Amanda York

WEBSTER SPRINGS, W.Va. — A Webster County woman will spend up to 50 years in prison for the deaths of three people in 2012.

A judge sentenced Amanda York, 28, on Friday to 15 years each for three convictions of voluntary mansalughter. She also received up to five years on a conviction of conspiracy to conceal a dead body.

York and her husband Michael York, 44, were convicted for the murders of Lamar Coates, Denise Coates, and Dustin Brown. The victims were shot dead in the Yorks’ yard in Webester County in June 2012 after a verbal dispute.

Last month, Michael York was sentenced to life in prison for the conviction.

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  • J.R. Skene

    So you think, when people do a murder, the first thing through their mind is "I better not do this because I could get the death penalty"? Not a deterrent and because of the way the appeals process is structured, they could live inside a prison for 20 plus years, sucking up more tax dollars.

    • Mac

      So we revise the court system to just "one" appeal only - done at the federal level (due to the death penalty) and "require a judgment in 6 months or less." No more namby-pamby b.s. - - just straight out justice. A deterrent with teeth! Otherwise, we all just man-up and start carrying for our own self defense protection. And now, I'll customarily await the cries of the "bleeding heart liberals" - you know, the ones who never get hurt, let alone murdered.

      • CPA


  • jag

    The death penalty could be a good deterrant to crime. It would also decrease the inmate over crowding. It would lower medical costs of keeping scumbags all their life. Hey, I will vote for it.

    • RHytonen

      NOT proven.

    • scott

      except that very little of what you said is true...it doesnt deter crime...and it isnt the murderers that are overcrowding our jails...and its actually more expensive to execute someone than it is to house them for life, mostly due to court cost from what Ive read.

      • CPA

        Fair enough Scott. It "may" not deter crime, who truly knows.......what it does accomplish is keeping it from ever happening again by some piece of trash.

        • Jason412

          So does life in prison without parole.

          Most people sit on death row for at least 10, sometimes 20+ years. And a death row housing unit is another expensive to maintain unnecessary part of the prison system.

          I lived in Pittsburgh and the PA death penalty hardly deters crime. Only 3 people have been executed by lethal injection in PA and I think the last one was in 1999, the young gang bangers in Pitt and Philly werent even born yet.

  • BAC

    I'll say this again: for decades, the Republicans tried to reinstate the death penalty in WV. Every time, the Democrats refused to even allow the bill to come out of committee.

    • mark

      amen and amen

  • chasmo

    once again , CAPITAL PUNISHMENT so badly needed in our Great State