FORT WORTH, Texas — West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen saw his team cope with drastic mood swings during a 30-27 overtime win at TCU. None were more crushing than squandering a 10-point in the final 3:01 of regulation.

“The whole sideline could have said, ‘Well, here we go again,’ but they didn’t do that,” he said. “They went out there and found a way to get it done. I was just proud of how we hung in there.”

Click on the video to view Holgorsen’s postgame news conference from Amon G. Stadium, where WVU stopped a three-game losing streak.

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  • Papaw

    If I didn't know any better, I would have thought the most of you were Pitt fans. It must be against the law to make intelligent post. If you would take the time to check the roster you will find that the 2 deep is heavy in Frosh and Soph players. You can't lose the quality players that we had last year and snap your fingers and win them all this year.
    I guess a key board makes you an expert.

  • Doug

    Coach is part of the problem but the biggest problem is that we don't have a QB. We can have the best coach in college football but the team can only be as good as the talent you have. WE DO NOT HAVE A QB. Trickett can't throw it accuratley more that 10 yards. I hope that William Crest the dual threat running back Holgerson has recruited starts next year. He cant do any worse.

    • Mark

      I agree, I had high hopes for trickery, but now I see why he was passed over at fla state. He's doesn't have the arm or the ability to read defenses.

  • Tom

    Chance for a bowl bid now. Must beat K-State and Iowa State. Texas will be tough.

    When was the last time a WVU team was 4-5 at this point in the season? I predict a 6-6 finish.

    • Dr. Sarcasm

      We already lost to K-State.

  • appikid

    Carl Joseph, and Sims get my vote for best players today! Proud of the way our players kept fighting! Wasn't pretty, but I will take it !

  • jeepster

    we'll take the win,but i gotta agree with richard. the game never should have went to o.t. holgy is terrible with management of the clock.

  • scott

    nice road win mounties....never give up!!!!

  • wvajoker

    Eduardo, quit getting after Richard. He knows it all. Just ask him and he will tell you.

  • Matt Duling

    A conference win on the road and you are still complaining... Please defect to Marshall because you are a poor excuse for a WVU fan!

    • Big Larry

      Marshall University not only gets blamed for the losses... but they even get blamed for the wins...

  • richard

    no i'm not and i'm not a fool. it was poor coaching. you need to take off your rose colored glasses. you and others. time will tell. this coaching staff won't be here many more years. 1 or 2 at the most. IT WAS POOR COACHING---YOU ARE JUST TOO BLIND TO SEE BECAUSE YOU WEAR HAPPY GLASSES!

    • anon

      Dana Holgorsen is not going to to win any coaches award anytime soon, but you're delusional if you believe Luck came here as a part of some conspiracy to get him and Dana to Texas.

    • Fentanyl Bomb

      Caps lock is cruise control for cool.

      • Jay


  • Moon

    We really needed the win and the pressure defense was the difference...we also got lucky, but I will take it. We tried to give it away by abandoning the pressure defense in the 4th quarter which got the game tied up...but we held on and got the W.

    Well done.

  • eduardo

    richard i hope youre being sarcastic, if not yer a damn fool

  • eduardo


  • eduardo

    First time a Patterson coach team lost 3 straight, gritty win Mounties. Well coached, well played.

  • richard

    another poor coaching job.

    • Jason

      I bet Luck knew the Texas AD job opening was on the horizon when he came to WVU. Also, I bet Holgerson, was hoping to come in and light it up, with the hopes Luck would eventually bring him in as the head coach at Texas.

      • Mark

        Your an idiot. Mistakes have been made but its not a conspiracy. I hope if he does leave he takes holgetson with him

        • Jason

          Nobody said anything about tin foil hats, all I am suggesting is, these are smart guys and they are business savvy guys who are and will always be looking to move forward professionally. In the world of college sports, Texas (#1) and Ohio State (#2) are at the top in terms of budgets. People do not "Luck" into those positions (no pun intended), they are the top of the world in college sports. No conspiracy, just a thought.

      • Fentanyl Bomb

        Is this an example of Poe's Law or are you actually that dense?

        Hard to tell around here most of the time.