Three-star linebacker Xavier Preston also plays receiver at Jensen Beach (Fla.) High School.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Three-star outside linebacker Xavier Preston of Jensen Beach, Fla., announced his commitment to West Virginia via Twitter late Thursday night, becoming the 15th pledge to the Mountaineers’ 2014 class.

“Committed to West Virginia #MountaineerNation.” read his first tweet, followed minutes later by “Let me get my West Virginia apparel up!”

At 6-foot-2 and 219 pounds, Preston projects at the Spur linebacking position currently being manned by sophomore Isaiah Bruce. He had Louisville, Rutgers, N.C. State and South Florida among his five finalists. He also held offers from Illinois, Indiana, UCF, Cincinnati and Wake Forest.

Rivals senior writer Keenan Cummings, whose website confirmed the commitment, called Preston “an explosive linebacker who has the ability to play several positions on the West Virginia defense. He has the size and athleticism that WVU needs at the linebacker position.”

Preston visited Morgantown for the Georgia State game Sept. 14 and left campus pronouncing WVU as his frontrunner. His chief recruiter was running backs coach JaJuan Seider, brought aboard last spring because of his recruiting relationships in Florida.

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  • Dave

    Wow...what great comments. Yes, I fully understand that we Do Not get a lot of 4 or 5 star recruits.

    But, we want to play for national championships, right?

    We moved into a stronger conference, right? Given that the Big East basically imploded and we DIDN'T get selected by the ACC or Big Ten, or others.

    We NEED to recruit 4 and 5 star players better. Or we will be leading from the rear of the Big 12 until they decide that we don't "fit" the model anymore.

    As for the comments on Don, or Rich...I like Don; but I remember us asking Bowden to come home that many of you do? Rich wanted more control and money...that didn't happen and he jumped for a chance to lead a premier school. He did it badly...and will probably never be welcomed back into his home county (Marion County) or for that matter the WVU fold.

    So that leaves us with were do we want the Mountaineer nation to go...up or down...or just enough to get a chance every now and then at a shot at the title.

    The comments on here say it all....."PLEASE DON'T EXPECT MORE from WVU or it's coaching staff"! We don't like change, or to be challanged!

    As for the other school in the state...I won't even give a reply.

    • scott

      There all as good as or better than your comments...and far more realistic.

      What has changed that is going to make all these 4-5 star guys start coming to M town Dave?

      Luck leaving WVU because of recruiting? The AD leaves due to recruiting?

      Yes Dave..if only we had your keen insight.You and Matt huh?

  • Ron_jeremy

    Speed is the key to success on defense.

    We sign a 3 star recruit who is projected to be Spur linebacker -- the kid has the frame to add some weight. He is obviously a skill guy as he also plays receiver. So, I'll take this 3-star kid and bet he turns into a very, very solid player.

    Hey Dave -- Do you really think we land 4 and 5 start kids on a regular basis? Not too sure where you get your info -- obviously not the same 4 sources I check out.

  • Dave

    Stedman Bailey ***
    Tyrann Mathieu ***
    LaMichael James ***
    Montee Ball ***
    Terrance Williams **
    Michael Crabtree **
    Johnny Manziel ***

  • big tom

    I see nothing wrong with his recruitment,,, many 3 stars have risen to the level of 5 stars..
    we recruit these guys, red shirt them and down the road, hopefully we're back in business...
    but we do need some 5 star off. linemen and a great qb,,, stew and doc could bring in the qb's ,why not dana
    hopefully , deforest is seeing his last days atwvu.

  • GFS does not have him rated at all. Maybe later. We could survive in the big east with three star players. We don't have to have five star players, but if we don't get four star or strong three stars we are never going to compete in the big 12. They way this year has gone, I will be surprised if Crest and a few others sign when the day comes.

    • Dave


    • Patrick

      You will definitely be surprised then. All the recruits have expressed their love for Holgs and this coaching staff. They know we are an inexperienced team without a lot of depth yet. You also need to look at the classes for most of the Big 12, SEC, Pac 12, and Big Ten teams because they are mostly made up of 3 star players.

  • j

    Noel Devine was a 5. Fact is, look at the RichRod classes where 3 stars were mostly considered a steal for us. We has a lot of 2 stars then. Good pick up!

  • steve

    Can anyone name our last 5*-Jason Gwaltney ring a bell? Prob not because he was not around long enough. You put too much emphasis on the star system.

