FORT WORTH, Texas — The MetroNews team of photographers and videographers takes its weekly look inside West Virginia football following the Mountaineers’ first road win of the season, 30-27 at TCU.

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  • pghmountaineer

    Jock. Ditto to your comments. I don't have as much faith in Holgerson but I'm willing to stay the course for the next two years. Besides, I don't think we have much of a choice. The buy out is way too much at this point. Also, I think Dana has way more faith in some of his assistant coaches than I would. I believe that was also the same with Stewart. But it's water over the dam.

  • big tom

    bill stewart was a clown of a coach.

    let's not forget, when bragging up- different phases of our game sat. that tcu represents a lesser opponent than we usually face, so sure, our def line looks better and Sims did well , but let's keep in prospective the level of competition and don't let Dana make you believe that Sims is the most versatile back in the country,,, he's good,, no doubt, but far from the best.

  • Jim

    Bill Stewart was a great man but Dana Holgerson is a much better football coach. We are letting the emotion of a losing season get the best of us without considering the facts.

    The fact is TCU is going to finish 8th in the Big 12 and at worst they would finish 2nd in the Big East or whatever they are calling it. The competition is immeasurably better, I wish WVU could win every game but it isn't going to happen even if Nick Saban decided to come home.

    Dana Holgerson will get it done, next question is will he stay.

    • Art in Ohio

      Like I have stated in the pass....DH has two years to get this ship on course. If that happens we will forget about this year. I live in Ohio and the Buckeyes are having some fun with me. What they forget is that they lost 7 games two years ago and now they are one of the best teams in the country. This will happen to WVU in two years. I remember 1986 was a down year and two years later in 1988 we were number one in the country playing for a national championship. That's hope that the QB out of Baltimore (Crest) is the real deal and can help turn our program around.

      • Pat

        Great post. Agree 100%.

      • Jock Strap

        Art and Jim I agree with what you both say, good to see knowledgable comments here time to time, most of these people just need to crawl back under the rock they just crawled out from under.

  • Big joe

    They are awful , who wishes they could have someone like Stewart back?

    • Allen

      Bill Stewart has past away. Let the man RIP.

      Be glad for what have and not for what you had.

      This was Patterson first ever 3 game losing streak since he has been a coach at TCU.

    • SamWV304

      Dude your the same person with different names.Alll i ever see from you is putting down our team. oh wait excuse me coach more. Go back an watch reruns if you miss Stew so much. We maynot win every game,but least our coach doesn't look like Wiley coyote on the field scratching his head..durr which way do we go George which way do we gooooo....