Three-star linebacker Xavier Preston also plays receiver at Jensen Beach (Fla.) High School.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Three-star outside linebacker Xavier Preston of Jensen Beach, Fla., announced his commitment to West Virginia via Twitter late Thursday night, becoming the 15th pledge to the Mountaineers’ 2014 class.

“Committed to West Virginia #MountaineerNation.” read his first tweet, followed minutes later by “Let me get my West Virginia apparel up!”

At 6-foot-2 and 219 pounds, Preston projects at the Spur linebacking position currently being manned by sophomore Isaiah Bruce. He had Louisville, Rutgers, N.C. State and South Florida among his five finalists. He also held offers from Illinois, Indiana, UCF, Cincinnati and Wake Forest.

Rivals senior writer Keenan Cummings, whose website confirmed the commitment, called Preston “an explosive linebacker who has the ability to play several positions on the West Virginia defense. He has the size and athleticism that WVU needs at the linebacker position.”

Preston visited Morgantown for the Georgia State game Sept. 14 and left campus pronouncing WVU as his frontrunner. His chief recruiter was running backs coach JaJuan Seider, brought aboard last spring because of his recruiting relationships in Florida.

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  • D.P.

    Dave - You're a CLUELESS JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jwg66

    Rich Braham - walked on! Adam Pac Man Jones - 2 stars..... You can't just look at the stars. They don't measure heart or citizenship or even ability to enroll/stay in school. I think this staff has generally gotten decent talent but there has been alot of attrition. And, we are still having trouble recruiting CB's and DL's... Hard to have the depth to compete in our new league with the departure rate so high and obvious difficulty covering WR's/pressuring QB's....... And, clearly we did not have Geno's replacement in the program.

  • big tom

    we need to recruit hard as we can,, we are behind, but we can catch up in time,,, we have really good facilities and will continue to improve,,, at some pt, we will have some of the best,, just give us time, and money

  • BigFoot1970

    Maybe we need to let JD start paying the players and we would start getting these 4 and 5 star recruits. Anyways the star system don't mean $&@t. Players are developed by coaching and a strong strength and conditioning program. Due to the amount of injuries that WVU is enduring this year it is evident that WVU strength and conditioning is subpar. Our offensive line seems very weak and would have trouble with a strong high school team. Defense we are short a couple of cover corners and would be ok. We are closer there than we was last year but still need some help. Then coach holgerson is going to have to decide if he likes being a head coach and cut some strings with his coaches and get him some assistant coaches that can actually coach these kids up.

  • Mister Man

    I can't believe someone said WVU fans flood the Marshall boards. Nobody floods the Marshall boards, even the Marshall fans.

  • Chef Camille

    I am sooooo excited!!!! I will not sleep a wink this year.

  • John

    I've heard coaches from all the sports at WVU say that recruiting has gotten much better since joining the Big 12. The 2013 and now the 2014 classes seem solid and maybe very good. It will get better just because of the conference we are in and the TV exposure. Give it time and we will be fine. We don't yet know what our coaching staff has. They need time. For gosh sakes, Dana has had what 1 recruiting class come as a head coach? And we all know the cupboard was bare when he took over.

  • big tom

    I really think our recruiting will pick up, we have some very good recruiters, and it will pay dividends if we can keep them on board.
    I would concentrate on border states and florida... I am no so sure spending time in texas will be beneficial, but who knows maybe we can pickup some OL which we need dearly and get some CB's from florida,,, linebackers, NJ.. .we don't seem to recruit there anymore,,,,,,
    another idea,,, get Rutgers back on the schedule... their program should be stimulated by going into the big 10.

  • smitty13

    hey squad

    for your information Fox news is the only news show that deals in real truth! From these comments about this article and recruiting, I believe that most people are not saying we need to improve our recruiting if we are to compete in this new conference. Yes that means more 4 and 5 star recruits. Now everyone nows we cannot get all 4 and 5, but we do need to get more than we have had. It seems that anyone that does not believe everything you believe is crap. Take a good look in the mirror!!!!