    • Grant

      Tavon Austin and Noel Devine did OK

  • Allan

    I apologize, Rivals had TA at four stars.

    • Patrick

      Scout had him as a 5 star

  • Allan

    Why does everyone get caught up in those damn stars. Just off the top of my head, Tavon Austin was a 3 star. Secondly, no 5 star is coming to WV, there aren't that many that get 5 star ratings anyway and if they do, they go to the likes of Alabama. You look for athleticism and coach them up, that is, if you have the coach to do that and the rest is up to the young man.

  • wvajoker

    "A performance that lost a lot of fans scores a run of the mill athlete."

    Come on Matt. If any fans were lost they weren't fans anyway. They were MU fans that like to post on WVU articles and look ridiculous. Maybe you should be a WVU recruiter and get some of the 5-stars to come to WV. You sound like you want the impossible done by someone else but don't how to do it yourself. Just like so many....have all the answers but don't know the questions.

    • HAHA

      I am going to start keeping track of delusional WVU fans who blame everything on Marshall. I think it is getting funny to see you blame a "non-rival" for everything.

      • GoEers

        It's mostly Marshall fans like yourself that read these articles and make ignorant hate filled comments. Maybe you should start keeping track of all the Marshall trolls on here.

        • HAHA

          GOEERs, I see I missed your above comment also, so let me provide some context. Marshall moves to CUSA after a great time in MAC starts losing and blames travel, step up in competition and that fact it will take time to adjust. WVU fans (living in there glory years of BCS stuff) flood Marshall board saying all this was an excuse and MU just stinks. Now that WVU is dealing with the same issues...well it is Marshall fans that need to shut up.

          • Richard


            The step up did hurt Mars U. However the loss of Pennington and Leftwich is bigger. They are sub .500 without them. WVU fans better be prepared to accept 8-4 records with run at a conference championship every once in a while.

          • HAHA

            I need either an English class or a typing class.

        • HAHA

          Haven't seen many lately Marshall fans over here lately. How is my comment hate filled. My Marshall team is self imploding - should be undefeated, but can't even do that in a soft CUSA. I love sports. If you haven't noticed, our state is 90% (prolly to low) WVU fans so if I am going to follow sports, I "have to" follow WVU. I just think it is funny how many times a "non rival" team is the source of your problems.

    • Matt

      WVU has lost fans since the season started. Their poor performance against Georgia State predicted their season.

      If you believe this "star" system then you know nothing about college football. There is no basis on how to judge these kids on a "star" system. Most 5 star kids end up washing out and 3 star kids gain an NFL contract.

      This kid is an average DI run of the mill player. NONE of his offers have come from a top 10 school. If he chose WVU over FSU or Miami then I would be impressed. Until then, he's a nobody playing in the BIG 12.

      • scott

        Matt has spoken!!!!!!!!

      • rdl

        Matt, have u seen this kid play?

  • Matt

    How can anyone have been impressed with WVU at the Georgia State game? A performance that lost a lot of fans scores a run of the mill athlete.

  • Dave

    3-Star Recruit!!! Are we all DUMB & STUPID!!!

    Why are we celebrating a 3-star recruit who only had offers from "Louisville, Rutgers, N.C. State and South Florida among his five finalists. He also held offers from Illinois, Indiana, UCF, Cincinnati and Wake Forest. "

    Wow!!! WE have sunk to a new LOW! We are thrilled to get a 3-star recruit....

    It's official....WVU has now become Marshall...and that is why Luck will leave us for UT.

    Sad, sad day to be a graduate of WVU!

    • mauldawg

      Dave, Willing to bet you never made it thru HS let alone WVU.. Just stay home and collect all your free bennies from your Master BHO. By the way how many stars were you rated coming out of school? Do us a fav,if OL does leave why don't you go with him.

    • wvfan22

      Still amazes me people put so much into the # of stars a recruit has. Pick your 5 favorite WVU players in the last 10 years, then go back and look at what they were rated. The kids rating does not judge his work ethic or heart.

    • Art in Ohio

      If you look at some reports on recruiting you will see that the WVU is going to have a good class...look at West Virgina 247. This three star recruit also had an offer from Georgia Tech. As far as becoming Marshall.....Per Blue Gold News Marshall is ranked at number 82 while WVU will end up middle 40"s after this recruit is figured in. I believe WVU will end up with 23 signed in Feb.

