FORT WORTH, Texas — Double-click the gallery for images from West Virginia’s 30-27 victory at TCU.

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  • richard're happy with 4-5?? I feel sorry for you. you must be married to an average to below average looking woman if you like a losing record. i'm just saying facts!!

    • Shawn

      Yea that's a pretty dumb comparison you just made. Try again later!

      Anyways, look for Luck to be at Texas by the end of the month then Whit Babcock will come in as the new AD. And would anybody care to put in the last piece of the puzzle for me? Yes he's big buddies with Babcock.

  • richard

    wins 4-loses 5.....shame.

    • mtneer

      you are a shame, move to texas

      • Jason

        I bet Luck knew the Texas AD job opening was on the horizon when he came to WVU. Also, I bet Holgerson, was hoping to come in and light it up, with the hopes Luck would eventually bring him in as the head coach at Texas.