MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – West Virginia’s head coach talked Texas on Tuesday, along with confirming that sophomore deep-threat receiver Ronald Carswell is suspended indefinitely. Holgorsen said he’ll revisit Carswell’s status after the season.

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  • Whatamoroon


  • Whatamoroon

    I think Holgorsen just can't see the trees for Def

  • thornton


  • Doug

    It doesn't matter what he Carswell did, Doc Holiday has already made an offer.

  • big tom

    I think dana is afraid of deforest,,,, maybe dana was in some messes with deforest,,, something very serious maybe, enough to get both fired,,, if only.

    something just isn't exactly right between these two,, I saw deforest hugging dana after the win,,,, just not right,,,, where there's smoke there's fire.

    • Mister Man

      Of course Dana is scared of Deforest. Because it has lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

  • Rob T.

    Let's keep moving forward boys. You don't believe? Get off the bus. Just support the flying Wv

  • Allan

    On a different note, I see Oliver Luck is still with us. I am sure he is disappointed or should I say, his wife is disappointed. Rubbing shoulders with the local social elite at Crockett's Lounge probably isn't so appealing compared to living in the United States of Texas. But, I am pleased that Oliver is still with us and hope he will stay and finish up on his promise to bring a National Championship, now that is a challenge if ever there was one.

  • Protechcpa

    Either Holgorsen is one of the most loyal friends any failure of a human being could want or DeForest has something on him. He is the worst of a very poor coaching staff. Holgorsen could regain a sliver of respect from the fan base if he offered up DeForest as a sacrificial lamb. Might be symbolic, but would soothe some mighty irritated supporters.

    • TLC

      They owe him big money if they fire him. That is why he is still here.

    • Big Larry

      Sometimes it looks as though DeForest is calling the shots...and maybe he is...


    Speaking of Holgerson and DeForest being buddy buddy, I found it strange at the end of the game DeForest, now a special teams coach, probably the highest paid special teams coach in division 2a ball, was hanging around with coach Holgerson and not Patterson. And, when WVU subsequently won, they (Holgerson and DeForest) gave each other a man hug and man smile. Didn't seethe defensive coach anywhere in sight.

    • GrandWVUFan

      DeForest is "Assistant Head Coach" and "Special Teams Coordinator" ... and who really cares?

    • jake_d

      I'm not a holgy or deforest fan but why was it strange. they go way back and both are under continuous fire from fans - why wouldn't they celebrate. special teams were on the field at the end btw so if joe isn't next to dana then some fans would probably question why they're arent together communicating. is patterson even on the side line? not sure i follow you.

  • The dude who made comment

    who said this was weed? It is crazy for NCAA to suspend a player for marijuana in 2013

    • Brian

      NCAA doesn't suspend players for weed; schools do.

  • big tom

    dana continues to take care of his buddy deforest,,,,,i say fire him after the season is over

  • Fan in South Carolina

    Evidently didn't learn anything from a similiar experience at Alabama, which sent him the junior college route for a year before he came to WVU. So, where does he go now, back to a jc somewhere?

  • big tom

    I think u could watch him on the field and know it was all about him and not the team,,,, he just looked like trouble....I really don't think he had any idea what the word ,team , means

  • Big Larry

    And so it begins....

    • Mike

      And seemingly ends!

  • Brian

    Well, I guess the "gaunge" is better than the full ride, DI football, and public addoration. Good luck with that Ronnie.