For this name is permanately affix to the terminal at Yeager Airport. His name is alo plastered on Senior Center's Clinics, etc.
    His voting in lockstep with Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid and the "Chosen One" will not be missed by this West Virginian!

  • David Kennedy

    If Tom Jefferson or Andy Jackson were alive today and were to attend this gala; I'm sure one of them would bring a noose. ha ha ha They were very serious about the banking industry and the Constitution. ha ha ha....Actually put their lives at stake for what they believed in... What a terrible joke our politico's have become to this nation. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Tuffy

    Don't let the door hit you in the rear on your way back to New York. Good riddance and take the rest of the Dem-Wits with you.

  • joey

    dinner & rocky both sellouts, what a fitting end.

  • thornton

    Actually, Jay arrived with a suitcase....I forgot.

  • Wirerowe

    Rough crowd. We would not have had Toyota and some of the other Japanese firms without him.Didn't have the best two terms as Governor.But the national economy wasn't goodWas elected for many terms here in part because his money scared people off and Governor Moore did not make him spend it all. Tried hard in Washington , but in the later years lock step with liberal drift of the party in energy gun control and other areas was not consistent with the more conservative West Virginia as union influence died out. Even though he attained important committe chairmanships it seemed almost too plebeian to scrap and fight for the pork. He never really reached his expectations and promises because his abilites were much more limited than the resume. but he served the state relatively well for 40 years and i think in a way he probably got a little attached to the state certainly more than his family and more than the state got attached to him Best wishes Senator. Thank you for your service. No one has to offer up a suitcase. It probably has neen packed for sometime.

    • David Kennedy

      Actually, the Toyota Plant was built in Lexington, Ky. We got a tiny crumb with the engine plant in Charleston.
      I interviewed with them in 1983, Several of the support industries were already built on the campus and the UAW had their brand new headquarters ready to go.
      All the time West Virginia was being told that the plant would be built here in the mountain state.
      I was called and told all of the assembly line jobs would be given to Kentuckians, and I thanked them for their honesty.
      What I'm saying is this...we never get the Pie...we get a crumb or two...buts that's all we are good for when we sell our vote for a hot dog and a $5 bill.

      • Wirerowe

        It is a major engine and transmission facility that employs well in excess of a 1000 people and has had four multimillion dollar expansions since opening. It has helped with other Japanese auto suppliers in the state. Kentucky is a right to work state and if you could find flat ready to go acreag in West Virginia comparable to what Georgetown has that would be a nice revelation.

        • David Kennedy

          Wheeling and Martinsburg both had land and rail facilities. That project could have saved Wheeling. Both locations would have had great regional impact on their areas. Wheeling tying us to Pittsburgh and saving some of the steel industry in that area while using the bonus of river transport. Managed properly, that car plant would have put us ahead of the financial curve by 20 years.

    • The bookman

      I think you sum it up nicely! And I also think he holds the same fondness of West Virginia that many outside the state do. He chose to hold his residence in Greenbank of all places, and I think that he sees this as a summer retreat... A quiet place to relax with the grand kids...that's not a bad thing but as you noted, not really the attitude we need in Washington as our advocate for change...tourism is nice to promote, but he really did more for the state bringing industry to the state early in his career than his liberal fall from grace in his later career in Washington...we need people with a vision to lead us out of the wilderness, not back into it!

  • ThanksJay

    You may not agree with his political views, but Rockefeller is a man that has served this state with honor for more than 40 years. He deserves a thank you and respect. There would be no Toyota here without him. What have you ever done worthwhile for West Virginia?

    • mauldawg

      What drugs are you on. If he was so damn great why are we last or next to last in all things that are important. Education,poverty,income etc. Jay will not be missed. This state has so many low information voters that just vote for whom ever will give them free everything. When your to damn lazy to work and you trade food stamps for beer and drugs why would you vote for anyone else?

  • Joe

    Anyone my age remember what happened when John Denver introduced him durng the opening ceremony of Mountaineer Field? That pretty much sums it up!

  • sunnycal

    Go back to New York.

    • thornton

      In all ways...he never left New York.

  • Old Dodge

    Will he come back from D.C. to live in Pocahontas county or leave W.V. now that he is done with us???

    • The bookman

      What would you prefer...really want to run into good ole Jay at Henry's store or get stuck behind him ringing up at Dollar General...can you picture that? Sorry, I gotta stop!