MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — State Police have identified the man killed in a collision along Summers School Road just outside of Morgantown.

Junior Murray was pronounced dead at the scene after a dump truck collided with his pick up truck.  The crash happened Monday afternoon around 2:30.

Troopers determined Murray was crossing Route 7 in his 2000 Ford F-150 to go on to Summers School Road.  When he did so, he pulled into the path of an oncoming dump truck headed west.  The dump truck hit Murray’s pick up in the driver-side and pushed it toward the left side of the road.

Murray was killed instantly.

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  • Joe

    @Henry....your comments are completely out of line.

    Prayers to the families.

  • SAF

    All drivers need to remember that you should never try to "beat" a dump truck, tractor trailer or a train. Prayers for the family of both the pick-up truck and the dump truck drivers.

  • Country Roads

    So Henry, sounds to me like you would like to have a pickup but currently don't own one so choose to falsely stereotype those that do. To add any credibility at all to your remark, you would need to compare the ratio of cars/trucks registered in the state to the ratio of cars/trucks involved in accidents throughout the state. Did you think to look at that......or just shoot from the hip with your BS gun?

  • Henry

    Here's another one:

  • Henry

    And drivers of pick up trucks are involved in a disapproportianate amount of fatal accidents.

    Absolutely THE WORST drivers on the road.

    • Beard

      So "drivers of pick up trucks" are "absolutely THE WORST drivers on the road". Just stop there Henry. You're embarrassing yourself. Have you ever stopped to think that there are more pick ups in WV because we have farms and terrains that people want / need them to get around.

  • susanf1218

    Those heavy trucks run red lights ALL the time in that area! My son and his friend both have had near misses w/large trucks running red lights in Sabraton. Seems to me that the police need to do a better job of enforcing traffic control in that area. Sadly, someone has now lost their life but maybe this will lead to some changes to make the area safer.

    • Susan you're misguided

      Well Susan, the Morgantown police have 10 officers working day shift. When this accident occurred there were only six patrol officers working the entire city of 35000 residents, 30000 students, and approximately 20000 commuters who work in the area. Maybe you should be pushing for more police officers, because it seems to me there aren't enough to sit at stop lights all day just to appease Susan. Besides, the truck was driving straight on a county route where there were no stop lights and a pickup pulled out in front of him. Did you even read the article?

    • Brian

      There should be a four-lane, divided Alt Rt 7 that bypasses town and keeps the trucks off the surface streets there. In addition, my comprehensive plan to improve traffic flow in and around Morgantown calls for an Alt Rt 119, I 268 (cheat area to star city area, right past UHS), and possibly Alt Rt 19. This would keep coal and rock trucks out of town and provide highway alternatives to the most congested surface streets.

    • Daughter of a Truck Driver

      As someone had already stated, there aren't any traffic lights... the dump truck was traveling on route 7, the pick-up attempted to cross the road in front of the dump truck. People just don't understand that dump trucks CANNOT stop on a dime!! I personally know the driver of the dump truck & I know that he is an excellent driver & he did EVERYTHING in his power to prevent this tragic accident. Prayers for all involved- Mr. Murray's friends & family, as well as the driver of the dump truck, his family & the trucking company family. I would also like to extend Prayers to ALL truckers- they always seem to get a bad rap when something tragic like this happens- even though it isn't always (as in this case) their fault!!

    • Beard

      At that intersection there are no traffic lights. Most likely the truck pulled out infront of the dump truck.

      • rtdeco

        unless you were can you conclude the truck pulled out and caused the accident? if so, you need to report to the police as a witness to the crash.

        • Daughter of a Truck Driver

          The police assured the owner of the trucking company that his driver was not at fault... Mr. Murray did indeed pull out in front of the dump truck.

        • Beard

          If you saw the picture from the scene, the dump truck was on earl core road. Last time I checked a pick up truck isn't going to impact a dump truck in such a way to turn it around 90 degrees without putting the dump truck on its side.