LOGAN, W.Va. — “America’s Got Talent” winner and West Virginia native Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. has listened to his fans comments and is releasing his first Christmas CD.

It’s called Christmas Made For Two and it’s being released this month. Murphy said it contains music that will both entertain and bring out the Christmas spirit.

“I wanted to swing but I also wanted to keep it traditional and down to earth where every household can play my Christmas CD and sing along with it,” he said.

The CD features many musicians from the Mountain State and was recorded in Huntington. Murphy said it was no easy task creating a Christmas CD.

“Especially when it’s not the season,” he said. “To really sing Christmas you have to be in that spirit and it’s hard to channel when you are in the middle of the summer.”

In addition to the CD, Murphy is also releasing his book “Landau – From Washing Cars to Hollywood Stars” which talks about his journey from a troubled teen to a rising musician.

“It’s not really like my life story, it’s my never-ending struggle to make my dreams come true,” he said.

The book is also set to be released in November. The Christmas CD will be available statewide at Little General Stores and many other retail outlets, as well as online through Amazon and at www.landaumurphyjr.com.

A portion of sales from the CD will benefit The Children’s Home Society of West Virginia.

Murphy kicked off his Christmas tour over the weekend at the Stonewall Resort near Clarksburg. 

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  • Stan Williams

    This boy is good and an inspirational to all

  • Trish

    I live on the west coast of Canada and LOVE Eugene - many people will be buying his CDs Loner Larry. Such a fabulous story. I was wondering what he was up to and found this. So happy to see he has a CD coming out for Christmas. All the best to him!

  • Greg

    Although I will have to say Larry is very intelligent, much more so than me.

  • Greg

    He's always one to critique Bob Huggins' and Dana Holgorsen's choice of fashion too. We should just start calling him Mr. Blackwell!

  • Tim

    Allways someone got to be a hater. Larry you won today.

  • Charleston,WV

    It'll make a wonderful Christmas gift and you are supporting a fellow West Virginian who also supports fellow West Virginian's. It's a win, win, and win if you ask me!

  • Lisa

    I love this guy and I really love the fact that he is always giving to charities. Best wishes and I'll be buying a CD or 2!!!

  • JS

    @Larry, Seems like you are a music critic and a Geographer. Any other talents, genious?

    • Larry


    • Larry

      Yes, too many to list here.

  • David

    The Stonewall Resort is near Weston. Clarksburg is about 40 miles away. Nice geography lesson.

    • Larry

      It's actually about 28 miles away.

  • Tom

    Hey Larry: Jealous much?

    • Larry


      • Michelle O'Bachman

        Doesn't sound like it.

  • Larry

    He will sell tens of these.