CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Flags saying “Don’t tread on me,” signs calling for the impeachment of President Barack Obama and honking horns of support greeted those attending Saturday night’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in the Capitol City.

Photo by Shauna Johnson

Passing drivers honked their horns to support the protesters outside of the Charleston Civic Center on Saturday.

Vice President Joe Biden was the featured speaker for the annual state Democratic Party fundraiser which was dedicated, this year, to outgoing U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) who will leave the U.S. Senate next year following 50 years of public service.

Keith Morgan, president of the West Virginia Citizens Defense League, said the message of many of the protesters outside of the Charleston Civic Center Saturday, though, was aimed at U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) who introduced Biden during the event.

“We’re protesting Senator Elmer Fudd, also known as Senator Joe Manchin, for pushing for more federal laws that the federal government isn’t enforcing to begin with,” said Morgan.

“We’ve got people with signs with flip flops on them.  I mean, the guy (Manchin) was elected by shooting a rifle at a cap and trade bill to get the gun vote and then he goes to Washington and stabs West Virginia in the back.”

Earlier this year, Manchin was one of the lead sponsors of legislation that would have expanded background check requirements to private guns sales at gun shows and online.  The measure, which failed, was a compromise from an earlier proposal that would have required background checks on all sales between private parties with limited exceptions.

More recently, Manchin has said he’s not going to push for any new gun debate unless there is an increase in support for the effort on Capitol Hill.

Dozens of people were part of Saturday’s protest.

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  • george

    The last 6 years have been horrible for Our Nation.......No jobs, religious freedom attacked, still killing babies, no roads, no respect for the USA, too much inflation, Russia has to bail us out of war, foreign relations have been destroyed.....and West Virginia still ranks near the bottom in almost every category.............yep lets keep putting the Dems back in office................................

  • Independent View

    thornton, your posts always appear with one or two objectives: 1) rail against others who's beliefs do not align with yours, or 2) your complacency is akin to what has caused most of the problems this country is facing, i.e., standing idly by and trusting politicians who believe that THEY know what is best for everyone.
    And, I beg to differ. Although I do not mail checks monthly to the NRA, the are the best defense we have as those Americans who belive in and hold the constitution sacred. Maybe the WV Citizens Defense may seem somewhat radical to you, however, I say, that's what needed. Those such as Bloomburg, Emanuel, Schumer, Feinstein, Boxer, Biden and the "Chosen One," do not hesitate to employ militant tactics, violate or ignore the law, spin lies, use selected quotes from statistical analysis to bolster their Left-Wingnut agenda. So, maybe the WVCDL is just what is needed to thwart the efforts of those attacking the 2nd Amendment.
    @wvu999--Obviously, you are still drinking the "Chosen One's" Koolaid. Put down the crack pipe and as soon as your mind clears, stop calling folks exercising their constitutional rights idiots! And, your concern that those demonstrators were an "embarrassment" with the VP in town??? You've got to be kidding--The VP IS THE REAL EMBARRASSMENT! Biden is a Baffoon in a suit & tie!

    • wvrefugee

      I assume you are a Doomsday Prepper as well???? Lunatic!

      • Charleston,WV

        Wvrefugee: I am confused with your cynicism towards prepping. If I am not mistaken, doesn't our very own Federal Government, aka FEMA indicate on its website that every United States citizen be prepared in case of an emergency? What gives?
        Now mind you, I am not saying you need to take certain extremes that are glamorized on the National Geographic channel, but to not be prepared in case of an emergency situation? I'll take a preppers side on this one.

  • thornton

    Not a Manchin fan but neither am I a fan of these people who strike me most as likely believing in the silly NRA fear mongering.

    Lot of dolts out and about these days defining the issues from extreme perspectives. None of which is helpful to taking steps ahead for the country.

    • Wes

      thornton..Since 1934, those with an agenda have been coming to the table on which rests the ¨cake¨ that is our second amendment rights ...and each time they have said the same thing...In 34 they said ¨give me half your cake and we will all be safer.¨ In 1968 they came back to the table and said.. ¨Lets compromise..Give me just this slice of your cake and we will all be safer¨. In the 80`s they came back for another slice. That strategy has continued to this day so that now we are left with one thin slice of the cake the founders gave us. The founders made it clear that the second is the guardian of all the rest. If standing on what was given to us by men like Madison, Mason, and Jefferson is ¨defining the issues from an extreme perspective¨, then you may definitely add me to your list of extremists.

