CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The state Public Employee Finance Board goes on the road the next two weeks to hear from state workers covered by the health insurance plan.

PEIA has public meetings scheduled in Martinsburg, Morgantown and Wheeling this week followed by meetings in Beckley, Huntington and Charleston next week. Agency spokesperson Diane Holley-Brown said next fiscal year’s proposed health insurance plan will be up for discussion.

“Our goal is to go out to our members and explain the plan and then provide our members an opportunity to give us some feedback,” Holley-Brown said.

The finance board voted last month to propose a plan that includes no premium increases for a third straight year. PEIA has been using the agency’s reserve fund to keep the monthly costs the same for both active members and retirees.

Holley-Brown said premiums could go up in future years.

“Next year or the year after we may not be as fortunate,” she said. “PEIA continues to work and look at ways to stabilize the health care coverage and the premiums.

The proposed plan does take away the “Improve Your Score” discount, which cut premiums by $10 a month for workers who got their blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and weight circumference measured at workplace wellness sites. The workers who were part of the program will still get the cheaper premium and premiums will go down $10 a month for those who were not part of it. PEIA will encourage state workers to visit doctors to get those medical numbers.

The PEIA Finance Board will consider the public comments and make a final decision on the plan, which will begin July 1, 2014, at a December meeting.

Each of the 6 public meetings will begin at 5 o’clock with PEIA customer service followed by the public hearing at 6 o’clock.

The meetings are scheduled for the following dates and locations:

Nov. 4 – Martinsburg
Holiday Inn, 301 Fox Croft Ave.

Nov. 5 – Morgantown
Ramada Inn, 20 Scott Ave.

Nov. 6 – Wheeling
West Virginia Northern Community College, Auditorium, 1704 Market St.

Nov. 11 – Beckley
Tamarack, Ballroom A, One Tamarack Park

Nov. 12 – Charleston
Charleston Civic Center Little Theater, 200 Civic Center Drive

Nov. 13 – Huntington
Marshall University Medical School, Harless Auditorium, 1600 Medical Center Drive

Individuals also may send written comments to PEIA, 601 57th St., SE, Suite 2, Charleston, WV 25304-2345 or email them to PEIA.


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  • wv1

    Its really hard for state workers that have any questions to attend when they are working.

  • Joe

    Why aren't public employees being transitioned to the Obamacare exchanges? Other states have done so.

  • The truth

    Waste of time. They never mention that the change prescription plans that cost employees. They pass a lot of hidden cost onto employees who have not had a raise in years. They also ended the chance for new employees to purchase health coverage when they retire. That leaves a zero reason to come to work for the state. They are also trying to cost shift people who work onto the Medicaid and Chip programs.

  • Joe

    Why do they need to spend all that taxpayer money better spent at applying toward benefits?

    What a waste of money.

  • george

    I like how Charleston thinks that West Virginia ends at Beckley...................