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  • WVU82MD

    My apologies to the group.....I went on a rant. Its OK to disagree if you have the knowledge or expertise to do so. I can't legitimately berate the coaches as I simply don't have the expertise. That said, I can trash the behavior of the head coach on the sideline. I know how he feels..... I dealt with it with my own son.....a D1 player in a fringe sport....thank god for my wife. I watched his coach handle it so well.....but I often blew up and later regretted my behavior....its difficult.....we expect NFL results when reality says .064 of all college football players ever set foot in an NFL locker room.

  • WVU82MD


    I'm not from West Virginia. I didn't claim to be an expert based on my high school success. I did, however attempt to to have those of sound mind realize the complexities of this game and realize how difficult coaching is at this level. I can tell that, based on your post, this is far beyond you. I will however refer you to the can be the building block to your success in the future....repeat after me we will learn simple spelling and if your a good boy we may move to complete sentences. Sorry, I know reading this is quite a chore.

  • D.P.

    Jon - Rich Rod WILL NEVER BE the Coach of WV again!!! Had he not left WV in such a TOTALLY CLASLESS MANNER, Maybe. Given the way he left, his chance of ever coaching here again is ZIP, ZILCH, 0, NADA, NONE!!!!!

  • Teddy

    VICTORY BABY!! We will run the table from here and play West Liberty in the WAAAAYYYYY OUT BACK Bowl!!

  • ron

    I read this website all the time and I have never sene so much negativity in my life. I am sure all of you guys are coaches and know anything about football. I doubt it. I thought the coaches and players did a great job of staying with the game plan and beat a good team especially on their home field. Did any of you guys think that we would be great this year with all the players we had to replace this year? I think we are fortunate to be able to have a chance to go to a bowl.

  • Doug

    WVU82MD - An excellent post and I wish some of these "Know Nothings" would at least attempt to understand what you're saying!!!

    Many, if not most, of these "Experts" probably played nothing more than touch or flag football!!!

  • WVU82MD

    As I write this I want you to know my love for this state, this school, and the people that make WVU a viable product. Many of you appear to have the brains God gave a billy goat. This is such a complicated game that not one person that writes here has the expertise to second guess anything that comes from the sidelines. I get frustrated, bark at my wife, my kids...... this is my team. But at the same time my football expertise, based on playing on two state high school title teams, pales compared to the knowledge of these coaches. I recently went to my brides homecoming.....a division II undefeated team ranked in the top ten....."good god" the simplicity. Relax, I was there in the late 70's and early 80's when times were really tough. Don't make a fool of yourself by writing as if you were commenting about a down year that we've never experienced. We're Mountaineers, and we will prevail.

    • Troll

      Two hs title teams in WV hehehe, all that mean is you got a couple good players and a bunch space takers like you. How does you bench warming relate to football knowledge. Hehehe you funny

  • Doug

    Nothing but fair weather fans. - Are you a grain trader in Huntington or just can't get your high fiber diet out of your mind?

    Although I'm a Mountaineer through and through, I root for Marshall (unless playing WV) whenever they play. Obviously, you are NO FAN of WV and it appears you are EXTREMELY JEALOUS of the Mounties!!!

    Marshall is in a S--- Conference and WOULD NOT have won a game in the Big 12 conference in either of the past two years!!!

    I don't like to put down the Marshall Athletic Program, but since it's you, I will. How many do you think were at the MU home game today: 15,000-17,000 max???

    You know what they say about "People who live in glass houses" don't you "BARLEY BOB???"

    So why don't you get into your Marshall Nightie, call your Boys Big Larry and William and get together for a "Sleep Over/Halloween Party tonight!!!"

    • Jock Strap

      To whom are you replying to?

  • Jock Strap

    I've said all along give him at least 2 more years so he will have a senior class in recruiting. I think the field goal early in the forth showed he is trying to do better. Even with the win I still say a qb and 3-4 db's away from being consistently good, and maybe just maybe Trickett can improve and allow the incoming qb to redshirt next year for a year of learning and growing. It was an up and down day, sometimes hard to watch but at the end of the day a win is a win. Good job Mountaineers.

  • eduardo

    My brother Ricardo speaketh the truth. However if we all get behind Coach Im sure he will forgive us..

  • eduardo

    TCU is our measuring stick guys, they came in same time we did. Its like playing Single A minor league baseball and getting called straight to the majors, the jump in parity between B12 and Big Deceased. Coach is now guaranteed to have a .500 record against all B12 teams except OU in his first two seasons. We know how close it was last year and this years game was winnable. Face it the man in black is overachieving, "Dance withthe girl that brung us" as Coach Stew used to say.

  • Ricardo

    I have always tried to give our great state credit for having some intelligent people, but the more comments I read on here makes me second guess myself.

  • leroy j gibbs

    Mountaineer PASSION!

  • Dave


  • Funky B

    Hi moderator. Hope you enjoyed the win today.