  • Maynard

    Remember the "Open for Business" mantra the Manchin administration? WV is now $40+ million short of revenue projections and blaming the shortfall on gaming competition in other states. Anyone can order minions to cut budgets; it takes an innovative, intelligent leader to grow a state budget via a diversified economy. Please don't elect this career politician for Governor in 2016.

  • Spell Checker

    Name-calling has replaced meaningful and constructive discussion on the issues, at least on this website.

    It seems to be the accepted norm here. Is that how those with whom we disagree should be treated?

  • Big Deal

    I'm always impressed at the lack of intelligence on this board.

  • Tim C

    Manchin wasn't in the Senate when Obamacare was passed. However, he did support the bill while he was Governor.

  • Joe

    Didn't Manchin bote against Obamacare?! I'm looking for the voting record online.

  • wvu999

    You'll remind me why I'm so embarrassed sometimes to be from the most backward, racist, and uneducated state in the country.

    No wonder we get made fun of by the other 49 states so much.

    Fox News has ruined you all.

    I get you're all Christians though, right. Laughable

    Whether you like him or not he won POTUS then was elected a SECOND term and the man should be respected.

    I even respected the moron POTUS that had an iq somewhat higher than you all but still below 100.

    Did we find those weapons of mass distruction yet? Who cares he let us blow up any mountain we wanted to and pollute any stream. Doesn't matter GWB murdered 10000s Americans to clean up daddy's mistake in Iraq.

    • ConservativeRealist

      I respect the office, but I don't have to respect the man. BTW, when is the man going to show some respect for the office?...when is he going to put his hand over his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance?...when is he going to respect the sacrifices of the military?...when is he going to show some respect for the Constitution and stop issuing Executive Orders that directly are designed to usurp the separation of powers?

      • Jason412

        You can find videos on youtube of obama aith his hand over his heart during The Pledge of Allegiance as well as thanking the troops for their sacrifices as much as any President in recent history. I tried to post links but it got moderated for some reason

        Im not defending Obama by any means and dont like him but misinformation benefits no one.

        • WVU86

          Good points Jason. The myth of the Obama and hand-over-heart has been debunked many times over. As for ConReal other points, again, you accurately debunk other lies about Obama. And for Executive Orders, research will show that many presidents, Republicans and Dems alike, have used them. I did not vote for Obama and would never vote for him for anything. But until folks like Conservative can fault the current prez on facts (and there are many) and not goofy stories like the Pledge; just like Dems and liberals were doing the same to Bush II, the political system in this country will never work in its intended way, to which we all will continue to suffer, Rs, Dems, Independents and all others.

        • ConservativeRealist

          I appreciate the feedbackJason but I have seen over twenty (20) videos of Mr. Obama standing there kind of blase' while the Pledge is being read - not only when he was a Senator but also when he was President. I am sure his handlers brought these faux pas to his attention and he has to "adjust".

          As to his honoring troops, with the new information about "phony" ceremonies with empty caskets, the Arlington Cemetery fiasco, and his mishandling of Benghazi, I don't think he has endered himself to the least not the ones I know.

        • Don WV

          If you don't like misinformation....................................................QUIT SPREADING IT!!!!

    • Doug

      This is whats wrong with this country. YOU WVU999! Someone doesnt agree with Obama and they become a racist. How quick you forget that Obama is just as much WHITE as he is BLACK. Yet for some reason, he is considered black. I disagree with him because of his policies, or lack of I should say. Jimmy Carter is the happiest man in America. Racist.....that's the only thing you can say. You have said it before. The only people who keep racism alive are people like you. How in the hell did he get elected president if this is all about race. And don't say it's racist because the majority of white people voted for the other guys in the elections because in North Carolina, Obama got about 95% of the black vote. Why is that not racist. You claim that white people voted for Romney and McCain because they were white. What about the black people that voted for Obama just because he was black. Isn't that the same or does that make me racist? You don't even know what color I am. That doesn't even matter. We should all be only Americans. Not African American, Hispanic Americans, or European Americans.

