HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — No one has yet been charged with shooting and killing a¬†Michigan man in Huntington this past weekend.

Huntington Police said the body of Collins Jamall Harris, 31, of Detroit, was found Saturday night at a home on 26th Street.  Investigators said he had been shot several times, likely hours before he was discovered.

A call from a private number at about 8 p.m. alerted emergency officials to the man’s death.

On Monday, Huntington Police were working to track the source of that call and identify a suspect or suspects in the shooting.

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  • iamme

    I dnt care where they frm my cuzn gone and because of careless coldhearted petty ppl he did deserve to have his life tooken he couldnt have done anything that bad maybe it was just some jealousy ppl plz stop sayin negative things about my baby its hard enough to accept

    • iamme

      I meant didn't derserve typo

  • 313

    u didnt know this man so dont judge him he didnt deserve this at all rip collins u will be missed

  • JJ

    Yes, let's blind ourselves from the obviousness here for political correctness..... These kinds of crimes will never be controlled until we address the real problem.

  • Tim

    Huntington is the Modern Day Wild West

  • concerned citizen

    Why are people on this post trying to cover up this homicide? Yes someone is dead...that is serious! What concerns me is why the secrecy? Anonymous caller, guns involved, this IS NOT NEW in Huntington. However you CANNOT pull over every car with a Michigan license plate because it becomes profiling but you can follow them. People that do things illegally will eventually make a mistake or give you a reason to question them. All should pray!!!!

  • ohwow detroit

    Plenty of KILLINGS IN HUNTINGTON! Don't blame it on Detroit or Michigan black on black crime is senseless regardless to What u think he was someone's son brother father husband! RIP Collins #4

  • cutty77

    Detroit calls it Moneytington,and always will be that way,untill they clean them out. If they have a Michigan License Tag,pull them over. They will get the message.

  • Concerned wv boy

    Anyone see a pattern here? Always from Detroit. Always a thug drug dealer, come on Huntington PD clean this mess up. I have an idea lets send the ones not going to school there back to Michigan!!!

    • me

      my uncle was not a drug nor was he a drug dealer. Keep your negative and rude comments to yourself

      • Mike

        I have some swamp land for sell, interested?