FORT WORTH, Texas — Before his pivotal field-goal try in overtime, West Virginia’s Josh Lambert could have used a few more practice swings into the sideline net. But the up-close TCU student section was making concentration nearly impossible, so the freshman kicker opted to stand with his teammates instead.

“The fans were heckling me pretty good, so I had to step away,” said Lambert, who subsequently drilled a walkoff 34-yarder that lifted the Mountaineers over TCU 30-27 on Saturday.

What were the TCU fans saying?

“I’m not allowed to say it right now,” Lambert joked.

Click on the video to hear Lambert’s postgame reaction to a 3-for-3 kicking day, capping a triumphant return to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, where he grew up.

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  • Mike

    A 62 yarder is hardly the same opportunity that Lambert had

  • richard

    shame you had to be put into kicking the game winner.

    • Pudge

      Kickers live for that stuff.

    • Slapnuts

      I bet he is feeling great about kicking the game winning field goal in overtime. What a shame.

    • Fentanyl Bomb

      He is a kicker, for Christ's sake. He knows his job and likely can do without your fake concern.

      You do understand that the TCU kicker had the same opportunity, right?

      Our team just did it better at the right time.

      Winning outright when the bookies had us at plus 12 is gravy.

      Haters gonna hate.

  • squad

    texas CHRISTIAN is it?

  • richard

    good job josh.