    • Keith J

      If you build the program, they will come. Being in a respected conference with good television coverage is a good foundation.

  • don

    It doesn't make any difference how many stars they have if you don't have any body to coach them. Lord knows we need help in the secondary and defensive back. LOTS OF HELP1

  • tw eagle

    with the decline of the industrial base (coal, iron, steel,auto) in the USA, the level of players from this region has also declined . . .
    note the regression in ability to compete nationally from Michigan and OSU . . .the two behemoths in the mid-west who draw all the local top talent . . .OSU has moved to bolster a more national recruiting base by hiring Meyer . . .

    but it's gonna almost be a 'mission impossible' to get the top rated recruits to go to cold weather arena to play ball . . .ergo , WVU has little if nil chance to attract top rated recruits . . .there is always the exception , and gwaltney was this exception ,
    and he showed why he wasn't signed by a big U . . .but we got Scooter Berry out of the deal , and I consider that a BIG win . . .

    the only way WVU gets into position to snare top recruits is to provide an arena that
    will excite the recruits , it has to be more than a green field and blue skies . . .to negate the negative recruiting , WVU needs a Mountaineer Field that is enclosed . . .with the move to the XII and some revenue streams opened by AD Luck , this idea of an enclosed football facility starts to become more than a dream. . .

  • mentalvoyeur

    I'm sure Holgerson will coach him down to a one star player quickly enough. Holgerson has a knack for taking good players and turning them into mediocre ones.

    • Jock Strap

      Yeah guess you're right he did such a terrible job coaching the offense at Houston, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and with WVU last year. Hard to believe he's been coaching 20 years as bad as he his don't you think? Some need to get real, it's one thing not to like the man for whatever reason but it's a proven fact that he can coach offense, that being said, it doesn't mean he will be a good head coach or not we will have to wait and see about that.

      • mentalvoyeur

        you think 7-6 is a good year. we need to have a talk about the difference between a good year and a .538 year don't we. 7-6 not too shabby. lmao

      • mentalvoyeur

        and you think he did a good job with us last year?

        • Jock Strap

          I didn't say wins, I said offensive numbers and yes they put up good offensive numbers last year. You said he couldn't coach and I said he was a good offensive coach and to be determined if he becomes a good head coach.

  • DUB V

    Help the young man get his WVU gear up.........

  • Dave

    Wow...what great comments. Yes, I fully understand that we Do Not get a lot of 4 or 5 star recruits.

    But, we want to play for national championships, right?

    We moved into a stronger conference, right? Given that the Big East basically imploded and we DIDN'T get selected by the ACC or Big Ten, or others.

    We NEED to recruit 4 and 5 star players better. Or we will be leading from the rear of the Big 12 until they decide that we don't "fit" the model anymore.

    As for the comments on Don, or Rich...I like Don; but I remember us asking Bowden to come home that many of you do? Rich wanted more control and money...that didn't happen and he jumped for a chance to lead a premier school. He did it badly...and will probably never be welcomed back into his home county (Marion County) or for that matter the WVU fold.

    So that leaves us with were do we want the Mountaineer nation to go...up or down...or just enough to get a chance every now and then at a shot at the title.

    The comments on here say it all....."PLEASE DON'T EXPECT MORE from WVU or it's coaching staff"! We don't like change, or to be challanged!

    As for the other school in the state...I won't even give a reply.

    • scott

      There all as good as or better than your comments...and far more realistic.

      What has changed that is going to make all these 4-5 star guys start coming to M town Dave?

      Luck leaving WVU because of recruiting? The AD leaves due to recruiting?

      Yes Dave..if only we had your keen insight.You and Matt huh?

  • Ron_jeremy

    Speed is the key to success on defense.

    We sign a 3 star recruit who is projected to be Spur linebacker -- the kid has the frame to add some weight. He is obviously a skill guy as he also plays receiver. So, I'll take this 3-star kid and bet he turns into a very, very solid player.

    Hey Dave -- Do you really think we land 4 and 5 start kids on a regular basis? Not too sure where you get your info -- obviously not the same 4 sources I check out.