      Pat White, Steve Slaton, and a few other players in the pros were three star recruits.

      If Luck leaves its because Texas is the richest school in America and I believe his main job was to get WVU in a major conference. WVU recruiting is not one of his reasons to leave.

      There were time in the 50's---60's--up and including the present that people thought this program was dead in the water and it has always comes back with great teams. Its never a sad day to be a Mountineer ---- except for the death of Bill Stewart---now that was a sad day.

    • squad

      and when this recruit reads this.?????

      ..You know the one thing that's changed since Fox news? People like this who don't know anything just shoot their mouths off. they feel somehow its ok to do so. before Fox, people had some sense of embarrassment to spew such a thing. You know, one option is always to keep quiet.

      they spend most of their time around a keg drinking what they call beer.

      • Doug

        ..You know one thing that's changed since Fox news? People like this who don't know anything just shoot their mouths off.......You just became a hipocrite in your first two sentences.

        This is the sports section. You can find Chris Matthews on another site.

    • Ken B

      A recruiting perspective.......source

      from 2003 thru 2013...WVU had a total of five 5 star and 26 4 star recruits. 4 of the 5 stars actually got playing time; as did 9 of the 4 stars
      That's 0.36 5 star players per year
      That's 0.82 4 star players per year
      3 star players by year...2003-thru 2013....5,6,9,4,18,15,12,12,15,18,18
      by coach...RR 5,6,9,4,18
      BS 15,12,12
      DH 15,18,18

      guess I just don't see a bad trend here
      notable 4 and 5 stars...for all the wrong reasons
      Joe Sykes, Jason Gwaltney, Ryan Brinson, Gino Gradkowski, Junius Lewis, Terence Kerns, Charlie Russell, Tevita Finau(twice)
      Terence Kerns(again),Dominik Davenport, Deon Long, Logan Heastie, Jeremy Johnson, Deon Long(again), Sam Lebbie, Deontay McManus....It was nice never knowing you!!!!
      Notable 3 stars.....Johnny Dingle(of Feista Bowl Dingle Berry fame), Daruis Reynaud, Steve Slaton, Jock Sanders,Julian Miller,Robert Sands,Joe Madsen,Stedman Bailey, Darwin Cook, Shaq Rowell, Joshua Francis, Karl Joseph, Brandon Golson, Dreamis Smith,
      Than of course the wasted 2 stars.....
      Eric Wicks, Vaughn Rivers, Marc Magro,Keilen Dykes, Pat White, Ryan Stanchek,Mike Dent,Jake Figner,Mortty Ivy, Selvish Capers, Reed Williams, Scooter Berry....did these guys really trash Oklahoma??? and than Chris Neild, JT Thomas, Will Clarke,Jewone Snow,Ishmael Banks,Curtis Feigt, Terence Garvin,Pat Eger,Nick O'Toole
      Sorry to be so lengthy

      Just thought it would be novel to inject some actual facts into the comments

    • GoEers

      Only dumb and stupid one is you. And don't say we. You are a jealous Marshall troll.

    • jfk

      wow I remember us getting 1 and 2 star players out of HS and make them 3 and 4 star players. Dave you must be one of them young wipper snappers who knows not.

    • Uncle Unnctuous

      Dave evidently has not been paying attention to the realities of recruiting.

    • rdl

      Star ratings don't mean anything. They are rated only on who offers them scholar ships. Most people that rate them have never seen them play.

    • Kevin F.

      Steve Slaton = 3 star
      Pat White = 2 star
      Owen Schmitt = no stars
      Darius Reynaud = 3 star
      Donny Barclay = 3 star
      Will Johnson = 2 star
      Jock Sanders = 2 star
      Keith Tandy = 3 star
      Chris Neild = 3 star
      Robert Sands = 2 star
      Stedman Bailey =3 star
      Nick Kwiatkoski (best LB on the team) = 3 star

      Would you like me to continue?

      • david booth

        You are talking over a 10 year period.Programs start with line play up front.THAT IS WHERE WE CAN T COMPETE.

      • david booth

        yes that worked in the BigEast not the Big Boy Conference.

      • wvfan22

        thank you for posting this. i could care less how many stars a kid has.

      • Whatamoroon

        Good memory. You should also include that Tavon Alston was a 5 star recruit, until he committed to Bill Stewart. He lost a star because he came here. Rating services are all BS if you follow them.

