FORT WORTH, Texas — Allan Taylor recaps West Virginia’s 30-27 overtime victory at TCU, which ended a three-game slide and avenged last season’s overtime loss to the Frogs in Morgantown.

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  • Dr. Sarcasm

    Highlights brought to you by Local middle school A/V club!

  • Mister Man

    The music is too loud and irritating.

  • J the C

    Outstanding highlight reel! Good job Metro News and all individuals involved!

  • Mike

    Agree with you Dave. It's like watching high school football highlights, but it's the best they can do. Just go to that thing called the internet, and watch the highlights on the

  • DAVE

    Is it just me or does anyone else share my view that "highlights" from the ground level is worse than bad. Why, because you know something important is happening, but you can't tell what the play activity is. Nothing but bodies moving in front of the camera. A view from even the first row of seats level would provide some reference points to determine what the heck is actually happening. Let's have some "highights" that make sense and position the camera higher than the play action.........

  • Elliott

    Church. We were taught about patience, loving our neighbors, and forgiveness.

  • Big Larry

    Back from what ??

    • Andy

      Your mums house...

      • Martinsburg Resident


  • Curly Joe

    We're back baby!