      • wvu999

        You voted for a convict from Texas at a rate of over 40% and claim it's because of his policies not race.

    • C. F. T.

      WVU999, you spew so much hate and arrogance, why? Are you so much smarter than the rest?. I would pass and ignore your post but for your disdain for Christians, for which our country allows freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.

    • Jesse's girl

      The phrase: "A glittering jewel of colossal ignorance" should be accompanied by your picture.

    • Ripsnorter

      WVU should be ashamed that someone of your ilk would use the WVU reference in their E-mail address. If West Virginia is so backward, racist, and uneducated and you consider yourself above us, why are you here ? Surely you are aware of the fact that the democrats have had control of this state for nearly 80 years and have contributed overwhelming to our ranking. obama and biden are a disgrace to this country and deserve NO respect -- to the degree that I refuse to capitalize their names when referring to them. The very first time I ever heard really positive comments about West Virginia was in New Jersey after Arch Moore was first elected governor. As our 1st lady would no doubt say, " For the first time in my adult life I am/was proud of my country/state "

  • Wowbagger

    Based on their histories both Jefferson and Jackson would be totally disgusted with these progressive BOZOs using their names to fundraise.

    This includes the idiot Biden, Lord Joe Manchin the two faced, Lord Jay the filthy rich, and most all of the attendees!

  • mauldawg

    wvu999 What planet are you from. Joe needs to follow Jay out the door. Joe is nothing more than a puppet for BHO. Neither of them give a damn about America. Joe is a scum bucket of the worse kind. He has lied to the people of WV from day one. He is an example of what is wrong with the goverment.Its to bad that we cant start over again and clean house of all the America hates. One day we will become the next USSR. Where the government runs everything in your life. Who lives who dies, who goes to the Gulags. America is full of sheep that don't care or are to stupid to see what is going on. We had better wake up before its to late.

  • RHytonen

    A "Democrat" MEMBER OF ALEC?

    Manchin is the most Republican senator in Washington.
    And VERY few in America won't admit ALL Republicans/"conservatives" (=corporatists) need to go - and that includes almost ALL calling themselves "Democrats."

    • Whatamoroon

      Joe is no more Republican than you are American. Tear up you flipping green card and go back to whatever communist country you came from. Corporations pay the most in federal taxes so you and your buddies can sit on your rump all day. Washington would go bankrupt without them idiot.

    • Jesse's girl

      Joe's degree from WVU is in "Information Management". Guess he was successful with you.

  • Jason

    Thank You


    R u serious? What VP? He's an idiot just like his boss. Stop drinking the Obama Kool Aid and wake up!

  • wvu999

    The idiots runnith over
    Way to represent the state with the VP in town.

    • Wowbagger

      VP? You mean the IDIOT Biden!

      • Fooled_By_Manchin_And_Tennant_Never _Again

        Joe Manchin, stabbing his friends and allies in the back? Say what? Would Joe Manchin really do that in order to get to a higher position, say maybe VP in a Hillary administration? Now you know Manchin always says how honest and moral and upstanding he is. Well...wait a minute...hmm, that is how he gets ahead and got ahead. Okay, so he WOULD do it. Nobody should be surprised that Manchin stabbed gunowners in the back. It's just typical Manchin.

    • ConservativeRealist

      Oh - so sorry - we forgot, just because the Vice President to a man who has declared war on coal is in town we all must wear our Sunday best, surrender our First Amendment rights, and, heaven forbid, "put on a happy-go-lucky smiley face" for the national media.

    • RealConservative

      Agreed. Idiots. Why don't they go to school, get a degree, and spend less time hanging out on the side of the road with (misspelled) signs.

      The only thing they do is reinforce the notion that the right, in this state, are out of their minds. They need to go away and it can't be soon enough.

      • i have a degree

        i have a degree. I can also read and think for myself. I was there and I was proud to be there as part of the WVCDL. Your reply is a childish defensive tactic that adds nothing to the discussion.

    • jr

      So saying that were fed up with the sad excuse for a senator and the puppet vp is not representing our state well? I think we made the best representation that has came out of here thus far recently. At least were finally being heard over the minority of insecure sheep that havent read, let alone understand the constitution. Good job WVCDL keep up the good work letting our voices be heard