      • Richard


        We did not get Slaton as a result of our recruiting. Good ol Ralphy Boy at Maryland pulled his scholarship.

        • rdl

          Richard, he had other places he could have gone to besides WVU and Md. Apparently we were recruiting him.

        • Kevin F.

          Richard, did we offer Slaton?? IF so, then we recruited him........MAybe he came to us because Fat Boy yanked his scholly but we still recruited him

      • PC in CLE

        Thank you. Wish I had your memory (or more likely internet skills). You can tell the fans who started following WV in mid-2000's.

    • Doug

      Some people said the same thing about Pat White.

    • Concerned

      Apparently you're unaware that we are now getting some of the highest rated prospects ever at wvu. Nehlen would have done a cartwheel.

    • Chuck

      You are retarded and have no clue how recruiting works. Rich rod recruited 2 four stars while at wvu over his time here. Stewart recruited 5. Stars do not matter. It's talent evaluation. Stars are made by which schools recruit you.

      • Rock Solid

        Chuck: You are right on! In todays world there are scouting services everywhere and they all throw out "stars" beside everyone's name. Same philosophy as every kid who plays little kids sports should get a trophy whether they win or lose. The stars have diluted the worth of having stars to the point of becoming irrelivent. ESPN has their top 300. What a crock. If you arn't in the top 50 at your position, your stars are worthless! WVU hardly ever gets a top 50 period. We find ours from under the rocks or we don't get them. The question to ask is why WVU can't attract any. God knows we have spent and are spending lots of money. Remember we don't have Mylan money anymore and the rich people in WVa. are disappearing.

    • Jock Strap

      Yeah I see your point not the 4 and 5 star recruit like we have regularly signed in the past. No wonder it's a down year. Are you for real? That's been our recruiting for ever mostly 3's or less and occasionally a 4 here or there,

      • Joseph Goebbels

        You're right, we've always recruited 3 stars and rarely a 4 and 5 star... So, what was the point in joining the Big12?-- to improve our recruiting is one reason I remember being given...

      • ed

        Jock, do you know how many 5 stars we average per year? I think you would be suprised we get very few 5 stars.

        • Jock Strap

          That was my point, it was sarcasm then reality of our normal recruiting base.

      • Kevin

        Exactly. What a complete idiot. This is by far our best recruiting class in years from a ratings standpoint. Some people's ignorance is staggering.

        • squad

          I agree. it sucks to have them around. they are the type who really have no friends. no one wants that negativity blasting at them. bet people tolerate em in their non cyber-life

          • WVWho

            I live in morgantown and do not support marshall. You must be the special one. I'm a realist.

        • WVWho

          How does this best class relate to the rest of the big 12? Without double digit four stars 6-6 or 7-5 will be the norm.

          • WVWho

            Check out a few programs in the SEC this year for example. Tennessee has been a dumpster fire for 4 years and always had "top 25" recruiting classes. That still put them at 10th or 11th in the conference. They get a new coach from Cincy and they now have a top 5 class with at least 15 4 or 5 star guys. It's the only way to be competitive in the big boy conferences. All of the 2 & 3 stars mentioned were GREAT against Big East competition and then playing ONE game a year against a better out of conference foe. You need the horses to run in this race and the 2 and 3 stars won't cut it.

          • Kevin

            You live in a fantasy land. Double digit four stars?? One or two a year is the best you can hope for, ever, unless Nick Saban magically becomes our coach and even then he would have a hard time recruiting blue chippers to Morgantown. Before this year we would have 8-10 two star players in there, this year two. All threes and a four. Ratings wise, it's the best we have ever had.

          • GoEers

            What team are you a fan of?


            They don't even play for championships anymore. They Play for the Front because no one knows the names on the back!

            LMFAO at you for reading and commenting on WVU articles!!

    • Hop'sHip

      Here I'll crown him a five-hash prospect if that would make you happy. (Sorry, Can't find my star key this morning):

      Xavier Preston # # # # #

  • matt

    ye Holgerson should have hired Jajuan Sieder when he first gut here not the Harvard unproven takes more than just a harvard degree to coach college football and recruit

    • Hailey

      You could use any degree...was that English I just read?

  • JaneM

    Hope he don't change his mine, sounds like a good prospect..

  • Steve

    Very nice job by Seider!